New TELUS ad puts the Lumia 800 front and center [Video]

Nice to see a non-Nokia commercial showing off the Lumia 800 for once, or rather a carrier actually having a little faith in the hit phone.

TELUS is having a sale till the end of the month (we mentioned it earlier) and the 800 is one of those qualifying for said discount. While the song is unforgivable we do rather like the commercial and find it effective.

The Canadian teleco started selling the phone March 2nd and so far the response seems to have been strong.

Thanks, BugZau, for the tip!


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New TELUS ad puts the Lumia 800 front and center [Video]


Instead of doing ads on TV they should do ads for the guys selling the phones in store.

My sister wanted a new phone so I told her WP7 was the best, she went to Telus yesterday, the guy told her the Nokia Lumia 800 was only good for Facebook and pretty much useless for anything else. He told her to get a Android instead since she doesn't use Facebook anyway.

I hate it when employees don't know anything about their products.

It's finally good to see a carrier advertising a WP in Canada. My friend just got one on TELUS and the phone looks amazing.

Telus sellers are Androïd Trollers, nothing else. The guy bullsh**** me on every systems, making sure I will buy a bloody Samsung Galaxy S2.

walked into a futureshop store last night to have a look at the display...they had a lumia 710 on the TELUS display, and right beside it they had a picture of the 800 for sale on TELUS.  Guess it's not just the add's that mess up where to put a phone.:)

Well Telus color me impressed. Their sale staff are still a problem though. A bunch of android robots they are.

Telus usually has pretty cool ads. It was good to see the Lumia 800 front and center in some posters I saw yesterday in my local mall.

Twice today, from Telus resellers: "Windows Phone is too much complicated" and "Windows Phone will be my last choice". Wow!