Nokia grabs multiple awards at MWC, including 'Best Low-cost Smartphone'

Lumia 520

GSMA today unveiled winners of the 19th Annual Global Mobile awards, held at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The ceremony itself was hosted by British actor and comedian James Corden. It's news to us all as Nokia came away with multiple awards.

With the company announcing a new family of Android products, alongside a new plan of action to increase the adoption rate of Windows Phone, it's positive to see Nokia be named in the ceremony.

The Nokia 105 took away 'Best Entry-level or Featurephone', while the Lumia 520 was awarded the 'Best Low-cost Smartphone' (sub $150). It's no secret that the Lumia 520 has been a hit with smartphone owners. The Windows Phone has taken off in numerous markets and has helped Nokia effectively dominate the platform ecosystem.

Nokia Lumia 520
Nokia 105 and Lumia 520 take awards

But Nokia didn't win awards for just mobile devices. The company (Nokia Solutions and Networks) was joined by O2 UK (Telefonica) for 'Best Mobile Infrastructure' for iSON. There is still the 'Best New Mobile Handset, Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2014' to be handed out, which will take place on Thursday 27th. The shortlist for this award will be announced on Wednesday.

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Nokia grabs multiple awards at MWC, including 'Best Low-cost Smartphone'


What about missing capacitive and hardware buttons?

WP 8.1 won't need them, and MS has already announced that WP 8.1 will run on unmodified Android hardware.

I don't think the xseries is all that bad. With android dominating the market, Nokia should get in the mix and make some money too. As long as google services are absent from those phones its fine by me.

"As long as google services are absent from those phones its fine by me."



They should celebrate...by making a Lumia 520 that allows more than 8gb onboard storage. I'd really like to have room for my apps AND external storage for my music, pics and video

James Corden... Anyone remember him doing the ads for Windows Phone and how much he loved it. Well he hosted the Brits this year and took a selfie on stage with Prince with his iPhone!!! (Just do a search for James Corden Prince selfie and look for yourselves). What a real shame!!!

520 reasons why they should have stuck to making even better cheaper 520's. This X crap is just going to confuse and they look childish

Now they should decreae the price of 525 as even android trying to make more cheap devices. If they cannot should decrease by a bog margin then they should keep some buyback offers on 525.

Off subject, sorry Sam, but is anyone experiencing out of this world data usage with their 1520?
I have had my data turned completely off since the beginning of my billing cycle and I've used 2gb of data in 3 days.... I had this problem last month and AT&T had to refund me $100.. But, changing out my SIM card obviously didn't work... Anyone else having this problem❔

Well, dam!! It's been like this since day one.. These are all of the apps that I had on my 920, and I never had this problem.. And, wouldn't others be having similar issues?... I only have popular apps installed.

What does the fox... sorry, Data sense say?? Or is it data sense that gives you that number? Mobile data, when turned off, shall not use anything at all. Unless some At&t app can override the system... Or NSA....
Beware Rodney ;)

They also won the awards for "dumbest possible strategic decision 2014" and "most alienated fanbase in the shortest possible time ever" - congratulations for those!

On a more serious note: Kudos for the 520, great achievement, beautiful phone... glad you didn't learn from that.

I have a 520 as my side phone and the constant resuming of apps after going to the home screen is a bit annoying but for 60 dollars you couldn't beat it!

Nokia will be in next year MCW, don't forget that the X is a 2014 device... But, hum... No, I don't see any awards coming next year.