Nokia Beta Labs releases Play To DLNA app for Windows Phone

Play To

Nokia today just rolled out their Play To app for Windows Phone which enables the user to share photos and video via DLNA to your large screen TV or other DLNA-enabled devices. The addition of a DLNA app was speculated back in December as coming to Nokia.

Play To has been available for Nokia Symbian devices since early 2011, so it's finally great to be able to extend that feature to their Lumia Windows Phone line up. This software, similar to what LG, HTC and Samsung have offered for their devices brings Nokia Windows Phone closer to their competition in terms of feature support and should be a welcomed addition.

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The software is beta at this point, which simply means you need to head to the Nokia Labs page, sign up and they'll give you the Marketplace link to download the app. Much like Nokia Drive, we expect to be testing for a few weeks before it is finally released for all Nokia devices to download.

If you're already signed up for Nokia Labs, you can try the Marketplace link here to see if it works. Otherwise, head to their site (http://betalabs.nokia.com) to enroll (it's very simple and only takes a minute). Thanks, chriskringel, for the tip!


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Nokia Beta Labs releases Play To DLNA app for Windows Phone


Nokia is taking it really seriously, seems the only company constantly upgrading the value of their offering

Super cool!  I hope that all Lumia users (710/800) participate in the Beta testing - the feedback really helps them perfect the app so that when it is officially released in the Marketplace, most, if not all, of the bugs will have been mitigated.
Their description says that it works with Windows Media Center - hope that's true.
The Nokia Transport/Nokia Transit app is in beta as well - only 16 people have given feedback!

They are still on the Beta Labs site labeled as Beta, so they are still garnering feedback.  When they have worked out all of the reported bugs, they change the status to 'beta trial concluded'.  But even though it is still beta, they sometimes still release it to the store - I'm using Nokia Wellness Diary which is still beta, but I downloaded it from the store (Nokia Store).

Nokia already smashed the competition. I own a Focus and after being denied the samsung dlna, i'm never gonna buy again anything from samsung.

The 900 is looking better and better but a LumiaX is right around the corner with WP8. If MS lets me update software then I'm down for a buy. Where is the real news!

Can't find myself getting another Samsung after this. As I said earlier, Nokia is making the WP7 into a rewarding experience.

Keep in mind that this is beta software. So first you should check the know issues/limitations where you can find this statement:

"The application does not support Media Server functionality and cannot be detected by devices such as Microsoft Xbox360 and/or Sony Playstation3.
This functionality is being planned for a future release."

So a bit more patience is needed ;)