Nokia Ireland confirms Lumia 930 launch on July 3

Lumia 930 comes to Ireland on July 3

Nokia Ireland has confirmed that the Lumia 930 will be arriving on various carriers in the country starting on July 3rd. The flagship Lumia 930, which is similar to the Verizon Lumia Icon in the U.S., will be arriving on Meteor, as we had reported earlier, Vodafone, and O2 according to a post on the carrier's Facebook page.

Unfortunately, pricing information is not yet available at this time, though widespread availability of the Lumia 930 will definitely give customers more choice in Ireland.

Readers in Ireland, is this a phone that you have been waiting for? What color of the Lumia 930 will you be getting? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Facebook via Nokia News Ireland


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Nokia Ireland confirms Lumia 930 launch on July 3


You can get it, but I would wait for newer devices.. MS needs to be faster with device releases globally in the future... Really, this phone is old news now,,, considering the Icon came out months ago... It's really not better than my 1520.. The 1520 is overall better, not taking size into account,,, and it came out last year... Perspective!

1520 is still the best (performance-wise) WP device in the market. I could take it any day but the size! I like 4 - 5 inch screens. Nothing smaller or bigger! (personal taste) ... And here I'm dying waiting for its arrival... They're really taking too long!

You're right.. They should've released the 930 globally the same day as the Icon... But, that was Nokia, which doesn't have the power that MS has to end carrier exclusivity for the most part.

I would rather they released the great 1520 in two sizes, 6" and 5". But things being as they are, the 930 is the next best thing for me.

I sometimes wonder if MS will have that type of stroke. They barely carry the Lumia icon in stores and if you do ask for one they try to talk you into ios or android. It was a head scratcher to me when Verizon got exclusive rights to it.

Yeah, I hope MS does things faster because its a more powerful company. They really need to release things globally, at faster pace, and at almost similar period of time otherwise it'll be too late (it already is)... At least they could do it even faster where there's no carrier objection! Hoping for a new Microsoft ;)

I have the black one pre-ordered in France but if this isn't released until the beggining of the last week of June there, I'm cancelling it.

The phone is already outdated as it is. I'm not going to wait more for something that's been basically ready since last September. Wait for wait to buy an outdated smartphone, then I'd rather wait for the price to lower.

And the only reason I'm buying it anyway even being outdated is because it's Nokia's last phone. Otherwise, I would have ditched it a long time ago and would rather wait for the next one. And if Sony does bring along a WP8.1 flagship in July as rumoured, then the 930 might as well be ditched until December or 2015. By then I'm only buying it for sentimental reasons and nothing else anyway.

Tom Warren from The Verge hinted at it and there have been rumours. Sony's Mobile division boss already said that they consider Microsoft a valued partner and that they don't reject the possibility of a WP.

And with WP8.1 they can just reuse the Z2 (or any other of their phones) and change the OS, so it would be logical.

But, as I wrote, so far there are only rumours.

And my fingers crossed.

That's a reliable source to believe in, while it's a rumour. If it happens, Microsoft would need to make some changes in its own mobile OS (exclusive for Sony models, a bit more than what other companies do) for those which will be running in Z2 or any other model. But we never know...
*fingers crossed*

Tom Warren.

And The Verge is still better than WMPuser and its other duplicates, while personally I trust WPC the most as it has relations with MS, indirectly ;)

The only thing Microsoft could be asked to do was replacing the Xbox offerings with Sony's PlayStation ones. Which is already possible since with 8.1 all the Xbox stuff (Games, Music and Video) were removed from the core OS.

Don't know about "removed" permanently, because now you can't uninstall those apps. Seems like either they just removed that permission, or is able to hook or/and unhook at their leisure.

The fact that you remove an app from the OS core is enough for Microsoft to be able to uninstall it without needing an OS update. While the user can't remove those apps, Microsoft can.

You also aren't supposed to be able to remove the Nokia core-apps but as WPCentral showed a couple of weeks ago, there's a trick to allow that. Why? Because like the Xbox apps, those Nokia apps aren't in the core of the OS.

Right. I'm not sure if Microsoft did that knowingly, they might have separated the apps (including Xbox apps) for enabling the possibility of making frequent updates without making "phone updates". But, in either way, it opens the door for Sony.

Yes, it opens the way for more updates. That's something Google is also doing with Android: removing features from the core-OS and making them autonomous apps for easy update.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft had done that also to allow Sony into the WP scene. They seemed to be eager to remove any OS restrictions OEMs could invoke as motive for not joining WP.


Let's wait and see. I keep my fingers crossed.

Lol why sorry? It's not like I take offence for that. I would recommend you avoiding Phone Arena though... Bunch of iSheeps ;P

Great news but the fact that Bing search is still in beta and totally crap in Ireland is a big issue for Irish WP users. Going to take years to get Cortana and even then it will hardly work and will be in an infinite beta. :-(

Years to get Cortana? Considering the program manager's comments yesterday posted here that international expansion is their top priority, I think you may be surprised. And your comments about beta? I have an iPad and I would already take Cortana over Siri.

Actually Bing IS crap in Europe. No one in their right mind would use it instead of Google around here. The day Microsoft brings Bing Europe to parity with the US Bing, then maybe things may change. And it's a legitimate concern. If Cortana only uses Bing, then in Europe that will limit her severely.

Well... It would actually be better for the overall user experience, yes. Not sure Microsoft will go for it though, as they're clearly trying to come up with everything to justify keeping Bing alive...:P

I'm running 8.1 preview here in Ireland and have Cortana enabled and very impressed with her... Works very well. Can't wait for final version.

Bring the 930 to AT&T and T-Mobile in the USA! It's crazy to keep reading about the rollout of this phone--so slow and much too late. I would have used my upgrade on at&t for this 5 months ago, but certainly not now.

Amen. My 920 will be holding me until "McLaren" assuming it is for att and nothing amazing comes available between now n then that's upgrade-using worthy

Agreed. I skipped my upgrade waiting for a new phone to hit T-Mobile. Thought of buying a 1020 but, man I love not having carrier branding whatsoever on my phones. Come on T-Mobile, move quicker and for the love of god don't let a merger with Sprint ruin the phones.

I've come to the conclusion that no matter what phone or how good it is will be irrelevant as 99% of the employees at the phone shops are completely biased against windows phone!

Sadly it isn't just employees at phone stores biased against WP. The general public for the most part thinks that the only thing that exist is icrap and crapdroid.

Specs? Yes. But its only "the best" to people who don't mind carrying around a 6" monster in their pockets. Which honestly isn't a lot of people.

What's sad is that as far as the US is concerned, the 920/925 are dinosaurs, but still about the only option for someone who wants a normal phone that isn't low end on GSM. Pathetic even.

Just bought myself a Nokia 1520. Same specs but holds a bigger screen and SD card. Was on sale in Holland. Happy me.

The specs are the same, the hardware isn't. That difference is what prevents Glance  (something I couldn't care less to not have. The microSD though...) ;)

Its about time!! Ive been holding off on my upgrade for 2 months waiting on this phone.... not surewhich color to go for... White or green..|I hope vodafone dont do their usual crap color options and hopefully they will throw in the charging plate..

I'm in the same boat. Although I have kept my 8x in perfect condition its time i moved on and this is the phone that's going to make me do that.

Pretty useless.. the phone was annouced ealy April and it took three months for it to show up in the store. No wonder Windows Phone is selling like hot cakes. 

carriers are generally cheaper as they are normally locked to there network so they make there money back through you paying for calls texts and internet etc.

I'm worried what will happen windows phone when the takeover of o2 by Three goes through officially. O2 are a very good carrier for windows phone and support each new phone launch, whereas Three are the complete opposite, and have to be dragged kicking and screaming, and then charge ridiculous prices so nobody will buy them when comparing them to other networks. One would think there is an agenda somewhere in Three. Very disappointing again though.

It all kicked off on the dissapointment they had with the first Lumia they stocked (800) they didn't like the sales and didn't stock another Lumia WP device until the 925/1020. Seems as Vodafone is the one to go with for WP support in Ireland, they seem to carry the most devices by far.

It's such a shame that the 930 hasn't been announced yet for Australia.... By the time it does release I wouldn't be surprised if another Lumia is announced....

I want to buy a 930; but I want specs on McLaren first!! I will hold out if it had the 3d sensing technology

Why are they so slow? It was due to June. Are they waiting that every people are in holidays? Another super discret release so that less possible people hear of it? MS does really want WP to win marketshare? What are they waiting? WP8.1 is ready, phones were annonced months ago... I really don't understand them.

and the manurfactures like HTC, Nokia/Microsoft. it goes from microsoft to the manurfacturers to the carriers to the phones...

If this phone is so close to release. How come carphone warehouse, three, o2, p4u, clove, expansys, Amazon nor any other site in the UK have no preorder info. No release info. Nothing that indicates its due within 2 weeks from now?

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All I can say is, I hope after all this delay in releasing the Lumia 930 that Nokia or Microsoft don't have bloody shortages again, like they did with the Lumia 920 in Australia. The phones were handed out to resellers in limited quantities, and you were also limited to the initial colour selection, unless you waited another 3 months.

Also Nokia is in my book, a bit silly in delaying for so long. By the time Australia gets the release of the 930, the new 4.7 inch Apple iPhone will be out in masses at all resellers.

I know I'm a bit of a compulsive buyer, and I know if Nokia cannot supply the phone and the colour I want on release and the iPhone is also available, I'm likely to walk up and buy an iPhone.