Nokia Lumia 1520 now showing as $99 on two-year contract at AT&T

Lumia 1520

AT&T announced the Nokia Lumia 1520 pre-order a little over a week ago. Its set to arrive next Friday, the 22nd, and cost you $199 on-contract. You can also pre-order from the Microsoft Store for $199 and get $70 worth of app vouchers and a free copy of Halo: Spartan Assault. AT&T on the other hand is giving out a $20 app voucher, Spartan Assault, and 50GB of cloud storage on AT&T Locker. But that was then. Now it looks like you can get the Lumia 1520 for just $99 on AT&T’s website.

$99 Lumia 1520

That’s right. Head to the pre-order page for the Lumia 1520 and you’ll see it available for just $99 on a two-year contract. Which is considerably better than the $199 price they were asking just a few days ago. You’ve got red, black, yellow, and white as your color options, although if you’re wanting yellow you better act fast. The off-contract price is still set at $584.99.

So if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, which route are you going? Microsoft Store or AT&T?

Source: AT&T

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Nokia Lumia 1520 now showing as $99 on two-year contract at AT&T


Thats great price for 1520 with great specs.

If Verizon also prices 929 at $99 we can see good sales for the next 2 quarters.

I just tried to cancel my preorder and received an email that read "The recent request to cancel preorder xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for Nokia Lumia 1520 (Matte Black) was unsuccessful."   What a bunch of BS!

Call att and tell them you want the same price I got my 920 around thanksgiving last year and they did a $49 deal right after I bought it. I called them and they credited it toward my bill and marked my wife's 820 down to 0.

So for $299, you can get both L1520 and L2520 at the same time.  What a deal.  May be the 32GB version of L1520 is on the way.  It might sells for $199.  I hope that Verizon will offer similar deals as AT&T did.  For $299, you get a L929 and a L2520 (or L2020).  Happy Holiday!

WP Central should edit this article stating that AT&T is running a 50% sale on smartphones including the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy S4 which just launched as well. Else your readers may think it has something to do with lack of pre-order activity for the 1520. That's what I thought until I visited the AT&T site. Just a suggestion.

I didn't think that at all.  I thought: "hey, I need to go check this out" as I'm sure probably every one else did.

Not sure what the normal price is but the 5S 16GB model is 99 at ATT right now. Obviously you should pick the 1520 over the 5S!

Wow that makes things a lot more interesting. Especially considering they are giving at least $100 for trade-ins, making this phone free.

Reconsidering my pre-order with Microsoft Store. Think this is enough to cancel it.

It's the special bundle. The one where if you get the Lumia 925, 1020, or 1520 on contract, the price of the 2520 comes down to $199 on contract. I suppose if you throw in some phones you're not using anymore, the price could drop down even further. 

I don't even know what lulzapalooza means lol.
Lulz is lol. But, i don't know, it's better to pronounce it as lulz;)

Pretty sure it had to do with feedback on forums and such about AT&T messing up wireless charging and memory capacity. Who knows, maybe other carries are jumping into the action, therefore ending or shortening exclusivity rights with AT&T.

Yeah... Never a good sign of success to cut the price of your product before the first batch even ships.... That's a bit troubling...

Could be sign of zero demand?

Pretty strange being it hasn't been released yet..

Online only deal-anybody call a store?

It's a promotion. All AT&T smartphones are at 50% off. Not just the 1520 but all of them! Lumia 1020, 920,925 Galaxy S4, S3, Mega, iPhone 5c, 5s and blah blah blah :P

The way att crippled the device I still won't get it even if its free. I'm boycotting this device. The sad part is Nokia loses out to. But I still have my 920.

Sucks that Nokia isn't smart enough to drop the exclusive only label with AT&T and get on board the open to all carriers like Apple did for the IPhone.   They are losing millions and a lot market share not including T-Mobile, Sprint and the other smaller carriers.

HOLY $#%@.  That's a pretty nice discount out the door.  I wonder if I can sell my 920 for enough to cover the ETF fee of breaking contract :P

Thought it would be more than that. You can't beat Windows phones prices, that's for sure! To bad I don't want this one. I'll wait for the 920 replacement. I think out of all these Windows phones the 920 is still the best. Their all pretty much the same except for some hardware difference's.

the 1020 is really the 920's replacement the only differance between the 2 is the hudge camera on the 1020 i just switched from my 920 to the 1020. I love the pics it takes they're awesome! i'm giving my 920 away on my facebbok page to some lucky winner! in a couple of days. It's a red 920 about 2-3 months old.

Yep, and the camera hump I thought I would hate and the lanyard make this the only phone I haven't even come close to dropping. The feel of it is unexpectedly good in the hand and makes typing easier somehow (tactile reference likely, your hand is always in the same position).

Call Amazon. Likely the charging port had come loose. My daughter's on her 5th replacement. Amazon is aware of the defect. Having said that, the $199 Surface RT may be perfect for her. Maybe be selling her Kindle Fire in a week or so so maybe get your replacement and do the same. ;-)

Sure they do, for kiddos at least.  $199 Best Buy price versus a $449 Price and Office Software included, app store decent for kids, firmware updates continuing to improve the device, no cellular contract-- what's not to like?  It's a "better" kindle fire all the way around and without that clunky "kind-of-Android" bastard stepchild OS-- not that RT isn't ALSO the bastard stepchild of Windows 8... just that this bastard stepchild is much prettier and much more capable. ;-P

$99 is still too much to for a genetically-modified from AT&T phone, under a two-year contract. I would buy it if it goes for zero down with contract, before Christmas.

For a general consumer and not a wp/nokia geeks like us 100 is fine, even myself I wipe my ass with 100 bucks. Its a good phone even att striped version packs a lot. Personally I just prefer unbranded phones.

Yeah. I would have never bought a phone in October. Everyone knows there will be lots of deals in November, and especially towards the end. You should have expected this deal.

I know, but I was forced to. Dropped my 920, shattered the screen, broke the microphone, and damaged the battery. This was right before going on an important business trip to where I needed a working phone. And the day after buying it from AT&T for $199, the Microsoft store has a special for a free upgrade to the 1020.

Could be sign of zero demand?

Pretty strange being it hasn't been released yet..

Online only deal-anybody call a store?

If demand was sky high I don't think they would drop the price.

I guess I was thinking that sales might have started out good enough for such a niche product, but once the niche buyers were committed to buy, something else needed to be done.

Yeah.  I dropped by the local AT&T store today and heard the same thing.  They actually had the 1520 in store for sale...but only in black.

It will be difficult sell of they price $199 for 32GB.

But 64GB for $199 may push more people to get that instead of 16GB.

They only announced a 32GB and 16GB model. And I know that the 5S 16GB model is $199, but still, the 32GB should be $199. I would love $150 though.

Yeah, my next phone must have more than 32 for me to consider it an upgrade. I've already burned through the 32 without even trying.

I'll be in the AT&T store as usual drooling over a device I can't have or will have to wait for. *T-Mobile customer*

Yes it does require a two year for $10/month. Starting the 25th, you won't be able to upgrade every year when you get at&t next program. You'll have to wait the full 20 months to upgrade instead of the current 12 months for tablets. So if you're thinking about buying it on the Next program, do it before the 25th.

True, but it still comes out to $300. $99 (w/2yr contract) for a 925, 1020, or 1520 and $199 (w/2yr contract) for the 2520.

You can't compare prices of things to Apple products. People will pay whatever Apple asks them to pay. 

Plus the contract.

Just visited ATt.com. looks like it isnt just the 1520. AT&T has a limited time 50% sale they have started. Almost all phones are 50% off

I'm confused... So everyone who preordered is paying a nice premium? Or does the new price not include the items that were in the preorder deal? And if it does, why in the world wouldn't one cancel the preorder altogether?

Thanks for clarifying... Doing the math, the preorder deal is not bad after all, especially the MS store one.

For thanks giving all flagship phones are 0 or 99, ATT took a while to realize that... they don't want any returns.

Something keeps telling me to wait for WP 8.1. I feel like this Lumia 1520 is the Lumia 900 to another 920 that will be out within 6 months....hope that made sense.

i know what you mean i got the 900 at launch and was very upset that i was EOL so early and didn't get windows phone 8.. i'm a bit leary on buying the latest

I'm assuming they get dozens of emails with "tips" and simply credit wherever it comes from first. They probably knew before you mentioned it...? Only saying this bcoz I noticed alot of ppl complaining about it. I think that if they truly only got the info from a particular person they'd credit. 2 cents

Can i buy this phone on an MS Store or an AT&T for the off-contract price and ask to buy, wheter immediately or later, an unlock code? I'm don't care if I have to pay more than the 585$ or wait a while, I want this phone, and NOW.

I preordered one at the MS store in Austin for $549 off-contract. I also got a $200 gift card for an iPad 2 and another one for an iPhone 4s. So, I'll be picking it up for $150 off-contract...

I guess ATT is realizing they screwed up. I was eager for this phone, but balked at the 16gb and no wireless charging. Now I am thinking I will just wait to consolidate my account with my wife's at Verizon when they get the uncompromised version. Silly ATT.

Or that 90% of the phones are on sale now....only real major player left out I saw was the Note 3...LG G2 was way below $100 as well and that's imo the best android phone to date

Well I'm waiting until the 32 GB version hits ATT my upgrade appears to gave slipped to march 2014. Will be looking on eBay as well fir an off contract deal

Yea, mine did the same. AT&T apparently made a change to their upgrade policy right before the NEXT program was announced. Caused some peoples update date to push 4 months further out.

At this point I will wait to see these WP 8.1 devices; no longer in a hurry to replace my 920...

Isn't MS still giving at least $200 for a used device? So turning in an iPhone 4 could get you this phone free in store plus $70 app-store credit? EDIT: Plus halo!

I'm going to wait 2 years for a 16 core, 400 mp camera, 6.1" - 4K display, water and shockproof microlumia 4080. Until then, hopefully my 920 will hold up ;)
Damn technology!!

This is getting ridiculous. Every time I find a reason to wait for 8.1 hardware, AT&T gives me one to extend my contract.

I had pre-ordered the 1520 from AT&T, but I cancelled my pre-order when I read about the special bundle deal with the Lumia 2520 ($199.99 for 2520 when purchased with a Lumia 925, 1020, or 1520). I checked with the AT&T rep, and both items have to be ordered together to get that deal. Now, I'm even more glad that I cancelled my order, but I have a feeling this "Limited time offer, while supplies last" will be over by the 22nd when the 2520 becomes available to order. I'm still not completely sure I want the 2520, so I'm debating if I should just pre-order the 1520 again now to get the $99 deal, or wait for the 2520 bundle and risk the 1520 not being on sale any more. I wish AT&T would stop screwing around with our minds. When has buying a phone become like playing the lottery?

I just did the same thing! I wanted a red case instead of black anyway. Now watch if be $0.99 on black friday!!!!!!!!

The same. Just everything will be more smooth. I downloaded angry birds... Just angry birds on the store model and it was glorious lol. I dont even play phone games because I find them tedious (and besides, I have an xbox360 soontobe Xbox one for games) but on the 1520 I would!

If I got this (and I'm not), I would save my pennies and get the international version from Expansys when available. Not a fan of AT&T gimping the device!

Placed a preorder at the MS store and will stick to it, since I don't have use for the tablet. Given all the stuff that comes with the preorder, you end up with the phone at about 100 bucks

Unfortunately something tells me this sale price will not be available once the tablet bundle goes into effect :(

Are the MS store and ATT phones the same versions? I heard a whisper that the off contract MS version is ungutted.

I want nokia and microsoft to really push a strong marketing program so people get to know the platform and how good it is. And obviously more people will buy wp and the platform will grow!

Can anyone tell me if the Lumia 1520 will be available up north here in Canada anytime in the future...

My wife and I saw this at the Microsoft Store. We thought it looked great and will likely be our next. It is big but the screen looks awesome, especially with all of the tiles.

What will the equivalent of this phone be in a Lumia 92x size?
I've only recently taken an interest in a new phone. The 1520 seems to have more modern internals than other phones on AT&T.

Kinda tempting to get this when my upgrade is due or should i wait till 2014 models to choose from

When logging on to AT&T.COM it states that this is a WEB ONLY proice. Does anyone have any confirmation this this $99 will be available in stores once it goes on sale? I want to take advantage of the $99 as well as the tablet for $199.

I dont see anywhere to pre order this combination on-line as of yet... Therefore I am torn, if I pre-order for the $99, can I take my receipt in to a store and get the tablet for $199? Or should I wait until the 22nd and get both of them and risk the price in store for the 1520 being $199?

So many questions... Anyone have any thoughts?

I had pre-ordered the 1520 through ATT.com and was wondering if I could just take my receipt to a local AT&T store to get the tablet for the special bundle price. I chatted with an AT&T rep and she said that would not be possible. The phone and tablet have to be ordered together to get the tablet at the discounted price. She said if I wanted to get the bundle I would have to cancel my pre-order, so I did. I suspect the phone won't be on sale any more on the 22nd when the tablet becomes available. If you plan to get the 1520 and 2520 on contract, the bundle deal still works out cheaper ($199 for the phone plus $199 for the tablet), then buying the phone now and the tablet later ($99 for the phone and $399 for the tablet).

According to a local store rep, the phone/tablet deal would only be available online and not via in store. Not sure if that's true, but...

I just brought my 1520 for$ 99.99! I saw this article and it pushed me over! If anyone is an AT&T customer an can upgrade to a 2 year plan. You needed to take advantage of the 50% off or $100 off.  

I just ordered the 1520 in red. Great deal! I've been using the Samsung Focus for 3 years now. I finally found my replacement phone.

I had the same phone!! The Focus was a good phone! But, I think this phone is going to be great! There are a number of people worried about 16GB. I have had a phone with 8 GB for the last 3 years and it has been doing fine! This phone can have additional storage up to 64 GB!

Yes but that's for files and music for apps and games it only holds a max of 14gb halo alone is a GB no option of installing apps to memory card is why 16gb sux

understand! If you are a big game user this is not the right phone right now! But, I use my phone for work! The cloud and files on the sim card is what I need! I have heard Xbox is going to have a lot of its games in the cloud and you will only have to have the very basic part of the game to run it! But, I understand it does not solve the problem now!

After seeing it in the MS store I just broke down and pre ordered it. I have to admit I laughed when I first saw it in the store due to how massive it was, but the screen was gorgeous and it was light/thin. Next week can't come soon enough. 1520 and Xbox One in the same week for me is heavenly!

The price tag was too hard to resist. I think this is a great deal despite the specs having been trimmed down. At $99 this is a steal.

Holey moley. Went to a store to check out this phone... It is beauty. The display so much brighter and clearer than my Nokia 920. But the size... I'm not sure where I'd stuff that thing. I might need a man purse. Deeply conflicted... The pictures onlie simply don't do it justice. Go to a stores see it.
It will make you said its not yet available.

Hmmm... my wife and I are on Verizon (1 more year on contract), but its actually worth paying the ETF fee, selling our Verizon phones and going with AT&T with this 50% sale going on... Now the question is: can I deal with the 6" screen or not? Hmm....