Nokia Lumia 625 now available in Brazil, let the festivals begin!

Nokia Lumia 625

The Windows Phone market in Brazil has grown by one device today. The Nokia Lumia 625 has become available through local Nokia Stores in Brazil for $1049 Reais (about $462 US) and will soon be available online through Nokia.

The Lumia 625 sports a 4.7" 800x480 IPS display that is protected by Gorilla Glass 2, 512MB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage space and MicroSD expandability. It has a 5MP rear camera and a front facing shooter.  The Lumia 625 comes loaded with Windows Phone 8, version 10328 (GDR2).

Overall, the Nokia Lumia 625 made a rather appealing first impression (here's our unboxing of the Lumia 625) and it should be a welcome addition to the Brazilian Windows Phone lineup.

Source: Nokia; Thanks, Guilherme, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 625 now available in Brazil, let the festivals begin!


Then it will surely gonna lose market to cheap androids here...it should treat all markets equally amd launch all phones IMO

Yeah... Surprisingly it works great. One use case scenario is when I copy my music library to the SD card and it automatically shows in the music hub. Same with photos and docs :)

It's already available on Nokia stores and on other retailers in Portugal. A country where there are more cell phones than inhabitants.
I demand an exclusive article on this most relevant matter!!!

(For those unfamiliar with the concept of sarcasm, that last sentence is an example of it. You're welcome ;P)

Brazil here. You can buy an 820 here cheaper than this 625. But I think this price will drop quickly.

What is Nokia thinking ? Goshhh. Brazillian here. Man, I can get a Nokia 820 or a Ativ S a waaaaaaay cheaper than this 625, NO ONE, I repeat, NO ONE is going to buy this. That's NONSENSE. I'm so Sad with this price, is gonna be a disaster.

Totally agree! No way it should cost more than 820! Nokia Brazil r u insane??? I just convinced 2 people at home about changing their iPhones to lumias devices. 625 would be the third, but with this price tag it will be very unlikely to happen... Sad

Lumia 820 costs $300 (US Dollars) here in Brazil. So.... Why anyone should buy Lumia 625? Just to get a wider screen? No, thanks! Epic fail.