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Microsoft Lumia becomes official, as 'Nokia' fades away

Goodbye Nokia

Microsoft Lumia is the new brand for Microsoft's phones

No conspiracy here

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Goodbye Nokia

Nokia to shut down factory in India on November 1

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Nokia ordered by Mexican court to cover warranties

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From Nokia to Microsoft

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Microsoft News

Rumor claims 1,000 former Nokia employees in Finland could be laid off by Microsoft

Windows Phones

Telstra in Australia delays its Lumia 930 launch due to hardware change

Windows Phone News

Optus to be the first to stock the Lumia 930 in Australia

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Nokia Lumia 800 Telstra launches March 13th?

Lumia 800 to Telstra

Nokia announced back in January that the Nokia Lumia 800 would land in Australia back in January.  Nokia did mention March but failed to make mention which day in March.  We are now seeing speculation is strong that the Lumia 800 will launch through Telstra on March 13, 2012. There's also a few rumors on pricing.

The outright price of the Lumia 800 is expected to be $672. Plans with no Mobile Repayment Option should start with the $59 Freedom Connect Plan and, if I understand the Telstra plans, there will be a $49 Freedom Connect Plan with a $10 MRO payment.

The Lumia 800 is expected to be offered in Black and White versions at launch.  Which is an interesting combination itself.

Granted Telstra hasn't made an official statement on the Lumia 800 and there's no mention of the Windows Phone on their website. The nice thing about it all is that we'll know in just a short time if these rumors hold true.

Source: wpdownunder; Thanks, Sheeds, for the tip!


Reader comments

Nokia Lumia 800 Telstra launches March 13th?


Nokia was so specific when they announced the T-Mobile Nokia Lumia 710 release date. Why can't they give us a release date? This includes the Lumia 900 too.

In the coming months won't cut it now. The march 18th rumor isn't fully true.

"Nokia announced back in January that the Nokia Lumia 800 would land in Australia back in January"
should just be:
"Nokia announced back in January that the Nokia Lumia 800 would land in Australia"
Also, Optus is shipping out Lumia 800 pre-orders on the 1st of March.

'Nokia announced back in January that the lumia 800 would land in Australia back in January'
You said back in january twice lol typo?

Telstra's web site has mention of the Lumia 800. You can register to be alerted apon release. For those that want to purchase the phone outright it will be available in both 900 and 850 versions from stores on March 1st. I have already ordered my 850 version from my local Harvey Norman who was more than helpful with information on things like colours, models availability and tethering support.

850 version? What the crap is that? And 900 won't be out anywhere near march 1 in oz. Better change you Harvey Norman of that's the info they gave you...

Before being so negative, educate yourself. There is two versions of the Lumia 800 (which is what we are talking about). The 850mhz model supports Telstra NextG and Vodafone 3G and the 900mhz version supports the other carriers. Harvey Norman is 100% correct in those dates. Both versions are available from the 1st March. No one was talking about the Lumia 900 which hasnt been announced by anyuone yet in Australia but is rumoured to get a international released annoucement and date at the MWC.

He's talking about 900mhz and 850mhz ffs.
From what I've heard the 850mhz unit wont be released until mid-march period though, so don't get your hopes too high for march1 unless you're with sloptus.

Can anyone tell me why people like the Lumia 800 so much?
I really can't see anything special in it...
It's thick, the screen is small and its specs are nothing special. The HTC Titan or the Samsung Focus S are much better, but people don't seem to care much about them.

Samsung Focus S is USA ATT only and if the Galaxy S II is anything to go by would feel like cheap nasty plastic.
HTC Titan is freaking massive, way too big for most people, while not being particuarly high res and having an LCD screen.

Rotkiv, the titan has call quality issues along with other issues, and its too big for some users. The focus s feels very cheap has a inaccurate screen sensor (brightness level issue) and has a nice typing bug if the sound is enabled. There's plenty of reasons to get excited about the lumia 800 and 900, and titan II. I've had both the titan and focus s (using it now), and I can't wait until the 900 releases, pretty sure I'll be getting one.