Nokia Lumia 900 shakes its booty in Flo Rida's newest video

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Flo Rida is no stranger to Nokia Windows Phones. Back in February in the video for 'Wild Ones' the popular artist was seen using the Lumia 710 and Twitter. Though it was just in passing, it was a nice nod for Nokia's newest phone.

In Mr. Rida's new video (can we call him that?) for 'Whistle' the shiny and sexy glossy-white Lumia 900 is the star. While the 900 actually doesn't shake its booty (creative license, sorry), it does get some screen time.

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Starting at about 1:47 and a few seconds later you can see the popular Windows Phone being used for some photos and sending an MMS. Not a bad plug for the phone, we suppose.

Check out the video after the break... Warning: NSFW [lots of badonkadonks]. Thanks, Daniel, for the tip!

Edit: There looks to be a copyright issue where playing it on mobile phones, ironcially, is not supported. You can try through your web browser instead.


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Nokia Lumia 900 shakes its booty in Flo Rida's newest video


If you are in the mobile IE web browser and you can't play any of the links to YouTube content including my own personal video then something is not right with how your phone is setup.

Video is region locked.. Tried to view it on my Ultrabook and got a message saying something about copyright restrictions.

Yeah, doesn't work as HTML 5 video, works only in Flash. The phone is prominently displayed though, catchy tune. I guess copyright has something to do with why it's not HTML 5 video.

That's interesting...you would think someone from marketing at Nokia/Microsoft would reach out to him for a commercial spot to air nationally.

I hate when music videos are blocked from mobile devices, What's the reason for this? No one wants to or should have to sit at a computer just to watch the latest music videos

Blocked in Switzerland as well. Typical. :-(
Thanks to the person who put up the hothiphop link. :-) I like the song.

It works on the IE in wp7 but you have to go to the wpcentral page and set your preference as 'mobile browser' in ie's settings. If you set it to 'desktop' and reload the page, the video will not be available. So i dont think its a copyright issue. Weird.

Flo has good hooks but the style is Nellies mostly. Not sure who came first tho. Honies galore here!
Seen some cool Lumia ads recently

Is it me or does the phone tile in the first shot say 'emergency only'...

I guess AT&T forgot to give him a SIM card :-P
Edit: or no signal on location

so proud od wp7. been rockin one since early 2010 and its nice to see te growth. like to see more but its come a long way. 2 or 3,000 apps to 90,000 now