Nokia Lumia 925 hits MobiCity in Australia and New Zealand

MobiCity is now taking orders for the Nokia Lumia 925 in Australia and New Zealand. You can choose between black or white. Black is pre-order only at the moment, but white will ship within a week. The Lumia 925 is unlocked and comes with a 12-month warranty for $959.00, pre-tax. Tax, customs and shipping will run you another couple of hundred bucks.

The Lumia 925 is a variation of the beloved Lumia 920, with aluminum and polycarbonate casing. It's an impressive sibling of the Lumia 920 and Lumia 928. Hit up the source link below if you would like one of your own.

Not quite sure if it's your cup of tea? Check out our unboxing and first impressions of the Lumia 925 here.

Source: MobiCity; Via: Reddit


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Nokia Lumia 925 hits MobiCity in Australia and New Zealand


Weather Flow, which I think is on sale right now.    I also just noticed a feature in Weather Flow I didn't even know existed. if you swipe up or down from inside the app, the view changes between metro and regular.

I don't like newneo right now. OK, maybe I'm just jealous waiting for it to show up for me on t-mobile US.

Man you don't need to be jealous. Chinese Lumia devices doesn't support 4G LTE and the user could not change the system region of their devices

Literally everybody is getting this before the US!....ok, maybe not Canada. Sorry, my northern brothers and sisters. But seriously, get with the program, T-Mobile!

MobiCity are always pretty expensive, but $1,165.96 including GST and delivery is outrageous! Considering I can buy a new 920 from Harvey Norman for around $488...

I don't think "Oceanic" is correct as that essentially means 'from the ocean' instead of 'from Oceania'... So it'll probably be "Oceanian". However, we tend to refer to ourselves as Australasia / Australasian more so than Oceania. That's probably more than you cared to know :P

Think his using the term for across the ocean, you know other side of the pond. I live 5months in aus and rest in new York so should of bought it in u.s I just don't like the branding put all over u.s phones, Australia keeps them clean

Well you'd pay the equivalent if it was 100% unlocked and without contract. We get free phones on contract too, and even better none of the networks lock phones here.

Maybe with currency exchange rates your right, but my HTC one is about $600 unlocked at at&t so it's just odd to see $900+ for a phone.

There is some economy of scale there, but considering we're at around 75c to your $1 (and that's only when we're strong), that'd be about right.

I might be wrong but I don't think AT&T sells any of their phones unlocked. You can buy a phone on no commitment/no contract price but you will have to use for some time on their network before they will agree to unlock it. Even though the no contract price of the AT&T 920 was relatively cheaper, I had to wait for six months before I could get it unlocked.

Received my 925 32gb in black today woohoo, now have old l800 dedicated to GPS duties in car, given my n9 to my son, l920 white for work, grey 920 personal and now 925 for formal use.... Hmm maybe I have to many and still have eos to go

Btw the Aussie dollar is more than the us dollar yet still us pays 90k for a Porsche Carrera and Aussies pay 230k so no surprises that the 925 is $799 here