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Rumor: Nokia’s PR2.0 major firmware update for Lumias aiming for a July release

We brought you the video last week of a forthcoming “major” firmware release for the Lumia 920 (and presumably other Windows Phone 8 Lumias) where the new “double tap to awake” and an on-screen clock were revealed.

That update is called PR2.0 with the PR standing for “press release” and it corresponds with the version number. For instance, firmwares that started with 1232.1249.XXXX.XXXX were PR1.0, the ones that started with 1232.5951.XXXX.XXXX were PR1.1 and the new 1308 firmware is PR1.1.5. The forthcoming PR2.0 is obviously a big jump and represents numerous changes and enhancements, of which we’ve only been privy to a few.

PR2.0 Nokkia Clock
New on-screen clock in PR2.0 firmware

The next question that Nokia owners may have is when will they get this update? From our understanding, PR2.0 is still under development, which should hint it is a bit further out. Now, the carrier 3 (Italy) has confirmed that the PR2.0 firmware is destined for a July release in a series of tweets.

Seeing that this falls in between unofficial and official, we have to leave some wiggle room here for error and shifts for release. Having said that, the fact that 3 Italy used the term “PR2.0” and “PR1.1.5” in their post specifically tells us they know more than has been publicly released, giving credence to the time frame.

The GDR2 OS connection

We have a good feeling that the PR2.0 firmware will be bundled together with Microsoft’s GDR2 OS update for Windows Phone 8. Indeed, the firmware is often needed to unlock and customize any new features that the OS may bring, so the two being developed in tandem is to be expected. July is also a good month as it falls right after BUILD 2013, an event that will serve as an appropriate venue for revealing information about upcoming Windows Phone advances (including “Blue”, expected in early 2014).

As to what GDR2 and PR2.0 bring to the table as a full feature set, it remains to be seen though FM Radio, Lumia Color profile and Flip to Silence are three additional things we can think of at the moment.

Source: 3 Italy (Twitter); via Plaffo


Reader comments

Rumor: Nokia’s PR2.0 major firmware update for Lumias aiming for a July release


Maybe so, but I assumed that Catwalk would ship with the new software. At least I hope that they are not announcing it in May with July availability...

This also gives the 910 and 928 time to be released, and if any bugs are present, then they can fix them with the upgrade aswell.
Wonder which phone will be the best looking 920 variant when both of those come out though.

You should know that there are many unbranded nokia 920 still not getting the last update right.  Probably it's gonna be around May for us.

makes me wonder why its taking them so long to enable custom sms tones. its really mindboggling. my moto krazr did it back in that day lol why cant my L920?

I hope that MS and Nokia spend more time on central business phone requirements than on nice-to-haves, like flip-to-silence, xbox, or kiddies' corner.
Key hopes:
1. Sound profiles (a la Symbian, with separate volumes and tones for different activiites, preferably with automatic switching between profiles based on time and situation.)
2. File manager
3. Ability to save all downloads to phone
4. Ability to attach files to emails (e.g., PDFs)
5. Fix to the ever-growing "other" storage usage
6. Improved calendar interface
7. Notification center

Great list, trinkner! I'd add custom SMS tones and ability to download and save videos sent via MMS to the list.

Agree with the whole list, just wanted to say that you can attach pdf, excel and document files from the office hub.

The ability to attach ANY file type in email is really a must if WP is to be used as a business phone..

I think tha also the ability to set static IP address on wifi connections (like android and IOS) should be added.

I would add additionally:
- blacklist for incoming phone calls (I hate these call centers)
- the whole media library and playlist stuff is a joke. (more or less for private use)
- alarm clock, e.g. individual snooze time

I also want to be able to silence the sound that happens when your using text and click the voice recognition

Maybe the fact that he's not a journalist who spends his life analyzing and publicizing the moves of secretive tech companies is what gave him that impression. 

I guess it really depends on when the lumia 928 ships.  The word around the web was that it would ship with GDR2 preloaded on it.

It might ship with GDR2 in May. But the rest of us will have to wait. Would give another little boost for Verizon Windows Phones.

Bottom line is that it's unprofessional for an internet journalist to reply to loyal readers with snarky remarks. Be thankful for the readership.

I'd settle for 30 minutes.  Most of mine never update, despite background tasks being allowed for the applications.  Talk about frustrating.

If HTC/Samsung did anything to warrant news it would be here.  Fact is Nokia puts in more effort period so it is reflected thusly...

I read your rant, my reply is f the user that does not research his/her purchase. And if Htc/Samsung support WP more they would have been in the news.

Go anywhere else and find news and updates from any manufacturer in regards to WP. 99% you won't find any other besides Nokia.

Lolsss, I can understand your frustration. My last two phones before Lumia 920 were Samsung Omnia HD(still one of my most fav) and Samsung Omnia 7. I was so much disappionted that this time I had already made my mind for Nokia. Thanks to Nokia for excellent support

No other manufacturer keeps on adding features to a phone more than half a year after it got released. Awesome Nokia is awesome

Not necessarily true. Samsung has begun to understand that and Apple hardware permits. Nokia just always been like that beforehand.

Sounds great. As long as Nokia continues this support I have no desire for the next phase if flagship phone. 920 is truly an underrated phone to the unknown.

Don't say this stops your desire for a new flagship, it will give of the wrong message and make them think that the best thing for business is to stop upgrading older devices and just to push out new ones instead.

Lol you must have never owned a HTC phone. Cause in fact it sends the exact opposite message. It creates customer loyalty instead of customer abandonment. Have you seen the amount of complaints from people with HTC and no support. Hell you can look at the lack of support for the 8x to see that. People will buy phone regardless just for hardware specs alone or the latest and greatest. Apple proved that. Just look at the response in this thread to see customer satisfaction. And to be frank this will never stop me from getting a new phone. I buy one every 6 months to a year. The build quality if the 920 is that great that I can skip one Gen and wait for the next. You misread my comment.

I agree with the fact that Nokia does have great support for its customers. Its one of the reasons why all except my first phone have been Nokias. And you're also right with the fact that I have never had a htc. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I will never buy anything but a Nokia. NOKIA FOREVER!!!

Couldn't agree with you more. I always been the happiest with Nokia products. The only HTC I ever loved as much was the Nexus One. That was a phone truly ahead of its time.

Does this mean we will get things like working Xbox music when iPhone introduces brain wave communication and android introduces 128 cores?

I honestly hope that the update brings the customization of sms/alarm etc tunes. I'm sick of having to use those crappy ones that come with the phones and being always confused, with 3 WP's in the house, as to which phone rang.
That's my biggest issue with WP since the very beggining.

Try easyring and music. The best ringtone maker I've used. Very easy to do and ringtone length is not limited to 40secs anymore.

same here man. we have 4 windows phones in my house, and we all have to keep the same tones in fear of having the same one as someone else. custom would help!

Hey guys...remember the N9? Clock on face, flip to silent...if they include that notification center as well it will sent the competition back to the design rooms

I want Nokia to take their time with this. They've been very responsive about fixing the update issue (one week IS pretty damn fast considering the difficulties in programming), but I don't want them to release a buggy update. I know no update is free of bugs, but I was actually hit by the 1308 issue myself and so were many people. I'll still stand by Nokia for their amazing response times and zealous product support.

and I'm giving my votes for adding Bluetooth 4.0 and apt-x support aswell... hopefully during this year.

@Aleksi: I wonder if the hardware for Bluetooth 4.0 is in the Lumia hardware? 3.0 is still fairly new right now. But what is apt-x?

This is a nice article about the situation with BT4.0 for Lumia 820 & 920

and also here at wpcentral

...someone well connected should dig some answers about the schedule on this one.

apt-x is a audio codec that IS SAID to improve the audio quality when using bluetooth. Oddly Nokia's Purity Pro headphones have apt-x support, unlike any of the lumias. 


Always had HTC Windows Phones and if they keep making them i will not change. The 8x is magnificent.

It is in a sense but support from HTC is dead, just like support for their Android phones, barely any. And camera sucks! I know cuz wife and daughter have 'em.

Is it possible that new clock lock screen will be available to WP7.8 Lumias as well? I think nokia should do so.

Till this day I still haven't gotten the 7.8 update. I've tried everything, even called att and Nokia, the response from Nokia is they are rolling it out and still haven't received it yet -_-

This major update would probably takes two day to finish on my Lumia lol. Normal updates takes overnight stock at the gears foe over 8 hours. Lol. No kidding. No joke. I leave it updating at night and sometimes I wake up and still on the gears. Somehow phone finish updates but take ages. This thing fucked up

A welcoming functionality would be Bluetooth 4.0/BLE! Sports junkies should appreciate a heart rate monitor connected to a wp8 device.

Just give me full access to Settings via NFC!  Put a check-box in there somewhere that says I understand the risk...I'm a big give me my access so that I can program these currently next-to-useless NFC tags and finally do something usefull with the technology.
Oh!  And hopefully I can assign different tones to my 6 different email accounts. 
That's all I want.

I dont want new Features. Make things work already built in!

Facebook Chat, Facebook app, Whatsapp, Notifications, Different Volumes, better Internet Explorer (more Buttons for instance),  ahhh blabla you know what i mean.
Its a GREAT mobile OS, but there are many little things annoying me. And they always talk about Notification Center...
1. Where is it???
2. Do we need it??? Make Livetiles / normal Notifications work and i dont give a fuck about the Center!

Sorry but the problem for WP8 for me  is :
* original version facebook
* more apps and games (same price with ios)  <we are not suckers>
* notification center
* more customization

Sorry, but the problem for your comment for me is:
*what does it have to do with anything?
*why are you here?

#glassadam.   why i'm here? Are you kidding me? I HAVE BUY MANY APPS AND GAMES AND THE PRICE IS AWFUL.
YOU? The price for you is good? same with ios? maybe you are sucker!!!!

Question: If this arrives before the update with the storage management for my 810, will the update include any other updates I have yet to receive? Hope that makes sense...

Now if AT&T will allow switching LTE on and off and allow the forcing of 2G in this update I'll go for it. Otherwise I may have to stay with 1249 for longer.

Something so little yet, not on wp8....Microsoft, Nokia....where the fuck are my custom SMS tones???

I would really like the calendar app to have more views (week days) and options and the ability to change a calendar entry from one calendar (I.e. Family) to my own personal calendar or vise versa. It is really annoying that you have to end up deleting the entry and then re-inputting it to the right calendar.

It is also requiring additional setting for recurring entries that are available on the web calendar but not on the phone.

I just want better multimedia support. That's what I use my phone for. Its hard when the supported codecs is so limited. And better tag support for audio files, with gapless support also.

If they could fix the duplicate song problem and the lack of album art on ripped tracks that would be great.