Nokia updates Network+ again

Nokia Network+ gets another update

Nokia has just rolled out another update to its Network+ app that brings some changes. The app says that it brings dual SIM support and smart dual SIM support, though these features were present since version 2.1. The app has a version number of now. In the Windows Phone store, it looks like the changelog hasn't been updated, however, so we're not sure what improvements were added since the last update to Network+.

Remember that this app is only for Lumia devices.

You can head over to the Windows Phone store to grab the latest version of Network+ or scan the QR code below. Have you noticed any changes with this update?

QR: Nokia Network+


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Nokia updates Network+ again


Is this app necessary if I have a single SIM card/port?  I have the 928 on Verizon.  Does it do anything else that I might benefit from?  If no, then I should uninstall the app?


Thanks in advance. 

Regardless, the article is incorrect. it's Microsoft Mobile who has provided the update even though the original Network+ was developed by Nokia.

Nokia is a dying brand, has been for sometime. The partnership with Microsoft slowed the death throes down but unfortunately did not stop it.

"During the 3 years Elop was Nokia CEO, Nokia revenues fell 40%, Nokia profits fell 95%, Nokia market share collapsed in smartphones from 34% to 3.4%, Nokia's credit rating went from A to junk, Nokia's share price dropped 60% in value and Nokia's market capitalization lost 13 billion dollars in value"

Want to read more? Here http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Stephen_Elop

Nokia's earnigs felt 80% before elop was hired. He just couldn't stop the implosion.
Maybe a magician could convert unqualified engineers in talented engineers and teach them how to build a decent smartphone.

Its too bad you are too much of a coward to put up your for the masses brand.


Enjoy lookin like everyone else mindless clone :)

You should put that in perspective, because the 3 year prior to Elop whee worse. Elop succeded in slowing down Nokia's death, it's because of him this company was still arround begin this year.

Speaking of updates, if you had the sound issue(sound would only play through the left side of any connected hardware[speakers, headphones]) on the Lumia 920 after the 8.1 dev preview, the latest update has fixed the issue. You can now enjoy a full, rich music experience again!

How did you test? It was something a bit random for me. Although in heard it happens when listening with head phones and alerts come in.

Nope. Just tested to see if it was really fixed. Sent my phone running the latest version of 8.1 a bunch of messages from my other phone. Afterwards only the left earbud is playing music. So not fixed :P

I have a Verizon 928 and I put an AT&T SIM card in it. The problem I have is I can't receive pictures on MMS. Does somebody know if this would fix that?

Ooh. That's a tough one. First, is it unlocked? If it is unlocked, is it compatible with AT&T network. If it is compatible, then you should check the APN if it is set correctly. If it is unlocked, usually, by default, it does not set the correct APN. You have to manually put it in.

I called Verizon for the unlocking code and they told me they don't have those codes. They also said that it was compatible with an AT&T SIM. Also, all of my APN settings are set correctly. Maybe it's just the nature of the phone... Who knows.

You have to set it to cellular data to get pics, I tried and tried and that's how it is on this phone.

Your issue is Definitely incorrect APN settings. I went through this same issue with an unlocked AT&T Lumia 920 once I set up service with MetroPCS (T-Mobile network). It took me 3-4 months of searching around the internet before I found the actual correct APN. Once I did my picture messaging (MMS) has worked flawlessly. My advice is to keep a list of all the APNs you've tried so you're not chasing your tail attempting the same ones over and over. Also a quick way to test is to send a MMS to yourself. If it goes through then you're all good.

I wish at leat this thing would allow me to send txt msg from my 928 (on tmobile) without switching to 2G when ever I have to send txt. It's annoying.

Ps. I could send txt on 8.0 even on LTE but since I installed 8.1 I have to switch back and forth

Your Mobile operator need to support that. Check with your provider. If it was working fine with 8.0 or with your previous mobile, sorry for trying to be a know it all ;-)

I'm not sure if this is Network+'s department, but I'd really like to see some kind of data connection toggling. The ability to manually switch from 4G/3G/Edge would be really helpful when poor 4G areas give worse voice connections than if something like Edge was used.

that feature already exists, its under cellular+sim, you scroll to the bottom and select your sim (should say the entwork tou go through) and click it and theres a highest connection setting, I use it all the time to drop me to 2g because 4G LTE is a battery whore

Send a warm thank you to your provider limiting your possibilities in terms of fine-tuning your own phone that you spent your own money for.

I think the incorrect battery level readout bug should be related to HW (after battery ages, it starts to send bogus value to the operating system), so it will never be fixed from Software.

Just downloaded on my Icon for the first time. All it shows is a call counter. That's it. Not sure how to uninstall.

I wish that the update history in the new 8.1 app store would show phone specific app updates as well (like network+). That would be a super easy way to tell if the phone got the update. When you are updating, it shows in the current downloads list, but as soon as its done, the app does not show in the history. It can't be too tough to make that happen, I'd think.

Actually it does... When in the store bring up the menu and go to downloads - the second screen 'history' shows every app and when it was installed or last updated in chronological order.

What's really annoying is pressing the notification the x apps where updated to be just dumped at the store screen instead of being taken straight to the downloads history.

Look for any of the updates for apps that are in settings... We have had plenty updated and not a single one is in History.

Hi Guys,

Network+ doesnt work on my L928. I need to set the reduced character set but when I open the app, theres nothing - just call counter, possibility to pin the app and "operator info". No settings, nothing. I tried to reinstall the app twice, softreset, nothing.. Help please..

Hopefully they have fixed the crappy Bluetooth drivers or whatever it is that makes Bluetooth suck, crash and hang from time to time.

Wrong door you knock. This app has 0 relationship with Bluetooth, so it wont fix any of your pain related to BT.