Nokia will unveil #moreLumia to the world on April 2nd

It’s been rumored and now confirmed: Nokia will be in San Francisco the same day Microsoft launches their Build 2014 developer conference. Coincidence? Of course not. Microsoft is expected to announce Windows Phone 8.1 in the early morning keynote, with Nokia taking their stage later in the day at 5 PM at their own event.

The last time Microsoft announced a major OS update – Windows Phone 8 – there was a delay of a few weeks before Nokia was ready to launch the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920. This time, that gap has closed.

So what to expect? We have a hunch there will be at least two devices:

  • Lumia 630 aka ‘Moneypenny’
  • Lumia 930 aka ‘Martini’

The Lumia 630 is expected to have the following features:

  • 4.5 inches touch screen
  • 854x480 resolution
  • Virtual touch keys
  • Size: 129.5 x 66.7mm.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • Dual SIM (variant)

In terms of the Lumia 930, surprisingly not much is known at this time. We’ve heard from our own sources that it’s an “international Lumia Icon”. That makes sense in terms of specs, as the Lumia Icon would make a great successor to the venerable Lumia 920. However, we bet it looks more like the traditional Lumia ‘fabula’ design, meaning it will be less conservative than Verizon’s design choice. So you know, probably some actual colors and rounded corners.

Then there’s the mystery device: ‘Goldfinger’.

Not much is known about this phone except that it has no buttons and it uses a new sensor system for gestures. Some real cutting edge stuff. In terms of specs and design though, it’s a black box. We’re not even sure it’s ready to be revealed, which is why it’s going into our ‘maybe’ category for now. [Update: We've now heard that this phone and gesture system is not expected until next year. Sorry folks!]

Regardless, Windows Phone Central will be there en masse next week, with myself, Sam Sabri and Mark Guim all bringing you the best coverage. Stay tuned.


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Nokia will unveil #moreLumia to the world on April 2nd



Noticed the MORE in the above picture has the Nokia Mix Radio app smiley symbol. Does this mean its not about hardwear but music?


Just saying...

I think Verizon customers will have been screwed by the Icon, because it doesn't have 8.1 out of the box, no SD card and no Glance/double tap to wake.
The rumored 930 will likely have all of this, and won't be available on Verizon... and who knows how long it will be before another Nokia is released for Verizon.
If nothing is announced or rumored within a couple of weeks Build, I'll reluctantly pay an early termination fee and switch to AT&T.

Screwed? Don't be silly, it's an outstanding phone no matter what way you look at it. I think anyone who bought it accepted the possibility of new handsets coming with 8.1 anyway. =)

I do agree with everything you said except for paying to switch to ATT. Things change so quickly in the mobile world, wouldn't want to sacrifice service for hardware that is so quickly outdated anyways...

I wish my 1520 didn't support SD card slots due to Microsofts cr@ppy policy regarding not supporting SD card encryption. The device is sitting here on my desk worthless and I switched back to my classic 920.

Er.... That seems an odd decision. The 1520 and 920 both have 32gb storage. Do you reeealy need to encrypt an SD card? What are you planning to keep on that thing?!

You wish your 1520 "didn't" support SD??!!  wtf


anyway, did you hear the the Lumia 1520 and the 2520 both work with the new

SanDisk Ultra 128 GB microSDXC UHS-I Card ?

For the 1520, that card is too slow for proper hd video capture. You'll get audio skipping; your best bet is the 64gb SanDisk Ultra Plus

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Why did you not just remove SD from the phone and use it with integrated storage, same as you do with 920 anyway..?

The Icon didn't screw those on Verizon. Verizon screwed those on Verizon. They custom specified it like ATT did on screwing their customers with the 1520

The way AT&T has been modifying Windows Phones lately, I do not expect we will get a great divice on AT&T. Nokia may make one, but AT&T will get a butchered version.

Wireless Charging is a big plus. I wish my 1020 didn't need a wireless charging case but was built in like my Red 920.
We all have the choice to switch over to a different carrier and at&t knows that... So they better play nice.

"If nothing is announced or rumored within a couple of weeks Build, I'll reluctantly pay an early termination fee and switch to AT&T."

I'll check back at the end of April and see how that AT&T switch is going for you!

Well, they did choose April 2nd and not 1st, probably for a reason. I'll be ready for a new Windows phone in 2015. Hopefully I can update my 920 to WP8.1 before Summer. Maybe by then there will be a Microsoft Surface Phablet with a pen that actually rivals the Galaxy Note series.

It is great in theory but it all depends on how they would execute a Windows Phone similar to Surface. They always seem to omit some really key features, at least in the first version, or it's too heavy or expensive, etc. They get close to the mark but don't actually hit it. It's always something :)


The Lumia Icon is essentially what a Surface phone would be except that it has a poly carbon back instead of magnesium.

Its industrial design is very similar to the Surface tablets.

God I hope not my 920 is already to big to hit all four corners with my thumb one handed and slipped from my grip more then any other phone because of its size. Really why is to so hard for manufaturers to make a highend phone with a reasonble 3.5" screen anymore. If I want small tablet I'll buy a small tablet not a comically large phone. 



BTW my Nexus 5 is even worse not only is the screen even bigger when it falls insted of digging it out of the small crater left in the asphalt like with my 920 I'm just left to pick up the broken pices of the screen.

Ditto!! I was more interested in Goldfinger, but glad they're now saying it won't be till next year so I'm not waiting around and missing out on having the martini. Definitely going to get a "martini" now.

I'm not due for a new phone, so if the device is tempting enough, I will attempt to purchase on off contract.

Download the Preview for Developers app to you device now so you can download without waiting for Cellular carriers.

Is it invite only or can all BUILD attendess attend it? I imagine this will also be in the Moscone Center?

I had hoped we would see the devices during the BUILD Keynote. I wonder if they will just use one device for demonstration purposes and save the other (or others) for the Nokia event later.


Maybe I'll see you at BUILD Daniel. :)

Well, they do Rod. Deutsche Telekom who owns T-Mobile, always has the latest and greatest in Germany (both my 920 and 1020 are from them). They just need to be as supportive in the US market. For that they need the market to change and Americans to join in the change ;)

Those Americans are a stubborn bunch of @#$%$%$$$#@ss holes❕.. :-o:-o:-o:-o
They think the world revolves around them... Jerks.

Rodney, buddy, did you get in trouble on Phone Arena again??  The threads are alive saying you were.  Makes me giggle... (I am snowgator on PA.)

Yeah,,,, banned again for a week❕❕.. Lol!!... To many stupid, pathetic trolls.. But, the moderators don't punish them.. Instead when I call the trolls out they ban me... And, they ban you for stupid things.. Like, one time I called this troll something stupid, like "potato neck", and they banned me... The site is just ran by a bunch of super biased idiots.. For example, they run articles on top apps for the month, and they showcase at least 15 iDroid apps each, but maybe 5 WP apps that don't even do the platform justic. So, when I questioned the editor about the fact that could do better for WP he replied back asking me if I was trolling, and asked me if I could even post the link to even 1 great new app for the month of February.. He also gave me some stupid lecture about how the apps had to be for Feb. and his dumb ass had Film On TV listed, which was released way back in like December.. Can you believe that?... It was easy.. I came strait to WPC's app section and copied the links to about 12 new apps for Feb. that were way better than the ones the jerk posted... He said that those weren't good enough to be considered top apps... What a fool..... I hate PA, and I'm seriously thinking about deleting my account.. They suck!
Buy, I didn't argue with "Victor"... Check it out❕.. Scroll down in the comment section... And, look at my apps compared to his.


Why do you even bother going there? I mean, the moment I saw them compare the Z1Compact with the iPhone 5S and trash the Z1 Compact, that was enough for me. They're idiots. Period.

Yeah, it was my first mobile site I started following. Overall, I still go to keep up with"general news", they do a decent job of that. I keep up with all platforms for my friends and family. But I hardly comment. I don't find the writers as bad as you do, but the comment section is just overflowing with venom these days. Mean spirited, cheering- outright CHEERING- for BlackBerry to go out of business, MS to fail, and insults galore. I rarely comment. No fun. I like a good debate, it is how I learn. But it is just nasty there anymore.

Woah so much bias on Phonearena. What the actual f*ck? Android trolls all over the place. Glad I do never visit this site.

And, you would think the moderators would do something about it... Go look at my comments to trolls... Are they really something I should be banned for?.. The site is ran by haters obviously... I'm done with it... I wish there was a way I could bring attention to these punks.

Right, I went the wrong way... Lol❕... It's ok.. Daniel already figures I rode the short neon green bus...

Thanks Dan, I was just hoping it was earlier. I got to work early so I was just hoping it wouldn't be connected with my winding down time. Oh well, 7:30 bedtime for the kids then.;)

I will be traveling that day and will be limited to follow the news; maybe i need to spend the money for in flight wifi for this trip.


Me too. I hope they will release the update via dev preview as soon as it is announced and most probably they will but you know, there is always a what if...

Well, it has to be.. I would think.. IDK... If anyone besides Nokia introduces new devices then the answer is yes❕... Good question.. Nobody even though about that..

I know that feel, bought the 620 a few months ago. Although i don't really regret it a lot, seems like the 630 lacks flash, front facing camera and damn that bezel even without capacitive buttons.

Yeah Nokia really had something with the 620, but the successors seem to have fewer capabilities. The 620 appealed to me as it was enough. The 625 and 630 do not seem to be enough.

Just excited too see 8.1 the 1520 is a killer phone but if that 930 wows me I might be in a problem with the wife.

I may be reading to much into thus, but look at the smiley face in the announcement... turn it upside down and you have a pair of speakers. Do u reckon Nokia are gonna announce something music related?

They just updated mix radio few days ago. Might be taking about more collection or making it more professional like iTunes.

I actually like the design of the Icon...but I'll be ok if the 930 has a design like the 920. I just don't want any camera humps.
Oh...and the Goldfinger is still a prototype. They may mention it as a work in progress but I doubt it as it would take the spotlight from the 930. It's not ready for commercialization yet.

Same here. To be honest I love my 1020 so I most likely won't get the 930 if its the icon in Lumia design. I'm looking forward to the features in 8.1. I hope a replacement for the 1020 comes out this year that's what I want. I'm not in contract so I can get a phone whenever I want :)

I think a 1020 replacement will come Spring/Summer next year, to tie in with the two year anniversary of the 1020. Shame, because I am eager for the 1030, and my contract is up in November this year.

That seems a bit conservative to me - remember this summer will have been 2 years since the pureview 808 was released.  Should at least be a 1020 with updated screen/processor (i.e. the 1025), but I'm hoping for a significant imaging upgrade too. 

Nokia ftw :P I'm excited for Nokia stuff and I'm glad to hear something Nokia related at build since we been hearing about Samsung -_-

Can't wait till april 2nd. After finishing my last exam that day, I can sit back, relax and enjoy all the Build announcements :).

Giggity!  I like the sound of this. Lumia 930 I hope is close to what the Icon is, if not better.

Can't wait...
It will be a major update for us!! Maybe dumbdroid user will switch to Lumia. BBM will arrive at that day too :)

Please don't stoop to the level of a troll by name calling Android users, until your comment, all of the focus was on WP....

"except that it has no buttons" is that true? Goldfinger wont have buttons? Like camera, volume etc or just the home, back and search?

im 90% positive its a.smart watch, hense the watch logo in the invitiation GIF. show on nokis conversations website.

If it's not what the other guy said, I'd say it'll be like the Nokia N9, no physical buttons on the front of the device and everything is navigated via the screen/gestures.

i just want the 8.1 update for my beautiful lumia 1520. I cant beleive how much i like wp on my 1520 over android on my note3, and getting a virtual assistant back will only make it better

There is nothing wrong with the Lumia Icon design! I am very excited to see what 8.1 will bring to my Nokia Lumia 1520!

Yes, it will have double-tap yo wake up. That feature is becoming more and more popular. LG and Sony phones are starting to have it, Jolla has it and Nokia, who created it, obviously will have it too ;)
The Glance absence on the 929/Icon is very farfetched...I smell Verizon interference there. The 930 will very very likely have it.

It's funny how when reading a review of the Z2 it was saying how it borrowed the double tap feature from Lg's device. While the system on the LG is a little different, it's a shame they couldn't give credit where credit is due.

Yeah. Listen to tangleidiot, he always says such useful things even though he's always as clueless as a rock.

In the hundreds of photos I've taken I think I've used flash about half a dozen times, if it's not xenon, it's pointless, and nokias cameras are doing well in low light without it.

@Daniel Rubino
Are you going to update in real-time any news about the Build 2014 conference?

Please! There are people who don't speak english so don't know what they are talking about :'(

My contract with ATT ends on April 8th! I am ripe for a fabulous new upgrade. Praying Tmobile gets the new flagship so I can use their individual no contract $50 /month plan for unlimited talk/text & 1gb data. That's fine for me.

I'm looking to get the 930 most likely, my contract is up next month so I can finally switch from my Lumia 900. I'm intersted in Goldfinger too, but the rumors I've read is that it will be bigger like the 1520, which is a non-starter for me.

That's y this year im hating march month. The only months i love is April build time, sept nokia world event and December where we end the year with great apps on wp.

On contract depends on the carrier. Full price should be more or less around 650€ in Europe (depends then on the country).

Agree with the price, at least in my country i can buy it from the exclusive carrier or on contract and use it with a different carrier.

Since you're with Vodafone, I assume you're in Europe. So yeah, we do have an easier life here in regards to that (though I never buy the phones directly from Vodafone. I rather buy them unbranded).

I really hope the 930 isn't just a Lumia icon, that's not the type of phone that should come with an amazing new OS update, it should be a lot more innovative

Would be nice if they could at least drop the 801 in there, but it's highly unlikely. Also I'd love if they could bring back the FM transmitter.

In case you are wondering, I'm still on my Focus S "upgrade" though I've gotten a free 900 and 920!

Agreed. A shutter button is a must. Something as simple as a shutter button really separates Lumias from other camera-centric phones.

Wow, it took about 50 comments for someone to mention the lack of a camera button, but when the ATIV SE render leaked, that was the FIRST thing the Nokia fanboys pointed out. Amazing.

I don't think there has been a confirmed render of the lumia 930 yet like the ativ se hence there hasn't been many comments about the camera button (or the lack of) on the 930 as it would be pure speculation at this point. However if Nokia do remove it... That would be a major disappointment for me as well.

Meh, I never use the camera button on my 920. For whatever reason, probably user error :P, using the physical button results in slightly blurry pictures.

Last I've heard, the decision was the leave the dedicated camera button only on PureView devices. So, the 930 will have it, but the "630" (which is more a 530, really) and any other non-PureView phones will not have it.

I am looking forward to the 930. However, I cannot upgrade with ATT until October. My 900 with 7.8 has been the best phone I have ever owned.

If you're on AT&T, I doubt there's much for you. The 630 is a budget phone, the 930 - if it's an international Icon - won't be on AT&T (my guess), and Goldfinger is delayed until next year? I'm due April 6, and it's looking a lot like a 'cheap' 1020 for me ($49 at Amazon now).

I'd really like a camera-centric successor to the 1020 but with an SD card slot. Xenon flash, PureView lens, SD slot, larger screen, faster processor... count me in.

There were rumors of an 1820, but sadly they've all but disappeared.  Surely Nokia will update the 1020 concept at some point?

IF that phone happens, it will only happen by the end of this year with any luck. The 1020 is a niche device. Niche devices don't get refreshed that quickly.

Also, with Nokia being gone, any new Lumia based on the Nokia L1020 will have to be produced by Microsoft. And there's zero evidence that Microsoft will keep putting money on niche imaging devices. So the 1030 may never happen. It will depend only on Microsoft.