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O2 developing Windows Phone app, sign up for the beta today

O2 Angel

O2 hasn't been shy when it comes to Windows Phone. The UK mobile operator has a strong selection of Windows Phones for customers to choose from, but it's also what's happening behind the scenes that's rather interesting. Not only is the company backing the platform on the store front, but we've recently covered O2 working with Microsoft on a new marketing partnership and today we're looking at My O2 Live Tiles for Windows Phone.

If you follow the O2 Lab, you'll know of all the research and various ideas the team comes up with for its products and customers. Think of it as Microsoft Research but ran by a mobile operator. The team has also been experimenting with the use of Live Tiles and My O2 allowance data on Windows Phone. My O2 is essentially the customer portal on the website and through multiple apps on different platforms, showing account details and contract status, etc.

My O2 App
A beta has been developed that's ready for O2 customers to test out.

While Data Sense is looking to be available for everyone with the GDR2 Windows Phone update, O2's app works with both Windows Phone 7 and 8 right now, which is an added bonus. So how does one get involved and sign up for the beta? Simply head on over to the beta registration form on O2's website for more details and the gateway.

Note that you'll need a My O2 account and this app may not work with some business tariffs. You can reach out to O2 with questions or feedback with the email address This beta period is for customers to test out the app, reporting on any issues or improvements that could be addressed. Also, be sure to head on over to our forum and enter in engaging discussion.

Source: O2 Labs; thanks to both Ian and martinmc78 for the tips!


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O2 developing Windows Phone app, sign up for the beta today


I second that buddy. They got exclusivity on the 920 and all we have seen is the EE films app and EE recommends in the store. I don't want those, all i want is DS to see what's eating through my dam 4G.

Thanks for the bump Mr Edmonds. More people get on board with this the better it is for everyone in the long run.

Great news, I'll finally be able to ditch the current My O2 "app", if you can call it an app, for this.

Yes,at last!, i did ditch ee, t mobile, orange or whatever they call themselves these days. Best move ever. Cant wait for all the big company's and developers to get onto the win8 band wagon.

I signed up for beta and got my notification to download yesterday.  This is what the O2 app should have been all along and is all I ever wanted.  A simple way to view and keep track of my allowances, particularly data.  The app itself is simple and doesn't go beyond any basics at the moment but it works and I like it.  The Live Tiles though aren't updating very well but they are aware of that.  Good work, at last O2, keep it up!