Official CNBC app brings your favorite shows to Windows Phone


The official CNBC app has been released for Windows Phone. Users can gain access to popular Business Day and Prime shows on their smartphones, as well as checking out the latest in business news with Mad Money. All that's required is a cable or satellite provider account and you're ready to enjoy CNBC shows wherever you may be.

Here are some highlighted features listed on the store:

  • Full episode viewing when you authenticate with your cable or satellite provider
  • Special clips, interviews, and behind-the-scenes video from your favorite CNBC Prime shows
  • Program guide
  • Share what you're watching with your social networks


Give it a download and let us know what you think of the app.


Reader comments

Official CNBC app brings your favorite shows to Windows Phone


Considering the size of their audience, it will be interesting to see how many are WP users and download it.

Finally - CNBC is so sour against Microsoft because of the collaboration they had on CNBC's old website. If Google or Apple do anything they get hours of free press. Anyway I'm a fan of the show none the less.

Alright, love that these network apps are pouring in quick, but where in the hell is the Xfinity TV app? Anyways, will put this app to use, love watchin Squawk Box, mainly to see how Joe Kernen will embarrass/pick on poor little Andrew Sorkin....ha

Finally! I tweeted CNBC a few times asking fir the official app. I hope it does breaking news alerts!

I'm a Time Warner customer (without choice) and I hate them, but come the F' on. So many of these official TV network apps don't allow me to log in for additional content. #Disappointment

I really wish they'd make a CNBC app like the one on iOS. That is one of the best financial information apps. The WP/Windows version is just about the shows.

Always I have seen windows Microsoft never wants to make good software for 512 mb fones and slowly they will be discarding all 512 mb fones

That's y people started downloading from windowsphonehub.com as they have put all512 mb patched files which can be deployed n played by 512 mb phone holders