Take off on a more enjoyable flight with the official El Al airlines app

El Al Airlines

El Al airlines has released an official app for Windows Phone. The app enables Windows Phone owners to gather all the information they would require for their next flight, ensuring every base is covered and there's no last minute, desperate attempt to check out details. As well as booking flights and hotel deals, the app also supports express check-in, arrivals and departures, frequent flier benefits and more, all from a Windows Phone.

Here's a list of what one can achieve with this app installed on their Windows Phone:

  • Check-in directly from your mobile phone and thus eliminate the queues and waiting time
  • Check your reservation details at any point and pick your seats on a flight directly from the application
  • View arrivals and departures in real time
  • Direct connect application with social networks.
  • Choose from a range of great deals and promotions for El Al destinations
  • Registration for preferred seat in advance that will allow you to enjoy the comfort in flight


It's good to see yet more official support for Windows Phone from the airline industry and we're sure those flying with El Al will enjoy taking full advantage of these features.

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Thanks, Rashida, for the tip!


Reader comments

Take off on a more enjoyable flight with the official El Al airlines app


Good to see more Israeli applications - but El-Al sucks, they're just too expensive and the service is pretty bad... Nevertheless, this application is nice to have :)

They forgot the 'Settings' button!!! ("choose your language and country"...). Android version is way much better! Too bad :(

Yer but the Android version keeps track of where you are flying, sends it to the Googleplex along with any identifiable information you use in the app. The apps then randomly drains your battery, and you won't be sure if you get an update on your next phone as it my be dependent on a depricated API.

But yeah, other than that, its better ;-P