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Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets updated, hopefully makes it better

By now you should know that we’re not big Facebook users around here. Hey, if everyone can critique the stupidity of Instagram, we can do the same for Facebook. Regardless, we know many of you love the service and rely on it to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. So it’s exciting to see the app get a nice 0.1 update to version 4.2 today (last update was for 7.8 in December).

Unfortunately there is no change log with this update, as it instead relies on the old update info from when the app got some Windows Phone 8 features. Also a cursory look around the app did not reveal any major new features but figuring out the labyrinth like feature-set of the world’s largest social network is never easy to begin with.

Feel free to grab version 4.2 of the official Facebook app here in the Windows Phone 8 Store and for Windows Phone 7.x users, you should be on v2.9 today. Note that this update is fresh off the presses, so some of you will only see 2.8 or 4.1 for now. Sit tight and try again later as we’re ahead of the curve on this one today.

Anyway, please let us know in comments if the app, which gets a lot of complaints, has improved at all. Fingers crossed.

Thanks, Jorge S. and Chad F., for the tip!

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Reader comments

Official Facebook app for Windows Phone gets updated, hopefully makes it better


holy crap tons of stuff happening for the MS ecosystem today! Hopefully this brings some much needed stability fixes

Still use Facebook on a probably daily basis. But admittedly through my phone I rarely use the app, usually just the OS integration

I too prefer using the integrated OS experience but sometimes like while checking in with photos or tagging friends on a checkin, we require the app.

I purposely don't use OS-integrated FB, because I don't want FB to have access to my entire contact list.

In order to post full quality photos or in an album of your choosing you need to use the app. Also tagging friends in status updates/check ins, liking comments, offline messaging, posting to groups, sharing links to groups (in fact, group functionality in general)... I could go on.

Facebook integration in WP is barebones, and that's fine. But if you're a poweruser, you need the app.


Even the App for WP8 hasn't got all the features from the Android or iOS app...

One thing that I miss is the possibility to quoting someone in a post (or a comment). 


I mean, on Facebook i can write just like this: "I'm going to the cinema today, @friend1 do you want to go"? 


But on the app I can't do that, I only can tag someone that is with me. 


And the same in a comment. 


Also I can't share something I saw in my timeline (or in another friends timeline) 


And yet the app still better than the phone integration, one thing that Microsoft should implement very quickly is the possibility to choose a list for sharing a pic or post. 

Same here...90% reliance on OS integrated fb...use the app only for viewing certain pages I follow and messages..

If they fixed the annoying habbit where it jumps to the top of the news feed after you return from going to an external link i'll be happy. 

It jumps to the top of my news feed even if I'm not returning from a link. I could be reading a status update and then POP right to the top

Finally! Now, if they would appropriately apply the Facebook filters I use for my news feed (some people post way too many game junk and useless graphics), then I would be extra ecstatic.
I can definitely deal with this though. At least I don't have to rapidly scroll through my whole news feed out of fear of being jettisoned back to the top at any time.

Pretty sure they did.  I just tried it on a few posts and it didn't jump back to the top.  Hoping this version also make the notifications more reliable too.

may hold off and see what other users say about it, I mean.. a .1 version upgrade is typically pretty minor and that FB app is abyssmal... 

The annoying bug where the content of posts are invisible until you scroll seems to be fixed (Win 7.x version)! Yay!

Why won't Facebook just give us the original iOS/Android look? Just like Twitter did. I really can't do anything with this app..tooo limited and useless. Was hoping this update will bring the new look but guess I've to dream on :'(

Precisely. I for one think we have the most aesthetically pleasing version here on wp8. Everyone I've shown it to says they're blown away at how fluid and nice it looks.

it looked nice and thats it. We're missing tons of features. no point it looking nice without the features.
Me personaly love the look, but want the features from iOS and Android version brought over.

Well this is the first update in a long time, so hopefully it means they've not got someone working on it again full time. This will be lets push out some bug fixes, and then they'll start adding missing features. Lots of good momentum for WP the last couple of weeks, good to see the platform improvements snowballing.

Microsoft run this app, not Facebook. But it will change if Facebook own it.
It's like the Twitter app, it now looks like iOS/Android, because they own itself.

Because it is using the metro design language which is far more attractive than iOS's or android's design languages. If all windows phone apps just looked like ios/android apps then I would personally be very disappointed as metro UI is beautiful.

But over coming that lack of functionality shouldn't just involve copying over the design of an app on another platform. There is no reason a "metro" facbook app can't be as functional as it's iOS and Android counterparts. 

You do have a point. Some features are missing and it does take a while for it to load. But I have to agree with everyone else it is one if the better looking FB apps, at least better looking than android/ios versions. My other substitute is Facebook Pro which has some of the functionality in it.

After giving this a test, and after waiting so long for an update, this is all they give us? All it appears to have changed is making it look like there has been no update for so long.
Its simply an on paper update meaning, it looked bad saying "last updated 15th December 2012" so they just pushed out some crap update. Doesn't appear to have added any of the features we requested.
A load of crap

They fixed the screen hopping thing too. Realize this is Microsoft. They have other things to worry about and Facebook limits what they can do with the application.

Relax. This is what you get when you have a windows phone. Deal with it that many app developers take half a year to tweak there app just a bit. I'm not saying every developer does it, but many apps are last updated about a year ago. It surprised me that Facebook actually did come up with an update before may...

The problem is this app is developed by Microsoft themselves, so it shouldnt be taking months just to do minor fixes. it took them over 6 months to fix the news feed refresh bug.

yes, that's the problem with Microsoft i think. They still didn't fixed the other storage leak too and left us with a suggestion which everbody didn't used anyway (skydrive auto-upload). But that's my point, Microsoft can be awesome, but sometimes they are very slow. Maybe because they have other important business in mind or because they wan't to deliver an good product, but still it takes way too long with updates.

Update your firmware through 'Phone Update', 'Other' storage has been fixed (by Nokia I think). Latest is 1232.5957.1308.0020

if you're just staring at the Store tile, youll have to wait a full day-ish.

Open Store, search the app that has an updated release...and you'll see it blink and BAAAM! Update please!

You think you are smarter then me hea? I am aware of the fact that the live tile of the store doesn't update automaticly and i always check for updates manually. And I did that when I wrote my comment and there was still no update. There was an update just a few moment's ago, but because there was an error code, the update is pulled from the store here. Very weird...

From what I can tell so far, the 4.2 update fixes the (rather annoying) issue of the app staying blank after the lock screen timeout. Before if you locked your phone while inside the app it would open to a black screen until you closed the app, but the update seems to have resolved that. Hopefully I'm not the only one relieved by this!

Not sure why there is so much surprise that the app is crap, its not made by Facebook but by Microsoft via a 3rd party.

You said it. It is stunning how much pissing and moaning there is about everything. Some people refuse to be happy about anything.

The part that kills me is the constant crap about MS, MS, MS! They don't do anything, they don't give use anything, they are the reason the OS is dead.

With wp 7, NODO, Mango 7.5, 7.8, 8.0, portico, GDR1, GDR2, and Blue WP is further along in maturity than any other OS was at the same points in time, and the marketplace has more apps. Keep in mind that it was released in November 2010.
I understand wanting more, and believing they should be better. But again, WP is further along than the other two were at just over 2 years in.

But hey, WP doesn't have instagram, so yeah... must be dead.

Nice to see an update. Played with it a bit but so far I can't tell what's changed. Probably just a stability/bugs update which is nice

I was able to delete my posts from my wall and my comments on the previous version, so this is not a new feature.

They fixed THE major issue I had with it.  The Feed no longer jumps to the top anymore.  If you scroll down in the feed and then tap something and go back to the feed it picks up where you left off.  NICE!!
They definitely fixed some general annoyances.  Good Job MS!

If your in a group, notifications still dont take you to the post.

Everyone mention all the other problems

Honestly, as good as I love metro, Facebook app need to lose the metro design and go with Facebook's own design. Just like what Twitter did. Just like how Blackberry recently just cloned the iOS FB app for its BB 10.
Also, I'm not going to use this unless it allows Facebook's own popular posts algorithm sorting of news feed in addition to the most recent sorting. Just hate seeing different posts in mobile and desktop. It needs to be same.

I agree to a full 100%, although its not Facebook its Microsoft who made the app. And really I like the ios/android version of the app, its pleasing to the eye and easily navigated. And really I wouldn't even call it the ios style since its the style of the mobile website just refined.

I use an app called Facebook JDB. Does everything the official app doesn't do. You can share posts, the notifications & tile counts are reliable, doesn't jump back to the top when backing out of a post. Its a little slow and has some minor bugginess from time to time but its worlds beyond this one.

Anyone who's used the iOS and Android apps knows how horrible this app is. As a fairly heavy Facebook user for communicating with my friends the lack of any messaging notifications is embarassing, and the broken OS support doesn't make up for that ommission (e.g messages not sending with no way of knowing they didn't, and if anyone messages you who's appearing offline you don't get it). 

If it's so plain and simple - please list each feature that our Facebook app is lacking compared to the iOS/Android version? 

We're not going to list over and over again the features missing. try checking yourself. you are clearly not a proper facebook user if you dont know already.

Update pulled from the marked place in Holland on my HTC 8X. It wouldn't let me download it, got error code every time. Now I even can't try it anymore, the update button is gone and the app is still on 4.1...

With the limited amount of use, I've updated it on my 7.8 device. I have yet to experience anything new, perhaps there's something hidden - but performance-wise, it's not very much improved.
Updates are always more than welcome though. Updates are awesome. :)

It loads faster and doesnt jump up anymore. Can't believe it took 5 months to fix that. The rest is pretty much its usual awfulness. Love WP. Hate that app and hate fb more for not making an official app.

Seems a bit faster, but still android/iOS versions beat the crap out of the Windows phone one.
We need new features.
And also I like the UI of the iOS/Android.

My Facebook set-up:
1) Me/People Hub: view newsfeed, post status, check in
2) <m.facebook.com> - I pin this on my screen to access my FB Groups. Much better/faster than the app.
3) FB App. My last resort for anything the top two can't handle.
This will do for now until they release a worthy app..  

Facebook makes most of its profits through mobile apps. I know the wp community is still small compared to iOS and Android, it represents only 5% of the mobile market but that'd mean a potential of 5 more % of profits for fb...Suppose they're not interested in those. Pity.

I have Facebook update my lock screen. Before the update it never changed the lock screen picture. Now, it looks like they fixed that. Can anyone else confirm this?

I noticed minor speed improvements. It no longer takes you to the top of your News Feed everytime you press "back." Additonally, notifications, messages (chat), and general News Feed loading all work much better. While not the update WP users were looking for, it's still an improvement!

And the newsfeed is still crap. I see all those stupid games people are playing, even though I have that blocked from my feed. I also still see the people that are my friends but who I don't need to see in my newsfeed, so the filter that is in effect in the browser, on iOS, on Android, in de wrappers, apps, etc still isn't available in this app :(

As long as the official app doesn't support uploaded files it's almost useless. Facebook next is a good alternative, wich adds some useful things to the touch Facebook website. And all things work great with that app. E.g. Videos, other files, etc.

ever notice showing Samsung atvi s and yes sprint will be getting it soon! Also first US carrier to get. Nice high end wp8 phone

I noticed two things:
first it doesn't jump to top of the news feed after viewing a link, image, ... unless you shake your device to refresh the news feed.
second change is on very long posts. when statuses or photo captions were too long, facebook app couldn't handle it properly, but now it's fixed.

It's a good day for windows phone :) let's hope it continues for a week at least, or a month :P

I just deleted the MS version last night on my 920 and got Facebook HD. Best alt. with no ads. I downloaded this version again and I still don't like. You still can't share anything from the news feed.

FacebookPro is pretty good too. Mimics my desktop feed filters exactly, and does everything I need it to. Almost like using the actual website in many ways. Only thing it doesn't do consitently is let you view pics at full size.

I'm not seeing the update in the store, and this app is pretty bad. I dare say it's almost worse than official apps written by Facebook themselves on other platforms. The one on my iPad is atrocious. I use FacebookPro and it's pretty good.

They have fixed the refresh bug. That would take you to the top of the page after clicking on a post and going back.

It seems to partially fix the jump to the top bug ...but it does still occur occasionally..hopefully there will be loads of updates to come just like what Twitter did with their app ...

Can anyone tell me how long the banner image has been an option? I hardly use the app except for FB messages as I just upload pictures the baked in way.

Think I may have found a fix. Before update when I would select a post of a friend either to view more or comment or like, I would select the back button on phone it would always refresh news feed and take it all the way to the latest news feed or top of the news feed list. Used to annoy me like crazy. Now it returns me where I left off. I used to hate to view postings because of that especially if I had done a whole bunch of scrolling cause I would have to scroll all the way to where I was!

I just noticed another improvement! When you chat (or send messages) through your facebook app, it shows that you're using facebook on your phone (by putting the small cellphone icon).
I'm pretty sure that it's a new thing. I had checked it several times before this update, and now it shows the cellphone icon (even for the older messages sent using previous version)

not that I use FB much but I just download it and they seemed to have improved performance quite a bit. previously it was good but still a lag here or there but now on my L920 it seems completely lag free.
for those who would like more features, review the app and mention what's missing. hopefully we'll get some of the missing features. i for one want to be able to unlike pages i've liked.

Small updates can make a big difference. Quit the whining. It's a totally different experience from when I first used it (and uninstalled it). Much smoother and doesn't jump to the top each time i come back from a external link. 

The only question is battery hogging and if they fixed it or not. 

Nothin has changed except, the notifications bug..... Whnever i used to click on world icon, it used to flicker and the showed loading... Thn i had to go back n refresh notifications... Now its not happening.... :)

Still doesn't show more than 100 comments on a status update.
touch.facebook.com is still VASTLY superior to this underwhelming app.
In fact, I have no clue why anyone would use this app when we have the FB integration and touch.facebook.com already on the phone.

Would love to get rid of this app... if only Facebook had better integration. Offline messages still seem like a hit or miss, check in is limited to just yourself, you can't access groups. I think the closest phone to being the Facebook phone is Windows Phone, but yet still likes a lot of things.

On the touch.facebook.com website you can check in other people as well. If you use that, I don't think you'll really need the app anymore.

Thanks GOD, it is not backing to top of wall page when you check any of the contents and back...like the first glimps of this update...

Notification is missing. While i'm in groups, if got any notifications from groups, when i clicked it, brings me to group page, so i dont know where my post is commented. Please FIIXXXXX.....

i think facebook app uses the screen very very inefficently. So little information. it's because of the metro style. 
More efficient screen layout is needed imo.

Every time I install the Facebook app I experience unusual and very fast battery drain on my L820. Tried three times, happened every time. So, no FB App for me :-(

1 step forward, 2 steps back. Cannot view comments in my own pictures. I get a notification but cannot see any comments. Can see comments in the people hub. Hope they improve people hub, need to be able to like individual pictures and share posts. Better support for Events and you don't need the Facebook app. How do you create a new picture album?

Under filtering of news feed, they need to add top stories option like in the web version...

Why the hell does the Facebook logo move along when you move across the panorama control? It's like they've misunderstood Metro and come up with the worst looking and most obvious bug ever! A few other apps have done this wrong too, but the Burton app gets it right.

Well at least I can check the #1 bug off my list. I'm happy to report that the super annoying jumping to the top of the news feed every time it refreshes has been fixed. I don't see any other changes unfortunately.
I still can't share posts on my wall or in messages. This is my #2 gripe.

Its good they not forgetting it... But the deep integration and everytime I want to post like a photo to my group that's where I use the app.. But other than that I use m.facebook.com and the DEEP

Maybe Microsoft should look up to fix integrated chat. It`s not working on many many Lumia phones. Either on mine... :( (My is 710 wp 7.8)  The best thing on my WP. And its not working. (Sorry for funny English, but I`m from Croatia :D) 

v4.2 still suffers from the refresh bug for me, goes to the top of the feed after i comment on a post and then go back! load of rubbish

This app sucks. It doesn't mimic your dashboard settings that you have on the web, posting comments sometimes jumps back to the home screen, you can't change who sees your posts when you submit something, and it is missing easily 50% of the features that other apps have. Shame they can't do anything to make it even remotely useful, this update was nothing more than a version bump. So what it's faster, if it can't do what every other facebook app does on competing platforms it doesn't matter. Right now, they are FAR behind everyone else, and since Facebook is integrated within the OS there's no excuse to have such a terrible standalone app to deal with. Even the FB integration built into the OS, it doesn't follow any of your desktop Facebook setting so it's no more useful than an app. Having Facebook integration and a standalone app doesn't do anything that you can on the actual website, so why even include it? I don't want to babysit yet another app to get it to work like I want. It frustrates the hell out of me to have to change my list filter back to what I want every time I open the app. I'll keep using other apps because this one is terrible. Shame.

All I want from a Facebook app is to be able to post pictures to my business page as my business. It seems with this app and the others I have tried I can post only updates with no pics. Anyone know of an app that would let me post pics to my FB business page?

Quit bitching people! It's a metro design because its a windows phone...NOT an iDevice. Get used to it or buy a damn iPhone. Pussies.

How can I solve the 83CF3105 error code of Facebook app for Nokia Lumia 820? The phone doesn't receive the notifications in real time with the 3G connection!