Save up to $100 on Facebook Portal smart displays and catch up with family

Facebook Portal Gen
Facebook Portal Gen (Image credit: Portal)

This time of year is a great time to reconnect with family, friends, and loved ones in general. Sometimes you just live too far away to do it in person, though, and that's when a smart display with a great camera and great audio can come in handy. That probably explains why Facebook has just dropped the price on the entire Portal lineup. I suppose it will be called the Meta Portal soon enough, but whatever its name becomes in the future the savings now are the same. The biggest drop is $100 off the flagship Facebook Portal smart display, which drops to $79 because of this sale. That's the best price we've seen

If you do want to use these specifically for keeping up with loved ones, then the savings are enough you can get more than one while still saving money. Send one out to your family back home. The site even lets you ship to multiple addresses for free. Just deselect "Ship all items to the same address" during checkout and it will separate each device in your cart so you can input different addresses for each one.


Facebook Portal | Save $100

The Facebook Portal sports a 10-inch HD display and is designed to "fit your home". It offers a different take on the smart display experience, while making it easy to connect via Messenger, Zoom, or other video-calling apps.


Facebook Portal TV | Save $70

The Portal TV is unique in that it turns your actual television into a smart display. There's a built-in 12MP Smart Camera along with an 8-microphone array that ensures that everyone on the other end of the call can you hear you.


Facebook Portal Go | Save $50

If you happen to be on a video call and need to move around the house, the Portal Go is perfect. This smart display sports a built-in rechargeable battery to go along with its 10-inch display and 12MP camera.


Facebook Portal+ | Save $50

If you're looking for one of the largest smart displays, the Portal+ is the place to go. There's a massive 14-inch dipslay with slim bezels and the display itself can be tilted so that you're lined up perfectly. The Portal+ also sports dual 5W speakers and a 20W woofer, providing plenty of punch in the sound deaprtment.

While not every device in the lineup is as much as $100 off, you can still save between $50 and $70 even on the Portal Go. Portal TV, and Portal Plus. That's a lot of savings, and these devices can make excellent holiday presents. No one has to know you saved! While the Portal Plus offers you a 14-inch screen and a 131-degree field of view, the Portal TV can turn your giant living room TV into its own smart display.

It really doesn't matter which one you go with, you get a lot of the best tech from Facebook right in there. That includes smart cameras that can follow you even as you move and keep you focused even when you're doing other things. The displays are also compatible with a wide number of video apps and third party software like Messenger and WhatsApp and Zoom and more. Stay connected no matter what program you're using to do it.

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