Official Time Magazine & LinkedIn apps drop for Windows Phone [Video]

We're seeing a large upsurge recently with more official apps appearing in the Windows Phone Marketplace. This is starting to mirror last June when Microsoft unleashed a torrent of official apps for the fledgling mobile OS and it looks like a similar pattern is starting to build.

Now LinkedIn and Time Magazine each have official apps to their name and we decided to take both for a tour on our trusty Titan II.

Time and LinkedIn

LinkedIn, like Facebook, is native to the Windows Phone OS allowing you to post updates and track updates from your colleagues via the People Hub. The official app augments that with a gorgeous Metro inspired design and allows more in depth functionality, including management of messages, search for new potential contacts, sending out invites, managing groups. What's more it also has a moderately configurable Live Tile and push notifications. Overall, a solid offering.

Likewise, Time Magazine has an official app to its name as well. The app is also top quality with fast loading, nicely laid out text, smooth transitions, social sharing, video streaming of stories and photo galleries. That app has a Live Tile (latest image) and push notifications presumably for "breaking" stories.

You can pick up the LinkedIn app here in the Marketplace and the Time Mobile app here for free. See also this week's The Daily Beast official app.

Oh and we've heard a certain Wall Street Journal official app is right around the corner. You heard it here first.

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Official Time Magazine & LinkedIn apps drop for Windows Phone [Video]


Between these apps, Viber and the Daily Beast/Newsweek, it's been an exciting week. Can't wait for the Chase Mobile,Path and Angry Birds Space!

I was kind of throw off because the Time app is published by a third party, "ti media publishing" so I guess this is normal. For a minute I though this was a unofficial app, but maybe that's Time Magazines father company, or who they contracted to do the app. Does anybody have any information on this?

I'm only missing Audible now. As soon as Audible release a WP7 app I won't need to use my Samsung S2 for anything apart for gaming and navigation.

The official ESPN Cricinfo app is also out, for fellow cricket fans in Asia, Aus/NZ, UK & elsewhere.  Also good to know that official Audible, PayPal and Wall Street Journal apps are on the way. I hope we see official apps for BBC News, Al Jazeera English & Fox Business, that would complete the news app set available to WP users.

Also, still hoping for an official RBC bank :(

these are both very well done.  the linkedin app is especially good looking.  can't wait for a chase banking app. and instagram and draw something would be nice, too!

i just need a Southwest app and I've got everything I need.  I tried this LinkedIn app, but really the built in LinkedIn support does about everything I need. 

The LinkedIn app is sweet.  Read and write messages, send invites, check out who's been checking you out and more.  Most impressive - LinkendIn turned the status bar notifications BLUE! How cool is that?  Can we get that as a feature in Apollo, pretty please?

This is great news. The main app I miss from my iPhone is the wall street journal app. Its nice to have an official linked in app too.

wf.com is Wells Fargo's mobile site in case you don't know. Works just fine, though I'd prefer a native app.

Just ditch Pandora, too many alternatives that are as good or better now.  iHeartradio, Slacker, etc...  Unless you are a paying subscriber, but even then, these others offer the same service for similar price.  Just my opinion on the matter of course.

Wow the linked in app is beautiful. Im gonna actually use their service now. I've hardly used it until now because of how clunky the website is. Great app

Wooooo Linkedin and the time, that's great. Now waiting for Instagram and the Update of the Facebook to 2.5

Just downloaded time mobile.  It runs great on my Lumia 900 but the tile doesn't update for some reason. 

Microsoft is going to have to increase the Background Task limit from 9 to something much higher (like15+) to support all of these Live Tile Updates. Yes, I know you can have 30 Live Tiles, but if most require a Background Task, well forget about it.
Or better yet, these big players should be investing in some servers so they can push updates and leave the Background Tasks for those small Developers who can't justify the cost with only a few thousand downloads.
Actually when Background Tasks were first announced, that's what I though would happen. But since Mango, I can't think of a single new app that uses a push server. SportsScores and ProSportsScores still do though. Don't know of any others.

Thank goodness for the new LinkedIn app.  As much as I appreciated IN+ and Link2In, they just weren't up to par with the official app on iOS ect.

Let's also keep in mind that the official CNN app should be available to all non-Nokia WP7 owners in a couple of weeks. I love to see the apps that are starting to become available for Windows Phone.

Ugh. As usual, WP7 users get the short end of the stick. I have the same app on my iPad and as an exsisting paper subscriber, I can get the FULL MAGAZINE on the iPad for free by just using my subscriber info. The WP7 app is just a selection of articles, with no benefits for subscribers. So many of the columns, charts and indepth articles are missing.

Just downloaded the Time App and went to play video on a Focus Flash and it stated "Sorry We cannot play this file on your phone " ?? Anyone else ??
edit: Some video's are playing and some are not..must be the format they are in..The ones on the first video screen are not working, when I go to more, the older ones listed at the bottom are working, but, the ones toward the top are not. The format must have changed somewhere in the middle.