Pick up the Samsung ATIV S for just £199 from Expansys UK


The Samsung ATIV S is a premium smartphone running Windows Phone, but it's currently on sale at Expansys UK. Available for just £199, this is an absolute bargain for anyone who's looking for a new Windows Phone. It's the perfect time to get cracking with Samsung too as the manufacturer has started releasing regular updates for exclusive apps, as well as releasing new solutions.

Samsung ATIV S

We last looked at the ATIV S on sale at the UK retailer for £229. The device listed is the 16GB version and is unlocked, so you'll be able to insert your favourite SIM card and be good to go. If you haven't checked out the ATIV S yet, head on over and read through our in-depth review. £199 for a high-end smartphone running Windows Phone 8? Yes, please.

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Pick up the Samsung ATIV S for just £199 from Expansys UK


it's actually been available for €199 (incl. VAT) from a large number of german retailers for a while, fully unbranded and unlocked, actual price and not temporary discount. A lot of them ship in europe and worldwide. Picked one up last week after I got dunked in a pool together with my trusty Omnia 7 (rip old friend, rip)

Be careful. It seems that Samsung is NOT updating these cheaper unlocked/unbranded Ativ S i8750 variants  with the GDR2 update. We have threads going on in the WPcentral Ativ S forum and no one has received the GDR2 update with the above mentioned model.
I bought my i8750 new from NegriElectronics for $315 a few months ago-- very inexpensive but I don't believe it will be supported by Samsung with future updates.
Hopefully WPCentral will investigate this with Samsung.

"these cheaper variants" its the same variant but the price has dropped. Got mine unlocked for 180€ circa

Every Ativ S is updated. regardless of the price.
why don't you link the german shops?
It's about £170 including shipping