Pre-order the Lumia 900 from Walmart for just $49.99

Walmart Lumi 900

AT&T has switched on Lumia 900 pre-orders on their website store, and is offering the 4G Windows Phone for $99 on contract. Should you wish to be aware of another enticing deal, Walmart has the same Lumia 900 listed for just $49.99 (with a 2-year plan), saving $50 on top of the AT&T price. Available to pre-order in both black and cyan, Windows Phone Daily reports that this offer is also eligible for those who seek upgrades.

Interestingly, buying the Lumia 900 outright will set the purchaser back by $499.99--$50 more than AT&T. Should you desire the white version, do note that we expect this version to be available on April 22nd and only in-store at AT&T outlets.

Source: Walmart (black, cyan), via: Windows Phone Daily


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Pre-order the Lumia 900 from Walmart for just $49.99


I REALLY want to see the phone before I pre-order. So I call my local ATT store and the lady I talked to really bragged up the responsiveness of the phone but seemed to be in LOVE with the camera.
It was nice hearing some praise for the device and WP7 rather than being asked "Why would you want that?"....Like Verizon did.

Awesome and Verizon is not an intelligent company I don't know y Microsoft uses vios tv on the Xbox they should us someone else's live tv

So true. I really hope we start this whole "education" thing happen everywhere. I've yet to see any signs here. I've been trying to help a friend preorder his Lumia 900 on AT&T and every time he goes to the store they tell him to go Android. If I hadn't told him about the 900, he probably would not have heard about it.

As soon as I had selected "upgrade my current device" and a service plan, the price changed to $109.99.  If I selected "new service" and selected a plan, the price went to $199.99.  YMMV.

It looks like WalMart listed the screen resolution wrong. It's listed as 320/280 under the design category in specifications.

Not only that, but the early termination fee is $325 minus $10 for each month.  So really that's already a discount of $125 from the off-contract price if you break your contract immediately (though you might have to pay for the first month of service still?), and if you break your contract in say November if Apollo devices are out, then you'll only end up paying $255 in ETF for the Lumia 900.

I read AT&T's early termination rules. If you terminate your contract within the 30 day return period, you might have to return the phone and any accessories purchased at the time. If you don't return the phone, you might get charged an equipment fee up to the amount of the device.

And even if you are gonna wait a few months to cancel your contract, you still have to factor in the 70 or so bucks your paying every month for your bill.

That makes sense.  I plan to hold onto it until Apollo and stick with AT&T until then anyway, but having the option of switching to another carrier if necessary whenever that comes (and for an inexpensive price) was important to me as well.

Buy the 900!! ;p   I kid, do what you want, but the better Nokia & WP does from here the better.  I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

Tempting, but looks like I would have to completely change my plan around in order to get this deal. I'm better off paying the $100 for an upgrade through AT&T instead. $50 short term vs. at least an extra $20/month long term is pretty easy to calculate, even if it does change this from more of an impulse buy into a "slow down" buy.  Besides, I'll admit that I'm also wondering if it might be better to wait for Apollo devices, especially since MS still doesn't seem to have a decent transfer plan for data on existing phones (save games and such).

I would jump on the Walmart deal, but it looks like I'd have to give up my unlimited data plan (which was added to the account when I bought an iPhone 3G at launch). The only options that Walmart and Amazon give me are the DataPro plans, while upgrading via AT&T's website offers three additional "LTE Smartphone unlimited" plans. According to AT&T customer support, the $30/month version of this is the equivalent of the $30/month "Data Unlimited for iPhone" that I currently have (which I'm using with an HTC Surround), but only AT&T themselves offer it.  That sweet, sweet unlimited 4G data is easily worth another $50 up front to me.

Just do the upgrades at ATT so you keep your plans then call for a price match at either Walmart or Amazon. Also mention that you want your activation fee waived. Ask for it to be a credit on your bill. The reps will do it majority of the time. Just need to ask.

I per ordered my 900 earlier today and also went ahead and bought the blue bumper case and the regular blue case. I'm really excited to get the 900 shipped to my house by 6th. 

I preordered my phone at the mall earlier today.. my guy was super nice & excited about the phone :)  Went off without a hitch!
This deal sounds nice, but I'm not willing to give up my unlimited data in order to get the $49 price vs the $106.xx I paid earlier :)

The real question is, who will actually get the phone in your hand the soonest? ATT, WalMart, or Amazon?