Add some protection to your Nokia Lumia 920 with 3D printed cases

Lumia 920 Case

Should you not be familiar with Gibbage Cases, it's a home grown venture that utilises 3D printing to produce protective cases for mobile devices. We previously looked at the HTC 8X Windows Phone, but now Kevin "Gibbage" Miller has returned to our community forum with a sequel - for the Lumia 920. The above is the current design that's being produced as we speak, but Miller is looking out for someone to test the product in every day life.

We previously reviewed the cases for HTC 8X (with an awesome personalised version just for us), so we'll be interested in getting our paws on the new designs to fit our Lumia 920s and add that extra layer of protection - not that the Nokia Windows Phone can't survive some serious damage. Once the current design has been confirmed to fit perfectly, Miller will be looking for more design ideas, as well as volunteers to test the products.

You can check out the case design, fire out your suggestions, throw your hand up high for the test run, and view updates over on our forum


Reader comments

Add some protection to your Nokia Lumia 920 with 3D printed cases


i have a lumia 920 and i would LOVE to try this case!!!  it really looks great!!  Please please please

I'm wondering the same thing. The 3d printer we have makes hard plastic parts. Seems like the case would just scratch up the phone.

The printers I use uses a soft nylon that's very strong and flexable. I have had one on my 8x for 3 months and no scratches. 3 concrete drops and no phone dmg. I also put the case on and off many many times

I recently dented my 920 and I've been wanting to test one, I actually was going to get an 8x because those cases are so awesome

Yeah, I have to test this out. I would like something that will protect my phone but show it off at the same time. My red Lumia 920 is the best looking device ever made, IMO.. I'd be honored to give one of these cases a test run, and would give my honest opinion about its looks, and performance.

Its a quick temp design, the same first design I did with the 8x. There will be many more to choose from once its done testing!

Please please please! Since none of us can get a grey Lumia 920 how bout a grey case cover my black Lumia? Save me from buying a Bodygaurdz!

Sorry.  Due to the limitations of the material, I can only offer it in white as a "paint your own" option.  The dye's used in the coloring process by the 3D printers will stain your phone, and im not willing to risk someone's $600 as a test on the 920.

Did you buy the Alumide?  I have a lot of warnings all over my web page and Shapeways that said that Alumide is very brittle and for cosmetic purposes ONLY.  The white nylon is amazingly strong.  I have since removed the Alumide option.

I did buy alumide but it was when they were very first for sale, right before you pulled them down for a bit. There were no warnings then.

If everything goes well on the prototype, 2-3 weeks before sales start.  Keep an eye on the 920 forums here at WPCentral and I will post updates there.