SkyDrive to get unlimited storage

Here's some interesting news surrounding SkyDrive. The growing service has seen increased usage through Windows Phone, Office and soon-to-be apps for iOS and Android. Microsoft have been continuously pushing it to rival competitive storage solutions and are now reported to be planning unlimited storage.

Before we all lose our minds with the whole "OMGWTFBBQ?!" emotion, let's take a quick gander at the proposed storage features:

  • Unlimited storage space for all Office documents
  • Unlimited storage space for all photos
  • 25 GB of free storage for everything else

What's good? Unlimited storage for Office documentation and photos taken on our Windows Phone handsets, but unfortunately we'll have capped space for music and all other files. Still, 25GB worth of storage is more than what the average user requires. With apps for OS X, iOS and Android as well as native integration with Windows and WP I can see myself converting along with many more.

This may also confirm the integration of the 5GB "SkyDrive synced storage" for Windows Live Mesh with SkyDrive for devices added to accounts. We'll have to see when the roll out happens.

Source: LiveSide


Reader comments

SkyDrive to get unlimited storage


Sweet. Between this and the free Box.net 50GB of storage I got through my fire-sale purchase of one of those TouchPads, I'm pretty much set for life. And it doesn't cost me any subscription fees.

This is indeed great news especially docs and pictures unlimited. Cant wait for this rollout as well as mango for the focus 1.3

Been calling for this since the WinMo days, MS could have been ahead of the curve but opted to play catchup instead. Just hope the WP version isnt the poor cousin of its ios and android offerings.

it's not like apple or google have anything better, the wp7 one is ahead already by simply being integrated into the OS. so down vote for u

I'm going to up-vote him for only one reason.Skydrive DID have a beta open API for a year. MS, for some unknown reason, dropped it and stopped development. At that time, Dropbox and others gained huge marketshare that MS should have had. It was a horrible failure to read and understand the market and now MS is going back and redoing a lot of work that should have already been in place.

I hope this new unlimited skydrive allows me to upload full sized pics. Video uploads would be nice too, even if capped at 25GB. Hey MS, while you're at it, up the file attachment limit for Hotmail. Cool? Good.

But whats the point of upping the size limit in Hotmail if you can just upload the to the cloud and be able to retrieve it from anywhere?

You already can upload full-sized pics. When uploading, just hit the add photos link, then change the dropdown from "large 1600px) to "Original".

I never understood the 5GB thing. SkyDrive offers 25GB, so where does the 5GB storage come from? Live Mesh only syncs among devices.

It also syncs to "the cloud." That way if only one of your computers is on, you can still have up to 5GB of data that is available no matter what.

This is AWSOME! I use OneNote on my phone all the time. It’s good to see that I won't have to worry about storage. Thank you MS

This would be awesome, except Skydrive appears to re-size all my photos when I upload them. Becuase of that, I have to put the original-sized photo somewhere else anyway, making Skydrive Photos pointless.

I get what you're saying, automatic photo upload to SkyDrive is at a smaller resolution. It serves me as a backup, so I have no problem with that.

also if it really did do this I could understand why as upload speeds over 3G tend to be really slow even for high resolution photos.

As much as a love WP and Sky Drive. I'd be hard pressed to fill 25GB with office documents and low resolution photos.

Great! Hopefully they will make it easier to upload files from PC to Skydrive too. Like Dropbox maybe :)

Hm... does photos include video? if so, double bonus in my book :) esp if they eventually get Skydrive working right w/ HD videos uploaded from phones

I'll admit I'm not sure about the HD part, but Mango does allow video uploads straight from the phone.