Smoked by Windows Phone goes digital

Ben Rudolph and his Smoked By Windows phone movement is picking up speed. He successfully smoked the competition at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, traveled to California and we've even seen similar promotions in Hong Kong and pitting the Windows Phone against a zip line.  So far, Windows Phone has about a 95% winning percentage over a wide range of smartphones.

The Smoked By Windows Phone is even topping the charts on Microsoft's Windows Phone suggestion page requesting Smoked By Windows Phone become a featured ad campaign.  So who's Microsoft to ignore the voice of the people?

Starting today, Smoked By Windows Phone is the companies latest digital ad series. You'll see 15-30 second spots (such as the one above) scattered about the web of Windows Phones taking on the competition. You will also have a new tab on the Windows Phone Facebook page showing all the ads.

I wonder if Ben has his reservations for the 2012 Mobile World Congress?

Source: windowsteamblog; thanks to eveyone who tipped us on this!


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Smoked by Windows Phone goes digital


they might not be allowed to put adds like that on TV due to product laws.  but it be nice to atelase get it in some contries!

I finally saw the comment everyone keeps referring to. Misguided and maybe a bit inappropriate? Yes. But hardly racist. And if this is the same rodney that post over on the WP Blog, then I've had nothing but good banter back and forth with him.

And he's right. These need to be on TV. People are deluding themselves if they think this is more affective advertising.

**I wonder if Ben has his reservations for the 2012 Mobile World Congress?**
i thought the same thing when is aw the title!! lol i hope he does!!! 
if not you guys can give him a ticket from your contest :P

If I remember right from the original article ot was a handful of nexus's some iPhone 4s's and maybe one other phone. So basically WP is hangin w the best phones on the market w lower specs which is great.

I think in the original CES video the twitter integration in IOS helped the iphone tie with windows phone.
It actually makes it look better when it's not always windows phone winning and in the CES video they did see the loses as well, which made the whole thing believable  

Billions of dollars in marketing and the best campaign comes from Ben the PC guy
Microsoft should put these ads on TV as well, start saying out loud our phones are better. (Just like Apple used to do with the Mac vs PC ads, only with windows phone it's actually true)

I'd like to see some more tv ads as well. Not just a carrier spot but a Microsoft ad FOR wp. Gotta be super careful though to not sound pretentious. Apple plays that game perfectly.

How is he finding 4 star stuff on local scout?  Who is the reviewers for the local scout stuff?  Coming from a fellow wp user, this seems like an unfair test for that one.