Star Wars Cantina and Battle for Hoth can still be downloaded -but you might want to hurry

When three Xbox Live games were pulled from the Marketplace in a single day, gamers were justifiably upset. The delisted games include Fast & Furious: Adrenaline (review), Star Wars: Battle for Hoth (review), and Star Wars Cantina. All three games are based on licensed properties, and those licenses seemed to expire simultaneously. Sure, the publishers should have notified us that the licenses were ending in advance so as to reap last-minute sales, but that would actually make sense…

Good news for Star Wars fans then, as working Zune links for both Cantina and Battle for Hoth have been discovered. Neither game shows up when browsing the Marketplace, but with these links they can still be purchased. Should you buy them though? Battle for Hoth may be the worst Xbox Live tower defense game in my opinion, due to its absurd difficulty and general jankiness. Cantina, on the other hand, is a decent time-management game. It’s nowhere near as good as Sally’s Salon Luxury Edition (review) due to its short length and poor controls, but still worth a play if you’ve already finished Sally’s Salon and crave more customers to serve. Plus, unlike Hoth it’s got easy Achievements.

You can find Star Wars: Battle for Hoth here (Zune link) and Star Wars Cantina here, hidden away in the Marketplace. There’s no telling how much longer the links will work, so commence to downloading if they catch your fancy.

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Reader comments

Star Wars Cantina and Battle for Hoth can still be downloaded -but you might want to hurry


I'm such a sucker. I bought both. Hoping I enjoy them, Hoth will be my first WP7 tower defense game, so I think I'll enjoy it....assuming all those deleted game save horror stories don't happen to me.

So downloaded both trials n bought Catina works fine but, I can't buy Hoth it keeps saying can't get this info check back in a little while? Does that mean I can't get Hoth now?

Bummer, I just tried the links Paul and no luck. thank you. At least a couple people got to purchase. I was going to buy Catina.

I was able to download the trial for Hoth and buy it as well via the Zune links so you might want to try it again. Thanks for posting these!