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Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro and Surface RT all get new firmware updates

Microsoft's latest firmware update for its Surface family of tablets are rolling out today, offering a rather large update for the Surface Pro 3 along with small downloads for the Surface Pro and Surface RT models. Here's the change log for the Surface Pro 3 firmware update: Surface Pro...
Patch Tuesday: Most Surface tablets now getting July firmware updates

Patch Tuesday: Most Surface tablets now getting July firmware updates

Microsoft will release firmware updates for nearly all of its Surface family of tablets today, including the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3, which will get another update later this month. Here's the change log for the Surface Pro 3 July 8 firmware: Surface Pro Embedded Controller Firmware (v.38.2...
Surface RT

Deal alert: Surface RT with keyboard for just $179.99 (Store only)

Black Friday isn’t until later this week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some crazy good deals today. It may be a generation old and its performance at first was lackluster, but the original Surface RT has new legs with Windows 8.1 installed. Normally at this stage in a products life we...
Surface RT and Ethernet

Ethernet supports arrives for Surface RT and Surface 2 - requires some effort to get working

There used to be the days of woe when new buyers brought home their newly purchased Surface RT device, only to discover that they would never be able to hook it up to a wired network. Then, a few days ago, word had leaked on the internet that the Surface Ethernet Adapter would finally work, but...
Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT updates back on again, Windows RT 8.1 bugs fixed

A few days ago Microsoft pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update due to startup issues that a limited number of users experienced. According to Microsoft one out of every 1,000 Surface RT 8.1 updates were experience problems that bricked the devices. Microsoft took the issue head on and pledged to work...
Windows 8.1

Windows RT 8.1 mess up your Surface tablet? Microsoft has a fix for you

If you've been following news of the Windows RT 8.1 update, you'll know that Microsoft has pulled the release due to some issues that consumers have experienced while attempting to upgrade their tablets (be it Surface RT or other models from OEM partners). Redmond has now released a Surface RT 8.0...
Back to School 2013

Windows Phone Central's Back to School Guide 2013

Grab a cup of coffee and that outdated backpack, we are going to get you ready for the first Semester of classes in this special Back to School 2013 Guide. We have broken the guide down by different student types including “The Geek”, “The Artist”, “The Budgeter”, and “The Entrepreneur”. Check it...
Surface RT

Deal Alert: Grab a refurbished Surface RT for $199 (Back on!)

Update 2PM ET: Sorry, folks! With nearly 5,000 devices sold, the deal is over. Hope you grabbed one while you could. Update 2:30PM ET: And a second listing is now up, same deal! Update 2:45PM ET: Another offer, same seller: 64GB Surface RT, without Touch Cover for $199 (Thanks, Juan C.) If you...
Microsoft also dropping the price of Surface RT bundles on August 30th

Microsoft also dropping the price of Surface RT bundles on August 30th

Last night, Windows Phone Central reported that Microsoft Stores were poised to reduce the cost of the Touch Cover from the current $119.99 to a more favorable $79.99. That reduction includes all five colors and is set to occur on August 30th online and in Microsoft Stores. The price drop is...
Touch Cover

Microsoft Stores lowering Surface Touch Covers to $79 starting August 30th

If you have a Surface RT or Surface Pro and were thinking of picking up one of the colorful Touch Covers, you may want to hold off for eight more days. It has been revealed to Windows Phone Central that Microsoft is planning to drop the price on the accessory from the regular $119 to a more...