Surface RT and Surface 2 owners in the US can get up to $150 off the Surface 3 with trade-in offer

If you still own a Surface RT and/or a Surface 2 in good working condition, and you live in the US, you can get up to $150 off a new Surface 3. Microsoft is currently running a promotion that offers those users an online code that can be used for a discount for the Surface 3 if they trade in their older model.

The trade-in deal starts with a website where owners of the Surface RT and Surface 2 fill out a form, which will determine the amount they will receive through the promo code based on the condition of their tablet. Here is what's needed to be eligible:

"To be eligible for trade-in, product must power on battery must hold charge and not be required to be plugged in to operate, and be in fully functional, working condition without broken/missing components, cracked display/housing, liquid damage, modification(s) or have device warranty seal broken to be considered working. Cannot be password protected, and include original chargers/accessories. Any appraised value will be determined at trade-in and provided as a Microsoft online store redemption code and is valid online only.

Owners must trade in their older tablet by May 31 and the online redemption code that they receive must be used by June 30.

Source: Microsoft

  • Any word on this deal coming to other countries? It makes it far easier to justify the upgrade from a surface 2 with this discount
  • Hopefully the trade in comes to Canada.
  • I guess India England Brazil
  • Better than nothing I guess :P, the fact that the 1st gen surface is included is not surprising and is a great move imo. So need these trade-ins outside the US... that would go along way.
  • Why is the fact the 1st gen not being included a 'great' move?  Seems like they'd be trying to move anyone to newer/modern hardward would be good for everyone involved.
  • Read his comment carefully again. I made the same mistake as you.
  • You're right...reading too fast... BUT if you check the actual article, plus look at the site itself, they do NOT include the SP1, only the RT, Surface 2 and Surface 2 w/ 4G So I guess the question is where does he see the SP1 is included?  They do show a grid where you can find out what model you have but as for the actual trade in.  it's not shown.
  • When he refers to '1st gen surface' I think he means RT. Both RT and SP1 are 1st gen surfaces. 
  • @Bluehm, yup I was referring to the Surface RT when I said "1st gen Surface", :). If I was referring to the surface pro, would have said surface pro. I dislike using the RT moniker as it is just wrong lol. RT to me stands for "Run Time" and that environment hasn't been discontinued.
  • He never said Pro. Just surface, as in Surface RT.
  • Yup.
  • Re-read.  He said "the fact that the 1st gen surface is included...".  Keywords = IS INCLUDED
  • Cheers :).
  • $200 and bundle the new type cover and I'd consider it. Then again I really wish MS would announce their update plans for RT already!!!
  • With RT effectively dead, I wouldn't expect much. I think their "upgrade plans" for RT is this discount on the Suface 3.
  • They have said all surfaces will get windows 10. They just haven't said in what capacity.
  • They didn't say that all the surface's will get W10. RT will get something similar to what 7.8 was for WP7. Some features, but not the new OS.
  • i don't believe they did... what they said was that all Windows 7 and 8.1 devices would get windows 10, WindowsRT devices would get an update of some sort but no indication what that would be
  • Saying RT is dead is like saying Windows 8.1 is also dead. My Surface 2 got a ton of updates recently so they are still supporting it. I just want to know if any features from 10 are coming to RT.
  • When we say RT is dead, it means no new device will be coming in future with RT. Current RT devices will be supported to 2017. So yes, you will continue to get updates till 2017.
  • However, doesn't mean that future apps will work so it could just very well be dead.
  • Dead = No future. No new products. It's like being on a dead end road. Yeah, you may go a another mile, but the end is nigh.
  • If it runs new apps, it will far outlive the hardware it runs on.
  • You'll mostly get the tablet version of the OS that they previewed at build. But that's just my guess.
  • My guess is that they will allow you to install the version of W10 for 7" and below. So the "phone" version will become the new RT.
  • That would perhaps be a good option but RT users will have to consider that they lose full MS Office.
    Still, it would be great if those users at least get a choice. This coming from a non-RT user.
  • Actually they won't lose full Office because full Office will run on a phone. The did a demo at Build showing Office on various form factors, including running a phone on a large monitor using Continuum.
  • That isn't full Office. Phones and tablets will be able to download the touch variants but those aren't as full featured as the Office currently on RT, which some may prefer. 
    Build showed that certain (next gen) phones will have the ability to run universal Office (a.k.a Office for mobile) in such a manner via continuumin. For Continuum to work like that it needs next gen hardware that isn't currently available. However mirroring may be an option to certain current gen phones/tablets. 
  • Nothing for the Nokia 2520? Although based on how Windows 10 works on tablets RT is looking better by the day.
  • The 2520 crowd doesn't exist to Microsoft...
  • if that proves to be true my upgrade cycle will go from every 12 to 18 months to... when it dies i'll consider another
  • Lol $100 for RT (32gb) with type cover... They only offered $85 last month towards a SP3
  • The type cover doesn't change the value. So don't trade it in. The only required accessory is the power adapter.
  • I see that now... I honestly have no use for it without the surface so they can just have it. Assuming i actually send it in lol  
  • Old type cover won't exactly fit as a cover but would still work as a keyboard.
  • I'll take your type cover :)
  • Kinda disappointed surface pro (first gen) not included.  Was looking for something that would get me to move to a current /modern model but looks like I'm going to keep holding on to this thing until it dies.
  • Cause this is not a pro series device. Surface RT/2 for Surface 3. Maybe Surface Pro & SP2 for a SP4?
  • I assume that the Surface Pro has too high a trade-in value, and the Surface 3 too low a margin to make that realistic.
  • The 1st gen Surface Pro is slower than the Surface 3.
  • It calculates $150 for my 5 month old Surface 2 with or without trading in the Type Cover 2. Horsecrap!
  • Yea... "Surface RT and Surface 2 owners in the US can get up to $150 off the Surface 3 with trade-in offer"
  • EBay homie
  • That is the maximum trade in.
    Keep the cover, it won't affect the trade in value. It won't cover the screen perfectly but you can still use it with the S3.
  • Here's the quick version. Any working Surface RT seems to get $100, any working Surface 2 seems to get $150.
  • Do this for Canada also!
  • Who would be that stupid? I never trade in my S2 below 300 US. Hell, give us back the S2 and You can get the Typecover. Crazy Yanks at MS.
  • They go for less than that brand new. $150 is actually a good deal for what the Surface 2 is worth now.
  • How I wish I lived in the USA now...
  • What about Lumia 2520 owners, now since Lumia is part of MS?
  • If they would announce this in the Netherlands, i would trade my RT in immediately
  • No matter which device you have from first generation RT, with touch or type keyboard, adapter, or without, you will get $100 for it. I would rather keep it and give it to my 12 yr old. There is free office on it so why not just keep it instead. Plus its worth more to me than giving it away for $100. Mine is Surface RT 64GB with Touch keyboard. Would have exchanged it for $225 with keyboard or $200 without.
  • Totally agree.  $150 for my excellent condition 64GB + Type Cover seems like a rip off.  I could sell it on ebay for way more than that.  I'd rather just to give to a loved one since it's still a wonderful device that'll be usable for many years to come.  I would have glady traded it for $225 with keyboard and $200 without as well, and of course in the Canadian microsoft stores.
  • Trade-ins are never about getting "fair worth" for your old device. It's about the convenience of not having to deal with reselling it yourself. Just like trade-ins at car dealers.
  • I got my RT for $200 bucks two years ago, so $100 off a Surface 3 for it sounds good to me. Y'all gotta whine about everything.
  • I preordered mine for over $700. It is definitely worth more to me at home than $100. That said, I'll still but Surface 3 and pay the $100 out of pocket, while keeping my RT 64GB w/kb.
    In your case it makes sense. So just go buy it.
  • Yes, that's a horse of a different colour.  Same device, but I paid over $600 2 years and 5 months ago....what a difference a couple months make.  Love my RT, but this deal almost entices me.  I wish they took extra accessories into account, however I understand why they don't.  RT 64 gb with both touch and type cover, but it's all the same.
  • I wish this promotion could come to Europe.
  • Just give me Windows 10 for the device and I am fine...Sure I will eventually by a Surface 3. Ok - who am I kidding - for sure I will buy one - even outside the US without trade in. But I'd like to have the update to win 10 (mobile) anyways. ​ ​
  • Not bad, not bad at all.
  • Not sure its worth it, trade in my good working RT for $100 and touch cover and still end up paying $600... Not really a win
  • I would buy a surface 3 today if it wasn't for the fact that I have to buy all new accessories. I get that I is part of upgrading, its just an added expense that I don't NEED right now. I'll upgrade eventually. ​
  • The covers work with the S3, although they don't fit the whole screen.
  • Sorry but as an original "Day One" owner of the surface RT, I feel like that's too low.  It should be $150 MINIMUM, not up-to.  It's just a way to get people to look at the headline, click the link, and then find out theyll only give you $50 hoping youll just give in after all the work.  Also, for a product that is around 2.5 years old, it's a little insulting.  Microsoft promised at min 4 years support and I feel like were getting jipped by not getting a Win 10 rt support.
  • From what I understand RT will be supported until 2017, just not upgraded to Win 10. You can use Uservoice and suggest that Win10 for Mobile should be an optional upgrade for Win RT owners. Perhaps someone has already made that suggestion and you can vote them up.
  • I'm also a "Day One" owner.  My device will continue to work for several years, as it was originally advertised.  When I bought it, Microsoft never promised it'll be upgradable.  I checked the site and was offered $100.  Checking Craigslist, I'm seeing folks trying to sell them for $200-150.  Everybody knows if you want top dollar, don't do a trade-in with the dealership.  I think your view of reality is a little skewed.
  • 150 seems way to low, if u got a surface 2 64gb with type cover in good conditions
    but if its 150 for a surface 2 32gb without any cover in decent conditions, i would do it
  • It is $150 for a Surface 2 32GB... strangely also $150 for a Surface 2 64GB... and $150 for Surface 2 LTE.
  • i cant acces the site. but as i thought
    some models are woth the trade in. some are definitely not   so trade in the surface 2 32gb for 150 bucks
    sell the surface 2 type cover for 50 bucks    
  • Sales on Ebay are going for more than the MS trade in value
  • Need this in uk.
  • Give me some of Windows 10 functionality on my Surface 2. I paid for the type cover and the Surface 2 when they released about the same they want now for the 3. Why I would like to trade something that I have like new for just $150 towards a Surface 3 where I have to buy a new type cover too cause the device is a little bigger? Make no sense to me. Upgrade the software and stop being lazy coders. I'm pretty sure RT can be upgraded to a decent version of Windows 10 customized for it. If they can do it for the phones . Why can't for the Surface 2?
  • Agreed! They updated RT 8 to RT 8.1 so why not release an RT 10? I just want to know if all the new future Windows 10 Universal Apps (ported and not ported) that will come will also run on Windows 8.1 and RT 8.1. I'm hoping they will because we already have some universal store apps and Windows 8.1 will continue to be supported after Windows 10 comes out. Not everyone is going to upgrade their devices to 10 if they don't like it.
  • There is more to the Surface 3 than just a bigger screen.  As a Surface 2 32GB model owner with Type cover 2 and display out adapter, I pre-ordered a 128GB Surface 3.  It gets full windows which means I can install app store items and anything else I want, the 128GB model doubles the RAM from the 64GB, and there are already apps that are only available for desktop Windows 8.1 and not RT.  The RT version of Windows 8.1 has unfortunately been dead for a while.  Only Microsoft was championing the OS recently unless you want to include the short lived Nokia tablet.  I completely understand your frustration/anger towards MS, but a lot has changed in tech since the Surafe 2 was released in October 2013.  The non-Pro Surface was well ast due for an update.
  • I'm not frustrated with MS. I understand how evolving technology advances work. I'm more frustrated that my Lumia 830 still does not have the Denim update on my carrier and no one knows why! The problem is I really don't need full Windows 8.1 or 10 and did not want to spend $1000 on a SP3 last year or $650 or more on a S3 after buying a new type cover that properly fits the screen. I paid $300 for my new Surface 2 because that's about all I wanted to spend on a discounted tablet but also wanted it for a very secure OS like RT. It still does what I need it to do. Just wondering if future Universal Apps will run on it. If they do then I can use it for while. 
  • I'm in the same boat.  My 920 still doesn't have Denim on AT&T.  I hope they're skipping this update for all thier Lumia phones, except the 1520, because of Windows 10 coming out later this year.  I'm still pissed because I want folders on my phone.  I've had issues with cortana on the developer preview, so I stay on the general release.  however, that is a conversation for a different article. I'm worried that MS hasn't said if future universal apps will run on Windows 8, and they haven't said if Windows 8 apps will run in 10.  I bet they do.  however, seeing how Audible pulled their RT/Win8 app this afternoon I'm more worried for WinRT.  I agree with you, my Surface 2 does enough for me, but I just got my S3 in the mail and I'm happier now.  Can't wait to try out the full OS with a touch scren.
  • All I want is to be able to run new windows 10 apps.
  • MS must be F'ing kidding.  They were selling the 2 through last year (yes I purchased one) and they want to get me $150 for a $500 item.  F them.
  • Well, they could give you $0. I think it's very generous that they have this program at all.
  • You are joking right?  This another example of MS being dicks.  Started with WP7 ok change in OS but to continue sell something you know you will not support is criminal.
  • I guess like all of those Macs that Apple stops supporting whenever they decide, and every other consumer device ever made that's no longer supported. Criminal I tell ya.
  • Very true, they can give $0. And so can i give them $0 dollars. There was a time when electronics werent as disposable as they are now, and i for one have had enough of feeding the industry
  • In November 2012, my 2012 Toyota Camry SE V6 was valued at $31,000, but now it's worth $16,500. There's an updated model out and now it's nearly 50% the value I purchased it for just 2.5 years ago. My Surface RT + TypeCover was purchased for $647 after tax. There are TWO newer models out and it is 3.5 yrs. old. Depcreciated to around 80% of it's original value. Honestly. it seems reasonable to me...or are you planning on getting a great return on your Surface 3 when the Surface 6 is available in 2018? Microsoft owes your $0 for your Surface RT purchase, take the offer or not.
  • Another thing to note, TouchCover or not, it's the same value. No surprise considering how these things handle wear & tear.
  • Glad you all feel that Companies have the right to waste your hard earned money kudos to you.  The comparison you presented is basically a non issue.  Buying a new Surface 2 in December of 2014 I would have exxpected three things from MS; 1) Discount the item and the buyer takes a risk; 2) Remove the item from sales totally because it will be unsupported;3) Provide updated OS.  I a full Windows fan and only support Windows but it becomes hard to support a product that does not support itself properly.  If money grows on tress for you best of luck, I like when possible to spend my money wisely.
  • Since when does technology hold its value? Aside from the iPhone, nothing has. I wouldn't buy a used Surface RT for anything more than $125 in 2015. Your hard earned money has NOT been wasted. You ask have perfectly functional Surface RT and/or Surface 2 devices. Just because you want a new device it doesn't mean it's going to seize to function or your entitled to a ridiculous discount. You bought what you paid for. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Does this include a discount on the Pro also?
  • Damn - US only! I think that the UK not having MS stores across the country is why the offer isn't extended to us Brits!
  • Here it is for all to see: Surface RT owners only get $100 whether it is 32gb/64gb , w/ or w/out power adapter,  or w/or w/o touch/type keyboard. Surface 2 owners get $150   Assuming it is in working condition.  I know they're eager to get us gen 1 / gen 2 owners to stay loyal but there are other ways to get us to part with our money and current devices. For now, I'll play the waiting game. Not falling for that trick again Microsoft.  Nice attempt by the way. I silently applaud your sales department or whoever came up with this so so attempt to lure loyal owners to parting with our RT devices.   It is almost like a slap in the face or middle finger in different complexion depending on how you see it.
  • not if u got an surface rt 32gb   but if you own a surface 2 64gb its a slap in the face, yes ;)
    you better should keep it in that case
  • I agree and disagree with both of you.  I have the 32GB Surface 2, and yes I pre-ordered my Surface 3 128GB model.  The biggest push for me was that the RT tablets aren't getting Windows 10, and Microsoft hasn't said what features it will eventually get.  However, I'll be selling the Surface 2 and accessories on Ebay since the trending price is higher than what MS is offereing.
  • BestBuy open box here I come. No need for me to always be on the cutting edge. It is 'Murica - the latest and greatest happen all the time. Day one - first 4-6 months always pay through the nose. There are others who just like to wait or pick up a open box which is perfectly fine.  I bet they will annouce the SP4 soon and then they'll offer SP3 owners -- let me guess "up to" $300 towards SP4. Promotions like above only work if your platform is on top. Add that to the app mess / gap and you get a better picture.
  • If that's the case I would gladly give them my Surface RT + $50 for a Surface 2.
  • I only paid $170 for it a few years ago so i find the $100 pretty worth it... If i want to sped the $500 to get the 128/4gb model.  
  • Surface 2 with Type Cover 2 seem to be going for between $150-$250 on eBay. I'd say trade on S2 is good,just keep the Type Cover and sell it separately.
  • I saw the Surface 2 32GB model was trending around $189 yesterday.  I'm going to sell mine with the type cover and video out adapter as a bundle.  Hopefully the accessories being in their original boxes bumps up the price.
  • Hmm... maybe I should have taken my friend up on his offer when he was going to give me his RT. Suppose I should tell him about this deal.
  • Or just accept the Surface RT and get the Surface 3, but being a better friend is probably the best route.
  • FYI, I just spoke with my local Microsoft Store and was told they will honor the trade-in for my Surface RT tablet.  So, if you are lucky enough to have a Microsoft Store in your neighborhood, call them to confirm as you might not have to wait to mail your RT tablet to Microsoft and receive a coupon in the mail.  Instead, just bring it to the local store and get your rebate instantly.
  • You just made my day.  I'll try that.  Hopefully mine will play nice, as I really don't want to have to go weeks with no tablet as mine gets used a lot. Thanks again!
  • This pisses me off.  I pre-ordered my Surface 3, but this deal wasn't available.  However, the trending price on eBay as of yesterday was $189 for the 32GB model, and Microsoft is offering up to $150.  So I'm not too bummed out.  I'll be putting my 32GB Surface 2, type cover 2 (original box), and display out adapter (original box) on Ebay in a week or 2 once my game data is tranferred.
  • Agreed. I pre-order the Surface 3 weeks ago. I should be able to take advantage of this to trade in my original RT device as well.
  • I would hope if we contacted MS that they would honor the deal, but I'd rather get more money from Ebay buyers.
  • They probably would but I may just keep the RT around since it still works great. On the bright side, I've been playing with the new Surface 3 all day. The pen is amazing.
  • I haven't tried out my pen yet.  i went with the black one but the silver pen was a close second.
  • Trade in prices are never as good as what you can sell them for, yourself.
  • its offering me $100, i wish i had the other $400. the best buy deal was better but and i had the money at the time, the onyl problem was the device wasnt out yet and i needed my tablet to study.
  • The Best Buy deal a few weeks back was for up to $200 off but was for the SP3 not S3. I'm going to at least hold out until someone maybe Best Buy runs a better trade in sale, maybe a back to school sale later this summer when the tax free holiday sale is going on. Else I'm keeping my Surface 2. It does everything I need it to and only paid $300 for it. 
  • Surface 32GB + TouchCover (all working) Original Value: $647 (After taxes)
    Trade-in Value: $100
    Depeciation since 2011: $547 Ouch, seems like rape, but it's probably a fair deal considering Microsoft & retail stores were once offering the original Surface RT for $199 brand new.
  • You could probably still sell the bundle for close to $200, privately. Its a shame Microsoft unloaded them because it really killed resale. That hardware should be worth more, really.
  • If you paid that much, and I did, and hardly used the device then it would feel like you're being taped. I used and still use the hell out of my original RT, as does my wife, so it was week worth the price I paid and wouldn't care if they offered $0.
  • Still not worth upgrading from Surface 2. Micro USB is a deal breaker. I will never buy this device. I just hope Microsoft gets with the USB Type-C program soon or I will buy other brands that get it.
  • As I predicted (in a corner of my mind)
  • I think I will do this afterall
  • When in Portugal? ;-)
  • I'm tempted
  • UK please!
  • If Microsoft will have this trade deal here in the netherlands, i will eat my socks i have on now. Microsoft netherlands NEVER have these kinds of deals.
  • But you have miles upon miles of dikes, that's got to count for something.
  • As someone else asked, "Will it work to apply the $100 to a SP3"?  I was looking to upgrade to the SP3 and have a 32GB RT lying around.  I can only find infomraiton on it being applied to a S3.  I would assume MS would allow me to spend more on a similar more expensive product. 
  • Noice!
  • Wen in UK?
  • I did the Costo bundle for Surface 3. My RT is now fodder for my wife and toddler. RT still works well and is nice for a movie. I wish the S3 would have been what the Surface was all along.
  • By the way, ask for a discount, too!  I asked for a better deal and they quickly conceded with an additional 10% off of the Surface 3 and individual accessories.  (I ended up not pulling the trigger because the grand total for me was still over budget).  Wish I could have pulled the trigger today.  I was jealous of all the folks who were getting their units, getting a lesson, and eating free food.  - Sam
  • Just traded my Surface 2 for a 128 GB Surface 3, typing this post on the new machine. I am pretty impressed, the size is what I have been looking for. Much better to hold than my Surface Pro 3. Farewell Windows RT, I hardly knew ye.
  • Is it beating a dead horse if I complain about the outrageous cost of the type cover?  The cover really should be included in the price.  Oh well.  In another year or 2 the cost will be significantly less (heck maybe Xmas will see some good discounts).  If you want to get the hottest new products you have to pay the extra cost to be one of the early adopters. 
  • What if I don't have the original charger of my rt since it broke and I'm using an after mare one?
  • As others have pointed out, it seems to be the same trade-in value regardless of accessories or storage amount. $100 for Surface RT, $150 for Surface 2.
  • Rebate is available in Canada. Just chatted with MS Canada Store agent. You have to take your stuff to a store, but they will give you the rebate there. (Rebate has not been adjusted for US exchange rates. I.e. it is up to a max of $150CDN.