Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover issues

We've heard rumblings about the Microsoft Surface RT Touch Cover coming un-raveled along the connector. The plastic shell on the keyboard separates and exposes the connecting wires. Not a really good situation.

The separation looks as if it is caused when you fold the keyboard over behind the Surface and the plastic shell is stretched too far and comes loose. If you're having problems with the Surface Touch Cover, while a roll of duct tape could fix the problem, there's a better solutions.  Here's what you need to do.

Call Microsoft's Surface Support at 1-800-Microsoft (which translates to 1-800-642-7676). You'll go through the obligatory menu options but you are heading to Surface Technical Support. Once there, explain the issues and have your original order number handy.

At some point you'll be given two options to replace the Touch Cover. There is the Advanced Exchange where a hold is placed on your credit card (for the cost of the replacement cover) and the replacement cover is sent out without delay. Microsoft will also send you a return shipping label to send the defective Touch Cover back. You've got fifteen days to return the old cover of the credit card hold becomes a credit card charge.

Microsoft Surface Touch Cover Unraveled

Surface Touch Cover coming unraveled at the connection point

The other option is to have Microsoft email you a return label that you will use to send the defective cover to them with. Once Microsoft receives the cover and confirms the warranty status, they'll ship out a replacement.

It took me about 30 minutes to get all this done but I also started out calling the Microsoft Store which in turn transferred me to product support which transferred me to Surface Support where I talked to a very nice and helpful agent, Christine, who was able to get things rolling.

If you've had problems with your Touch Cover there is a solution. It may take a few minutes on the phone to get things rolling but it's nice to see Microsoft stand behind their products.

George Ponder

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