AdDuplex, who run an exclusive ad-network on Windows Phone and Windows devices, has cobbled together their monthly stats for April, 2015.

This month, the numbers reveal some interesting trends, including in India, Indonesia, and how well BLU is doing (hint: very well). Additionally, a new Windows 10 phone has been spotted with just a few details to whet your appetite.

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Low-end and entry-level Lumias like the Lumia 535 and Lumia 635 continue to dominate the landscape, Windows 10 preview phones dip and Microsoft owns more than 96% of the Windows Phone market

AdDuplex ( have released their Windows Phone Device Stats for March, 2015. The story of low-end and entry level Windows Phones continue to dominate the landscape while new figures for India, Russia, Brazil, France, Italy, and the US reveal their unique stories.

AdDuplex runs a cross-promotion advertising network running on 5,265 different apps on Windows Phone, and the data was compiled on March 20 for this analysis.

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Lumia 535 continues to grow, Windows 10 grabs some of the market, and new mysterious Lumias are discovered

The story of Windows Phone market share within itself is now a familiar one, with budget phones abounding. Last month we saw a rapid entry of the new Microsoft Lumia 535 to many markets, including India. AdDuplex ( has now released its numbers for February, 2015, and they mainly reflect this trend.

No surprises here as the biggest gains were seen by the Lumia 530, Lumia 630/635 and the Microsoft branded Lumia 535. However, some new unannounced Lumias were also spotted, giving us a peek at next week's MWC event.

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Latest AdDuplex numbers reflect Microsoft's gains from yesterday with the Lumia 535 becoming a hit

Yesterday, Microsoft released their FY2015 Q2 numbers demonstrating year-on-year and sequential growth for their Lumia smartphones. Although selling 10.5 million phones in one-quarter can be seen as a drop in the bucket when compared to Apple or Samsung, it is rather impressive. Microsoft posted gains during a time when the OS is in transition, and no new Lumia flagship was announced.

This morning, AdDuplex, who runs a very popular cross-promotion advertising network on Windows and Windows Phone, posted their latest stats about the ecosystem. Collected from 4,995 different apps (not users) the AdDuplex report paints what is considered the most accurate picture of the landscape.

The story is the same, in many ways, from previous reports: low cost and budget phones rule the roost for Windows Phone. This time, the Lumia 530 and Lumia 635 make significant strides globally while the Lumia 535 is taking off in India.

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