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WeatherLive was recently updated to version 5.0 to add Windows Phone 8 support with includes wide live tiles with radar imagery. The good news is that with the update WeatherLive is now a free, ad-supported app. The bad news is if you want all the features of WeatherLive, you'll have to upgrade within the app.  While the new live tile feature is nice, you may want to hold off on updating though.

The layout on WeatherLive remains basically the same (except for the banner ad) with pages detailing a ten day forecast, charting daily weather trends, viewing historical graphs, viewing an hourly forecast, viewing a charted temperature trend, animated radar, local webcams, and a moon phase page.

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It's been awhile since we've seen WeatherLive get some major new functions, so it's with great joy to see version 4.0 beta making the rounds.

While the poplar weather app has grown in functionality, it has also become a little sluggish too. In addition, some people missed the simplicity of the the versions 1 and 2 of the app over the more busy 3.x. Luckily, the developer has been listening and 4.0 looks to make everyone happy. Here are the major changes:

  • Faster - the app's transitions and loading times are much zippier and more fluid
  • Theme support - With three themes, including Metro Minimalist, Metro and the new Glass, users can choose how they want the app to look
  • Animated radar - the radar map is now animated with 'pinch and zoom' built right in
  • Graphic tweaks - improved and cleaner UI

We really like where 4.0 is heading with the themes support as it will seemingly make everyone happy who has used this app in the past. The performance increase is also welcomed as the app was getting a big bogged down with the latest updates.

Look towards version 4.0 hitting the Marketplace in a few weeks. In the meantime, take v3.5 for a trial in the Marketplace or buy it for $1.49.

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Nothing like a few solid updates for some of our favorite apps on Windows Phone. First up is BBC News Mobile. We mentioned a few weeks ago they had a new beta version in the works and now that update has gone live. Changes include mostly how the app looks and speed:

  • Background Cache Service
  • Better Live Tiles
  • Faster Loading
  • Reworked GUI
  • Picture quality improvement

Definitely some nice improvements though some bugs did get into v2.9 so expect a fix-update soon to address those. You can read about those issues here. Pick up BBC News Mobile v2.9 here in the Marketplace for free.

WeatherLive has also been bumped to 3.5 with a big change to UI and information layout. It still has all the same information, including hourly, trends, moon phases, radar, maps and web cams, but you may have missed them in earlier versions due to being buried within the menu system.

Now, you can just swipe left-right and go to each section individually, resulting in a much more fluid interface. It is certainly more Metro with this panoramic view though it does veer a little from some Metro standards (font size). Still, we like the change. Grab WeatherLive here for $1.49 or free trial.

QR codes for both after the jump...

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Our favorite weather app Weather Live (previous coverage), is about to hit the big v3.0 today. This new version is for the Mango peeps out there, bringing some excellent new functionality to the Metro themed weather program. New features include:

  • Multiple locations with secondary tiles (in paid version).
  • Display location, next forecast (today or tomorrow) and alerts in the back tiles.
  • Background Agent to automatically update locations when you are on the go (in paid version).

As you can see in the video hands on above, the new tiles add some excellent options to the mix and with fast-app resuming and improved Mango scrolling, the app is better than ever. Expect version 3.0 to appear today or tomorrow. You can pick up Weather Live here in the Marketplace (both paid and unlimited trial).

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Reminder: WeatherLive v2.0 is now available

The other day we gave you a sneak peak at the all-new WeatherLive 2.0. The app received a nice little overhaul, adding new features, more customizations and push notifications for weather alerts.

We've been using it all week and appreciate that the app is still as "lite" as before with no loss in speed. In addition, seeing as we're getting some severe weather here in the Northeast, the toast notifications detailing weather alerts have worked every single time (on a Mango device).

As before, there's a free, ad-supported version (aka endless trial) or the paid version which is ad-free and has the push notifications. We think the app is great, but we'll let you decide for yourselves. Pick it up here in the Marketplace for $1.49.

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It's no secret around here that as far as indie weather apps go, WeatherLive by Hyperise is one of our favorites due it's heavy use of Metro and its simplicity. Since returning after being briefly pulled, the app has done very well for itself as it's the top selling in its category.

So we're excited to give you a sneak peak of what v2.0 is bringing as we're pretty positive it's going a long way to add all of those features that you've demanded. The app is currently in beta and should be coming out soon-ish (we'll let you know). The price is expected to go up slightly to cover the costs of the new features, but if you buy the ad-free version now ($0.99) well you'll of course get the upgrade for free.

But on to the new features!

  • Info provided by Weather Underground
  • 6-day forecasts
  • Daily and hourly forecasts with Trends
  • Radar/Webcams/Satellites/Astronomy
  • Alerts with Toast notifications
  • Shows moon when it is night and the sky allows
  • Last but not least, current temperature along with condition on the tile

And you can of course see these new features in above (you can see the "moon" and current temp) and below screenshots. We're pretty excited to get our hands on this version as it looks to be our favorite Metro-themed weather app--heck, it should be a part of the OS as a default Live Tile, but that's just us. We'll keep you posted when the app goes live. For those who want to give it a go now, the app is completely free (with ads, endless "trial") or $0.99 ad-free. Get it here in the Marketplace.

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