Thirteen new Microsoft Stores coming to the United States and Canada

Microsoft Store

Have a Microsoft Store near you? Then you're a lucky duck and get to check out some of the hottest gadgets, like the Surface Pro 3, whenever you want. Don't have one nearby? Then you might be in luck since Microsoft is looking to open thirteen new Microsoft Store's in the United States and Canada in the coming months. Read on to see if you're getting a Microsoft Store near you.

Here's the list of thirteen upcoming retail locations:

  • Chinook Centre in Calgary, AB Canada
  • The Streets at Southpoint in Durham, NC
  • Westfield Topanga in Canoga Park, CA (opens September 21st)
  • Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, TX
  • SouthPark in Charlotte, NC
  • Destiny USA in Syracuse, NY
  • NorthPark Center in Dallas, TX
  • Chandler Fashion Center in Chandler, AZ
  • Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie, LA
  • Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda, MD
  • Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, CA
  • Toronto Eaton Centre in Toronto, ON Canada
  • Woodland Hills Mall, Tulsa, OK

Did you make the cut? Sound off below if you're getting a Microsoft Store near you.

Source: WinBeta Via: Neowin


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Thirteen new Microsoft Stores coming to the United States and Canada



Apparently, Microsoft has a huge beef with Vornado which is preventing them from getting a decent location in NYC.

Colombus Circle, third floor of the shopping area in the Time Warner building. It's more or less what is shown in the picture above, but it's better than no store at all.

I find it unbelievable how much emphasis MS spends on US stores. We all know how difficult it seems to be for them to get real phone traction with the carriers compared to many other countries around the globe. I'm sure a few well placed International locations would be a much better return on investment. Apple stores are absolutely everywhere, literally.

It's a form of marketing. You market where you need it. Right now, u.s. Is worse. I get your thought process, and your correct. However, its at home MS needs the help, not abroad. Just think about it. Its like plugging leaks in a boat. Do you cover the gusher or the finger holes first?

1. MSFT is big enough to to cover all markets.
2. Asia is the highest growth market for mobile devices, along with Africa
3. In the EU, the MSFT brand is less tarnished than on the US.
4. Invest where there is strength and growth.
5. More users = stronger ecosystem.

sorry for the numericalness of my reply! Just way short on time and wanted to answer completely.

I know right. I was just thinking before clicking the link that there is no good reason not to have a Microsoft Store in Dallas. Super excited.

Hell yeah. It's about time Northpark got a MSFT store to offset the Apple store. I'm too snobby to go to the popup store in Frisco :)

I was at Northpark a week ago. It's on the lower level taking over the old Ann Taylor spot. It's a huge spot and it's a few yards down from the new larger Apple store. Matter fact I was at the Frisco Specialty Store this week and the rep told me that the Northpark store will be the largest one in Texas. No official opening date has been announced but again a rep at the Frisco Specialty Store said that it'll likely open in October. 

I didnt know there was one in Frisco. I've een stoping in Arlington on weekends while driving to Ft Worth. I'm ready for a full fledged instead of the kiosks.

I see we got some Ohioans. I'm in Dayton. Got to make the drive to Cincy for the MS store. It's about an hour or so drive. Surprised there's not one in Columbus though like in Polaris mall or the Easton. We need one in the Dayton area

Add me to the list of Columbus. Sadly we will be a while since they put one in Cincy and Cleveland...an MS store really would fit perfectly into those high class malls (Easton/Polaris) but I work in Dublin so I vote Tuttle Mall, haha.

Two full stores and one kiosk in downtown Chicago. Nothing to gripe about.  We only have one kiosk in Wisconsin.  I dont like the kiosk stores with their limited stuff.  The staff at those always seem like your bothering them whereas the full retail locations seem more helpful.

I'm sure they will be closing the kiosk but that still leaves 3 in the GTA.  Eaton Centre, Yorkdale and the mall in Mississauga (can't remembe which one).


GTA has 3 stores, that's great. Would like to see other big Canadian cities get some stores... Vancouver, Montreal. Congrats for Calgary

I had no idea there was one in square one. I avoid Yorkdale like the plague... The Eaton Centre will be pretty convenient for me though.

pretty busy last Sunday too! SP3 is awesome.... Can't wait for the i7 and docking station to replace my Lenovo helix and ThinkPad usb3 dock

I know my home of London, Ontario isn't the biggest market, but I would love for a Microsoft Store to open here. I guess I'll have to settle for the mini store in Best Buy where most of them don't know shit about the products.

Tell me about it. We have an Apple store, we need a Microsoft store now. Best buy and future shop in London is a joke when seeking out Microsoft product.

KW's bigger(& the center of the tech world in Ontario with 1 big sinking ship) but still it makes sense they target the gta though I would've preferred Mississauga.

LA and NY are gonna have how many now and Chicago still has just the two?

I'm getting tired of driving to Oak Brook, why can't they come to Orland Square already


...maybe we'll get another one around here someday.

The one we have here is always busy.

I think people just like the atmoshpere of the place.

Very clean, techy with some very sharp people working there.

I agree, I think Crabtree would have been a better location. Apple has stores at both locations, so it makes sense to chose on of the two, but Crabtree definitely has more traffic. I can only assume that they are hoping to serve both the triangle and burlington/greensboro buy putting it at Southpoint.

Was hoping they would build one on the west side of Phoenix, but Chandler could use one too. Hoping its not just a kiosk.

We have one in Bridgewater Commons I keep hoping for the Rockaway Mall so it is easy to go after work or during lunchtime, they keep saying it could happen

I hope there will be a bigger que at the Microsoft store for the Surface 3 instead of the criPad Air 2 at the Crapple store.

It matters to me because I like the services and products they have at the stores. I hope they are ultimately successful (profitable)... I want MS to do well in that space. I especially hope they continue developing Surface and Windows Phones and selling them in the stores. I realize the stores are not necessary for the devices, but they for a consumer based image of the company and the product they offer.

We need one at Eastview Mall near Rochester, NY. Upscale mall with Apple Store needs Microsoft Store.

Same here, no love for Latin America which actually is in almost every country with Windows Phone at the 2nd place of mobile OSs. FUCK MSFT AND THEIR US EXCLUSIVE LOVE. I'm done.

This. Green Hills, Cool Springs, and Opry Mills would all 3 be good locations. The first 2 have apple stores, and the third gets a ton of tourist traffic.

If anything Toronto Eaton Centre is a good idea, a very good idea. The mall is the vicinity of many of the city's tourist attractions (heck, the mall itself could be an attraction for some). I had a friend from Dubai visit and he was in awe of the Microsoft Store at Square One. He even bought for himself a Surface Pro 3!

There should be one at least in every European capital but Microsoft is too dumb and prefers to open stores in some God forsaken nowhere in the US instead.

I live in Canoga park!! Yes! I also read on this site that the one going up is directly across from an apple store! That store is CONSTANTLY packed to capacity. Hopefully it'll upset em a bit!

Another one in Arizona! Awesome! I was sick of going to fucking Scottsdale every time I wanted to grope some new eye candy.... surface pro 3... mmmm

TOPANGA!!!! I was getting tired of going all the way to Glendale for just a small kiosk. Not only that but it's way closer. Thank you Microsoft!

Why would they open one in the Chinook center in Calgary before Ottawa? Bigger city higher average income tones of traveling govt and govt related contractors would make the SP3 a big hit I would think.
Oh well maybe in the next round.

Uhhh, Calgary is bigger than Ottawa and there's waaaay more disposable income and big business money here. Plus, Chinook is the premiere mall in town, and the store is going in right next to the Nordstrom's that is opening up shortly as well. Should be a great location!

Yeah, your statements are bit off. The median income in Ottawa is 93 440, Calgary is 93 410 and the population of Calgary Metropolitan Area is 1 214 839 and the National Capital Region is  1 236 324 (StatsCan). Sounds like the two are essentially the same. Calgary has tonnes of corporate offices (2nd most in Canada) and Chinook is one of the top three malls for sales in Canada.

Calgary is bigger (per 2014 metro pop estimates) and richer than Ottawa but ms opened its store in Edmonton before Calgary or of course Ottawa. Chinook Centre is on par with Yorkdale and has no match in Ottawa.

I visit the store in Metrotown in Burnaby all the time. My daughter loves the big dance screen. The staff are great there. When I got my 1520 they helped me swap my sim online even though they don't sell the phone. Love that store.

Be carful what you ask for,t he one by me that opened by me here in Washington state in Lynnwood was a damn kiosk in the middle of the mall sorely disappointing.

Visit Redmond or Seattle/Bellview. They have some great stores. (And a specialty store in Pacific Place FYI)

Is there any way to tell if they will be a kiosk or an actual store? I went to the opening of the Alpharetta, GA store and was a little bummed that it was just a kiosk.

Another in Louisiana! Sweet is the Metairie store going to be a kiosk or a full? The Baton Rouge one is still just a kiosk though the manager said they have their eye on an open spot on the boulevard mall @ mall of LA

Ahhh come on, I know I live in a small city, but can El Paso TX get some freaking love. I hate seeing an Apple store but no Microsoft Store.

Hey what about the middle east,like maybe Jordan? C'mon we don't have a war going on(well at least for now) and its the best place here, well after Dubai and these people who have OIL which we don't have BTW,but we are nice people!OH PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!

It will be a full line store and is said to be the biggest one in Texas. i've seen the spot and it looks to be as big as the new large Apple store there if not bigger. Which is good because if you're going to have the store near the Apple store it might as well compete in size since that store supposedly on of the busiest and highest revunue Apple store in America.


I live right by the streets at southpoint! Can't wait for Aug 21st, if I get a great deal on the dell V8P or vivotab note, I might be convinced to try one out.

Come on guys at least open 2 in Australia one in Melbourne (Chadstone makes sense) and in Sydney.