Twitter acquires live video platform SnappyTV


Twitter is turning its attention to live videos by acquiring SnappyTV, a service that allows content creators to edit and share live videos from TV broadcasts quickly.

Launched in 2010, SnappyTV has collaborated with Twitter in the past, both organically and via the microblogging service's media partners (through the Twitter Amplify program) to bring video highlights of live events to the medium. In addition to sharing videos, SnappyTV also offers analytics data that allows publishers to track the social engagement of the content they share.

In a statement on its blog, SnappyTV mentioned that it will continue to maintain an open platform "or social broadcasting of live events, across a variety of digital platforms." The acquisition of SnappyTV is yet another step in Twitter's bid to provide a more social experience to users, while giving publishers a diverse toolset through which they can share their content easily.

Do you often turn to Twitter to catch video highlights of live events? If not, what service do you normally use?

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Twitter acquires live video platform SnappyTV


there's a beta ongoing, for 8.1, just not sure if they'll be changing the whole thing. I don't like the design they need to change it + lots of bugs

Not bad? Here are some :

Loading picture is slow

Favoriting a tweet sometimes showing me not favoriting that tweet

The request timeout time for the app is too low that sometimes if you have slow internet and high ping it will not load up new tweets even you are ok when browsing other website on the same internet using IE

UI need to be overhauled. Seriously.

Yeah feature parity twitter app is needed. I for one would love to be able to see a full picture without the description at the bottom.

Twitter is the new whatsapp... Update plz plz plz

And yes, I use twitter to catch video highlights of live events :)

Can't wait for the twitter app to be updated..... For gifs. Who knows when we'll be privileged enough to get an update that integrates this.