TYLT Band Car Charger, a colorful but flat way to juice up your Windows Phone

TYLT Band Car Charger

Own a Windows Phone? Own a car? If the answer to both is yes, then you need a car charger. If you want your car charger to stand out from the typical coiled chargers, take a look at the TYLT Band Car Charger.

The TYLT uses a half inch wide flat band instead of the traditional coiled, springy cord you'd find on most chargers. To add to the TYLT's ability to stand out, the charger comes in four colors.

Stretched out, the TYLT is two feet long and has an additional USB port at the top of the charger plug to accommodate another device. The micro-USB connector snaps in place nicely with both the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. It also works fine with other devices using the micro-USB port.

TYLT Band Car Charger

What's the downside to the TYLT? Price, length and storage may be issues for some. The TYLT is a bit on the pricey side at $34.95 and at two feet in length is a little shorter than the twisty, coiled chargers.  The storage issue is that you'll need a rubber band to keep the TYLT compact and not sprawled all over your glove box.  On the plus side, if you opt for a neon color, the TYLT is doesn't hide so easy in a glove box as the black coiled chargers do.

TYLT Band Charger USB Port

As far as functionality is concerned, the TYLT performed just as any other car charger would. It is nice to have the extra USB port to allow for charging multiple devices.

If you're looking for something different for your car charging needs, the TYLT Band Car Charger might be worth considering. It comes in black, blue, red and green and is currently running $34.95. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Central Store.


Reader comments

TYLT Band Car Charger, a colorful but flat way to juice up your Windows Phone


I'll take black. I've had it with the overly-coiled counterparts. Much as I stretch them out to get decent length, they all contract back to less than 2-usable-feet.

Yes, that's what's so f..... annoying!
It's been on their page like forever, but no pricing or availability anywhere.
I want it in my car, not on Nokia's homepage...

It's only available as a pre-order on mobilefun.com and has been for some time. Nokia introduces something yet doesn't release it....typical.

Only on preorder everywhere... :(
And the time between "bragging" and release are just ridiculous.
Doesn't help getting accessories years after phone release, then most have moved on...

Why would you want to hide it in your glove box? If anything, the neon color would make it much easier to find as opposed to the black color.

Obviously this would show up AFTER i purchased a stupid 2.1A charger from amazon. FML!

Anyone know what happened to the upcoming Tylt Vu wireless charging stand that was covered here a few months ago?

I've been considering one of these cables, but $35 is far too expensive regardless of how cool it looks. I can get a USB adapter for $10 and I've got a ton of spare cables.