Verizon is delivering new firmware for Lumia Icon owners using 8.1 Preview for Developers

Starting at 1 PM ET today, Verizon Wireless has started rolling out the previous 1028.3566.1417.0047 firmware for their Lumia Icon owners. The update is not Lumia Cyan. Instead, this update came out in May for those running Windows Phone 8.0, but for customers who opted into the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, they did not receive the bug fixing firmware. Instead, they either had to downgrade and get the update or wait.

Now, Verizon is letting those on the 8.1 Preview update as well.

The Lumia Icon 1028.3566.1417.0047 firmware contains two central components, including:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi Connectivity to ensure a more consistent experience
  • Roaming enhancements when traveling internationally

Furthermore, users should see a new all-red Verizon boot screen in addition to some other minor changes (the power-on bug is still present for those on 8.1). The Wi-Fi Connectivity fix addresses some issues users had in connecting up to various wireless networks, including failed attempts or slow connections.

To check to see if you have an update, head into the phone settings (Settings > Phone Update > check for update) to force a server check. Only those using the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers should receive the update as those still on Windows Phone 8.0 should already have this firmware. Details of the software update can be found on Verizon's support pages ( PDF).


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Verizon is delivering new firmware for Lumia Icon owners using 8.1 Preview for Developers


same here I downgraded a while back and got the firmware update, and then went to 8.1  The Firmware didnt fix anything Wifi Wise.  It did fit the Screen power on issue..  Well sorta it still done it every once in a blue moon..  But the Wifi Signal is Still Horrible.   It will show 0 Wifi signal but im still connected . And will be 20ft away from the WiFi Access Point. 

Hi. This article is about the Verizon Lumia Icon and a bug fixing update. Not the Lumia 520 and not about India. Thanks!

We are experiencing update euphoria. I don't use Verizon nor do I have an Icon, yet I'm excited to see the frequency of updates happening accross the board. Good on ya VZ

No but it means they want a smoth transition to it. But even though this update was pushed it still has wifi issues & still doesnt work smoothly on international service providers when data is involved

Tmobile has yet to push anything but their customers' **** in. Didn't get the 12400 update, although that may not be on them and they have no ETA on cyan.

I downgraded back when they released this the first time. If your on 8.1 wifi is still a mess even with this firmware.

No. This is the latest one, so if you got it on 8.0 and then updated to 8.1 you will not get it now since you already have it.

I was asking just in case there was something slipped in. I'm hoping that this firmware does partially prep the device for official Cyan.

Yup. Don't expect to be able to get better range (it still sucks), be able to connect to all public networks (you still won't be able to) or remain connected at home all the time (you'll still be dropped occasionally)...

Well fw cant fix what was physically screwed up ie incorrect positioning of wifi antenna. My ativ s gets a better 5ghz signal then this phone

Is that what it is? It would certainly explain why WiFi is so shitty on it. I'm still holding out hope that it can be corrected, but if it's the hardware itse;f I guess we're out of luck.

My guess is either the soc wasnt thoroughly tested since its draft ac enabled or because of it requiring an extra antenna for cdma the wifi wasnt a priority so they put it in an useless position as mentioned months ago when it was published on fcc's earlier then it should've been

Little off topic, but should I downgrade from 8.1 preview to receive the latest 8X update or just wait for 8.1?

Yes you can. Flash the OS with Nokia care suite. But the whole point of this article is that now you will get it even if you have 8.1

Where did you get the information that the problems with the Icon Wifi are hardware related?  I'm not doubting you but I would like to know where you get your information from. 

What does 1PM ET converts into India time?! 23 30?! I know this has nothing to do with us, but since all updates are all released at that time, it makes sense to just check once at that time.

You do realize that you are have to be on the internet to ask this question and that Google can answer this type of question faster than a person? Most likely, that person Googled the answer to even be able to tell you. Is it that hard to use your resources and be a little more self reliant?

Ahem, I live in a place where WPcentral app opens faster than responses in google. And, second how do you think I said it was 23 30?! I googled but I got different answers.

File this under "Surprised", as Verizon is notoriously slow...lets hope this isn't a tide over for Cyan but a prerequisite.

You say they are slow but I have gotten all but one Windows phone update before ATT users that I know.

I had this firmware already (downgraded from 8.1 to 8.0 to get it, then back to 8.1) and I gotta say it did nothing or very little for my WiFi issues... WiFi still sucks on the Icon.

It does because a they goofed on antenna placement either on purpose or mistake or Qualcomm shouldn't have released an ac compatible soc yet

you keep repeating this. can you provide proof for us? i will get another phone if that is the case. i was waiting for cyan, but i doubt that can fix faulty hardware.

As I read Verizon (and saw picture) I thought Verizon is rolling out the Cyan update for 928

i think this also adds on "in/out" arrows on the wifi & cell icons up on the status bar. my wife got this update before i bumped her to PfD. I had already updated, so didn't get it. Until today!

I'm not seeing arrows on my Icons just a little dot on the top left when there is activity for either celluar of wifi.

I see it now.  It's so small it's hard to tell unless you really look closely at it.  From a normal viewing distance it's a dot :D

Yeah - what are these new super tiny arrows in the upper left-hand corner of the cellular and wi-fi icons at the top of the screen? I'm not sure why the teeny arrows appear and disappear.

Does anyone know?

Hmmm, nothing yet. 12:15 here in Denver but past 1PM ET.

EDIT: Reading is fundamental. This was the pat update form May. Just keep scrolling, nothing to see here....

If they have taken this long to test this firmware update. We won't see cyan until Christmas.

FarStrider, are you retarded or something. The update came out for people using 8 in may. Its now July, that's 2 extra months that they spent testing this update on 8.1 before releasing it. Which could POTENTIALLY mean that Cyan is going to be in testing for a couple months.

Not necessarily. If anything it could mean it's is coming very shortly. They've probably tested the update process assuming all devices would have this firmware and for whatever reason the DP users didn't get it before, but now they want them to have it so the Cyan update goes smoothly. It wouldn't be the first time they've put out a small update right before a big one.

Updated mine!! Noticed when connected to wifi there is an arrow that appears and disappears by the wifi symbol.

Maybe they're doing this as a prep update and Cyan is rolling out shortly. Like they probably wanted to make sure everyone was on the last firmware before releasing a new one

Probably about ⅓ of my excitement for the Cyan firmware was for a fix on the Wi-Fi issue, but I didn't realize that would be part of this one instead! Needless to say, I am now ⅓ more excited about this one, and ⅓ less excited about the Cyan firmware, which I am hoping will resolve the unlock delay (⅓ more) and make the camera better (final ⅓)... For a grand total of whatever real, rational number you were thinking of when you began reading this stupid comment.

What so Verizon decided when the developers preview goes out, I thought the purpose of the app was to go around carriers

My Core Build ID is 1028.3566.1417.10241. This appears to be a much later build then the one discussed in the article. Can anyone help me understand this?

Installed update and WiFi is still wonky... After update had 4 bars and now I have none. Router is 3' from where my phone is at.

Update is nice, I noticed now tiny arrows by the cell signal and wifi signal icons showing if data is going back and forth, thats a nice little touch.

I cant say yet if the wifi issues have been fixed by this firmware, I will be able to tel in the next few days.


Hmmm... Update for phone with 8.1... Sounds like super for 8.1 to me. Sounds like an argument against "your phone has 8.1 on it so it isn't covered by warranty." As I've long said in the forums.

I installed this update priot to updating to DP8.1.  I haven't ever had any WiFi issues.  So far unpinning Cortana from my start screen has resolved the loading or resuming error message I would get that would be accompanied by the rapid battery discharge.  Thanks to the user that recommended this fix in the artcile on over heating Lumias.

Thanks for the tip on removing Cortana from the start screen,  It slowed down the unlock even if it was in a folder group.  I've not had any issue with WiFi and was even able to connect to a public hotsopt on a boat that my wife with an iPhone 5c couldn't.

Verizon takes away visual voicemail then charges 3$ a month to get it back. SCAMMERS... I'll stick with T-Mobile.

I'm confused by this article because I've had this firmware update for a while now and I went dev preview as soon as it was released. So it seems not everyone has had to wait.

I can say that Wi-Fi is little improved with this firmware update. My 928 and my wife's 8X both have far better Wi-Fi than the Icon.

Update is horrible. Made Wi-Fi worse. When I went to bed last I had full bars. This morning I lost connection and when I searched for network was found. Rebooted and was able to connect and find networks.

On the way to work I had full LTE bars and I wasn't able to connect to the network. When I went to use GPS, Cortana, and check news. Receive can't connect to network even though I have full bars and in a XLTE area. Again a reboot fixed it.

My battery life seems to be much better, since 8.1 I've only been getting through the day barely, I updated on Wednesday, right now I'm 22 hours since last charge still have 67% with an estimated 1 day and 1 hour remaining