Vodafone to stock the Nokia Lumia 925 32GB version in Australia

Lumia 925

The Lumia 925 is one the latest flagships from Nokia, sporting a unique aluminium design and other advanced features. The Windows Phone is launching globally in both 16GB and 32GB variants and Vodafone Australia will be looking to pick up the latter for its customer base. As an exclusive deal, the mobile operator will be offering the increased storage to cater for the incredible shots taken with the camera.

While the deal is time limited, Nokia were unable to confirm with CNET exactly when the exclusivity period would run out, but this does mean consumers will be able to take full advantage of the 32GB variant outside Vodafone at some point in the future. Details regarding pricing and availability have not yet been published, but we'll be sure to update you all once this information is available.

Source: CNETthanks, LMZR, for the heads up!


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Vodafone to stock the Nokia Lumia 925 32GB version in Australia


Aye, the red cover is pretty gnarly, as is the black! It's entirely down to personal preference, though it's always nice to add some colour to the design :-)

Couldn't agree more, but I'm sure we'll start to see a jump soon with larger games being published, as well as more advanced functionality requiring more space in the cargo hold.

I have the L925 on T-MO US...I do agree that 16gb sucks however the device is fantastic. the Camera is very nice the overall feel and look of this device is outstanding. I'm getting use to using skydrive "ops whatever we have to call it now" more and more because of the 16.

I've personally had no issues with space, expect when I moved from Three UK (offers unlimited data) to Vodafone (only 1GB) for my main contracted plan - Xbox Music can take a lot of space up :-) but I agree that the device is superb.

My case is that games take up too much space. But the device really is superb! I can't (ever) put it down. It really feels great in the hand. Though it sure is insulting having 16GB into this device... Especially considering it doesn't come with wireless charging built-in

There is no 16GB version! There have been rumors of a 64GB, but not a 16GB. A 16GB version would be foolish to make. People have been complaining that 32GB would not be enough for this phone.

16GB on a high-end phone is ridiculous and frankly shouldn't be on the market. Forcing that size on carriers and consumers due to providing one carrier with an exclusive for 32GB (which should be the minimum), is an insult to consumers. It's like selling a Ferrari with bicycle tires.

16 GB for music, photos and videos isn't unreasonable at all. The rest for apps, games, maps etc. I've had to remove all photos, music & videos from my 16GB device as I only have 1 GB / 16 GB free. 32 should be minimum for mid to high-end mobiles. High-end should be 32 + microSD. It's the one place that Nokia has consistently dropped the ball - giving microSD to mid to low-end phones and giving the middle finger to high-end users.

What if Microsoft sold an unlocked 32 GB Lumia 925 for around $600 US at their Stores and online. It would work with all GSM carriers and have the LTE bands. Similar to what Apple does with Iphone 5.
Would anyone else besides me be willing to buy one?

I would definitely like to see that. I'm with AT&T and haven't been on contract for over 9 months. I'm just waiting for the right hardware to come along and a 32gb 925 just might do it.

That's pretty cool, too bad Vodafone sucks when it comes to launching updates. I own a 820 and they don't seem to be updating it. Last time I bought a branded device.

Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. I have a Telstra HD7 and that was updated very frequently... but I use a Vodafone SIM so a Vodafone deal and specific mobile would be good for me. I also don't trust them to push out updates. If I could opt-in to the non-existant "enthusiast program" Microsoft announced last year then at least my fears would be alleviated...

I tell ya, if this device comes to Brazil with 32GB - which I doubt - I'll definitely switch mine!

Nokia knows that us Aussies wouldn't tolerate the 16gb model that they have offloaded stateside... Fckn ence Oz ftw

I was all gung ho about getting the 925 from TMo the first week it came out... then I came to my senses and realized that I just don't want a phone of this caliber with just 16GB of storage. Hoping that TMo US will pick up the 32GB version.

I'm getting tired with half ass support Tmobile USA is giving to our beloved Windows Phones. The 925 would have been a big hit if it had come with 32gb storage and besides, I'm yet to see any commercial for the 925. I sold my yellow 920 very cheap to get 925 and I'm already regretting it, don't get me wrong, it's a great phone by all standards and I love the aesthetics, ergonomics and everything but the storage. I'm forced to carry it along with my 521 which holds my music and some videos because of this woefully inadequate 16gb storage.

Can't wait to pick one up on T-Mobile USA even though it's 16GB. I don't put much on my phone as far as music and pics go. So I think I'll be fine as long as the storage issue is cleared with GDR2. I have a 16GB WP now and have at the minimum 7GB left at all times.

.... and Vodafone just showed T-Mobile USA how it's done.
T-Mobile needs to come out with a 32gb variant for those on their network that would like it.

Just a pity that Vodafone Australia is unreliable, looks like Telstra will get 1020 exclusivity... I'd love the 1020s camera in the 925 chassis but with the poly back replaced with alloy plate that would be my dream phone

It's acutally quite reliable.
The only problem my father has with it and his iPhone 4 is that he SOMEHOW manages to press mute and has to end and recall whoever he was calling.

It depends where you live. For me in Perth it works really well. I went over to Melbourne for a week and I was perhaps 10-15km from the CBD and reception was a joke.

Just wish Telstra picked up the 32gb one, having the 16gb one i can't fit my music on it.....so i use my 720 as my personal phone with my music on it and the 925 as my work phone...hides the works iphone in the cupboard lol