Watch live television on your Windows Phone with the official Ditto TV app

Ditto TV

Ditto TV (dittotv.com) is India’s first subscription-based Live TV and Video-on-Demand service that delivers live television, movies, and videos to your internet-enabled devices. A product of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEE), one of India's leading television, media, and entertainment companies, the service offers over 105 Indian live television channels as well as movies and latest television shows available on-demand.

While the official Ditto TV app has been available for Windows 8 devices since quite a while, the Windows Phone app finally arrived earlier this week.

Ditto TV offers popular entertainment, sports, and news channels like Colors, Sony, Zee TV, Aaj Tak, Times Now, Ten Sports and more as well as movies and latest on-air television shows in English, Hindi, and regional languages. Ditto TV is the only online platform to stream HD TV Channels such as National Geographic Wild and offer premium HD-quality content. You can also watch the ceremonies in major temples across India.

Ditto TV

The app, and the service in general, offers a seamless experience with adaptive streaming ensures quality viewing through a range of internet speeds delivering an optimized video-viewing experience. You can also start watching a video on one device, and continue and finish the same on another device. The app also features an updated TV Program Guide.

Download the Ditto TV app for Windows Phone 8 devices from the Windows Phone Store or for Windows 8 devices from the Windows Store.

While the app is free, the service requires a subscription, and there are a variety of plans for period lengths and content offerings. A month’s basic plan is INR 150 ($2.50 US), for example. Give it a spin, and let us know how you like it.

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Reader comments

Watch live television on your Windows Phone with the official Ditto TV app


Yes I got excited when I saw the notification banner and then I read the first sentence. Sucked all the air right out. Still waiting on WatchESPN to make its WP debut. It's already available on Windows 8.

If the app offers sports channels like star cricket, ten sports, etc. Then Yes we should be able to watch them. I'm more interested in their subscription packs. Rs. 150 seems fair for a basic pack (that's exactly the amount that I pay for DTH every month)

But there are not much sports channels... Just ten sports and ten action... Football WC is on Sony six I believe... So no use of this app... Also loading times are too slow... Subscription shows 9.99$ for a month... Is it because my region is set to US?

India apps that few people care. Come on, tkae serious, this is the most important site of WP on the net!

There are a lot of Windows Phone users in India who will care about these apps.

It's great to see more apps being released for more countries.

There are probably more WP users in India than in the U.S. so I don't think your "few people care" statement is quite accurate. By the way, I don't come from India nor the U.S.

Subscription is only for Live TV while you can watch Movies, TV Shows and Videos for FREE. You just have to sign up with your mobile number and start watching. BTW you get 2 days free subscription from the time of registration.

But i tried this app, it doesn't adapt to the internet connection.. I used a slow 520kbps broadband and the video was pausing so much... Also just gives a two day free subscription the 150pm

Yes, I agree about putting India in the title because it falsely put my hopes up BUT totally disagree about wasting "everyone.s" time because although I'm not from India, I was totally interested in reading it.

Hi All,

I am the Product Manager for Dittotv product and I would like to share some more information on Dittotv.

Firstly Dittotv is available in India, US, UK, UAE and Saudi region. We are also working towards making this app available for other regions as well.

When a user registers for the first time with their mobile number, we give the user 2 Days of unlimited Live TV experience. Subscription is only for Live TV.

While TV Shows, Movies and Videos are free to watch without any subscription fee. 

We have 3 subscription plan that is monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Once subscribed, users can view it on Web, Android & iOS.

I hope all of the confusion with the app not being available in US and other region is cleared off.

Would request and appreciate if the editor of this article to update the region availability information.


Not a fan of India's TV programing. I'm sure this app will be a welcomed app for those who follow Indian TV shows and news. This was a much needed app for those who are interested in Hindi TV Series