WhatsApp now available [Mango]

We published an article covering a potential release of WhatsApp for Windows Phone within 24 hours and here we are, announcing the availability. Be sure to check out the video review of the beta for WhatsApp. If you're not familiar with the name, it's a major cross-platform IM client.

One can download WhatsApp from the Marketplace, but keep in mind the app requires Mango.

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WhatsApp now available [Mango]


Just installed, runs smoothly. Could find all my contacts directly. However I think it lacks optimization. The transitions are still slow at times and the phone gets hot (meaning high CPU load) when the app is running.

Doesn't see my friends on their Blackberries. Maybe they're using a different number? I dunno; everyone's talked this app up like it's the best thing ever and it just seems like it's pretty lackluster. I can't even add anyone!

This app has the same problem as kik for me, only a handful of friends use either, much better sticking to built in FB and MSN.WP can drive you up the wall fast app switching only works from multi tasking window, if an app is open, shouldnt matter if you click the live tile or open from the app list, it should call the open instance not load from scratch.

don't blame WP for either bad dev code or ur own user error. I dont have that problem with the apps I run but then again I know to either hit back or use the switcher.

and what happens on windows computers when u click the desktop or start menu icon? it launches a new instance of the app. so it's more logical to resume to it by hitting back or going back to it in the task manager. I think iOS and android do this too but im not sure.so u fail again!

True, Symbian does this (I just installed it on my N8). Not sure how it works on the other platforms, but wouldn't this be the developers responsibility to ensure that WhatsApp is always running or at least install settings giving you the option? Anyway, I uninstalled it because it is always running (which could eat into your data if you do not have unlimited) and I couldn't determine how to keep it from constantly connecting to wi-fi. I guess I prefer to 'launch' the app when I want to use it.

Well, the Wi Fi Wizard was set to 'off' yet the app kept connecting to Wi Fi, so I uninstalled it. Besides, only one person that I know uses the app, so it isn't something that I will use as a result.

so whatsapp was born onĀ  September 24 2011 , cool , btw i am from future :D it has lot more features when compared to this basic version :-p