WhatsApp picks up another enhancing update today

If you're a big fan of WhatsApp, you'll want to head into the Windows Phone Store to go grab version 2.11.500, which just went live a few minutes ago. Like the previous update, this one does not deliver any new features exactly, but rather gains "various enhancements and bug fixes". In other words, this is some cleanup after the big update a few weeks ago.

Indeed, we've heard a few of you complain about image attachments being of lower resolution and some other oddities, so hopefully this latest patch addresses those.

Let us know in comments if 500 fixed your problems, so others can benefit it as well. Grab WhatsApp 2.11.500 here from the Store.

Update: Since we first published, the version number has changed from .500 to .504. We're not sure how that happened so fast, but the changelog is the same. Currently, the beta is at .502, so the public and beta seem to be leapfrogging each other

Thanks, Félix C., for the tip!

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Reader comments

WhatsApp picks up another enhancing update today


Sorry its soooo unrelated but how did you get your twitter icon transparent? I don't see where to change it under the options in the app

No that's something different.
You (sadly) can't turn off auto-save ;C
Although I don't know if the images shown in the "Whatsapp" folder in the pictures hub are really saved,and take up equal space as "normal" pictures... Does anybody know?

I cannot find how to check network status anymore, in this new version (2.11.x). Any hint?

That is because you are using 8.1, are you? The images are still saved in sd card > pictures > whatsapp, you can check it of file manager. The phone group it into other pictures if they are not from camera roll, screen shots or saved pictures.

I hope Whatsapp will soon offer full integration with WP8.1 (eg. showing Whatsapp under "Connect" in the people hub and showing a Whatsapp folder in pictures hub).

Isn't that fixed in WP8.1? At least if an app is completely build for WP8.1. I'm not sure, but I think they don't use Silverlight anymore.

I assume you mean beyond the small selection it currently offers.

What i'd like is per Contact Custom Tones, or for it to pull those from the Users Address Book.

Hasn't fixed issue in 8.1 with information on double-wide tile not clearing after checking the message/notification.

Shut down the static noise and I'll give 100pts, right now only 99pts. I don't have any problem with it and since last big update didnt have any)

I am not able to update .504 as its downloading and starts the installation process and then stops in between saying " attention required "

Rename your mp3 files extension to .mp4 using any file manager. Now you can send it through WhatsApp. I have not tried it but many others have reported success with this method.

nice. it finally fixed the issue with my 1020 where whatsapp will send a super super super small version of a pic i took from the camera roll. great :D

Not available in India yet.. Still at 494.. Meanwhile Adobe reader got a small update without any changelig..

The only feature many of my friends and I are waiting for is the ability to send/save audio files.

Now, I know the work around by renaming to .mp4 but

1. Its troublesome

2. I still can't save the files sent by someone else.

So please whatsapp team; bring it on!

Daniel, if you have any idea by when should we get this feature please let me know and also, when is BBM coming on WP? Seems like ages!


Still making us remove our datasense limit for us to use this app. Not a chance I'm near my limit and I'm keeping it on. Good job I don't use whatsapp but for people who do this is a killer problem.

Exactly my problem. Set mine to 300mb and whatsapp just refuses to open. No matter if there's plenty of data left or even if I've already passed the limit...

Dont know what has happened after the update. But audio media files sent/received via Whatsapp no longer play under the lock from inside the app. Anybody can help me out here - I've tries a soft reset...it worked for a while and then stopped again.

Has anyone else lost the ability to send files from OneDrive/Facebook now? The external albums have stopped showing up in my Whatsapp when I go to attach a photo etc. 

Other apps still have the ability. Not sure if it's the Whatsapp update or the new 8.1 update for APIs frm last week that've broken it. Anyone? 

for some reason...i cant update my watapp to .504 version..i am running 8.1 currently.while installing it justs cuts off and says attention required.