Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 is now available for download from the Windows Store

Windows 8.1 is now available on the Windows Store. Should you be rocking Windows 8, you'll see a banner for the upgrade when hitting up the store for some more content (see above image). Kicking off the download through the store, consumers will be able to take full advantage of new features and functionality in the latest release of Windows.

While the upgrade will not affect files and installed apps, we do recommend you back up your stuff (which you should already be doing on a regular basis). Some of the included features in Windows 8.1 are displayed on the store before you begin the upgrade. While the update is downloading, you're able to carry on using your PC until the notification pops-up that the next step is unlocked.

Windows 8.1 Store

The upgrade process for those on Windows 8 is relatively painless (as one would expect), but if you've been trying out the Windows 8.1 Preview, there are a few steps published on the Windows Blog that apply to you.

Upgrading from Windows 8.1 Preview

If you fetched the preview of Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store, then you should be able to upgrade without a hitch.

If you installed Windows 8.1 Preview by using a downloaded ISO on a DVD or USB memory drive, you'll be able to upgrade as normal (through the store), but Windows 8.1 won't activate without a valid license (since the preview didn't require you to own a copy of the final product). If you have a Windows 8 key, you won't be able to activate Windows 8.1 using the key (see this page for more details).

You'll be required to reinstall Windows 8 before upgrading, or fork out for a copy of Windows 8.1. For more information regarding the upgrade, be sure to check out Microsoft's FAQ page. Head on into the Windows Store and hit the rather large Windows 8.1 banner to kick off the download. Surface RT owners: you'll also be able to upgrade today too.

Windows 8.1

A quick side note: If you're loving Windows 8.1, Microsoft will also be hosting an IAmA chat on Reddit today with several engineers to answer your questions about Windows 8.1 (10:30am to 12:00pm - PST). After the IAmA on Reddit, the company will host a special Tech Thursday Live Twitter Chat to discuss the upgrade (from 12:00pm to 1:00pm - PST).

Lastly, Microsoft is celebrating the new version of Windows 8. Starting today for the next 8 days, the company will pick 810 random winners per day who tweet and share their new Start screen after updating to Windows 8.1. Take some screen shots and tag them with the #MyStart hashtag. Note sure how to take screenshots? Pull out the charm menu, hit the down arrow and choose "Screenshot" (or simply press the Windows + PrtScn keys)

Upgrade Link for Store (click on link with your Windows 8 PC): ms-windows-store:WindowsUpgrade


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Windows 8.1 is now available for download from the Windows Store



W8.1 RT up and running on my Surface. Upgraded from preview.
Time to update the desktop now from W8.

Installed it this morning on my surface pro. Took maybe 30minutes. Download size was about 3.5GB I recall. Went smooth. The one thing that threw me afterwards was finding All Apps. You just swipe up the whole start screen. Overall Very Very nice upgrade.

Far more efficient and intuitive way to find the apps imo. I've only ever used 8.1 preview and when I used someone's 8.0 it seemed ridiculous haha.

I'd love to know how yu managed that! I've been downloading it over a high speed WiFi connection for over 2 hours and its less than a third done.  Lots of space in my Surface's memory, so I don't know why its taking so long but it'll be tomorrow before I can execute the upgrade!

I upgraded from win7 to win8 and back to win7 where do you download win8 iso? I have win8 serial key, i want to upgrade to 8.1

Damn, I thought coming from the release preview (via USB) was going to be easier... =/ I'll try that out tonight as soon as I'm back from work.

I went to the Microsoft website and clicked on a link that took me to the store and revealed the update. Mote: Updating Surface RT from 8.1 RT Preview to 8.1 RT.

Okay, the settings just updated the 8.1 preview. But to get the real thing you gotta go to the store. It saves all your files and what not. So its not a total clean wipe.

I am from India its 17th october 6:55 P.M and when i try to open the store link for windows 8.1 update ...nothing happens no upgrade page for notification ..just the normal page of store apps(spotlight of top apps,etc). :/

I'm facing the same problem..... i click on the link provided or from windows home site, it just redirects to Store, but it doesn't show up anything regarding windows update. pls help :( .

I didn't get it at first either
There's an update you need to install before and if you have automatic update turned off you might need to install it manually. Go the Control Panel > Windows Update and search for the update KB2871389 and install it. Restart your computer and you will find the update to 8.1 thingy in the store
I'm off to install it now :D

Makes perfect sense. Your system admin wouldn't want users to upgrade and change their systems whenever they please... Unless you're abusing a vlk mak key on a personal machine... Then it's your fault. :P

I am the Sys Admin. I Installed this from TechNet from an ISO. Problem is we didn't renew it so I no longer have access to ISOs lol smh

I'm not running either of those... I have a plain old Windows 8 that I bought as a download from Microsoft. But it doesn't show for me. :(

LOL. Microsoft has made a typo on that page... the update required for 8.1 is KB 2871389, they had switched the 3 and the 8 around... no wonder I couldn't find it!

Still didn't help though. :(

I didn't get it at first either
There's an update you need to install before and if you have automatic update turned off you might need to install it manually. Go the Control Panel > Windows Update and search for the update KB2871389 and install it. Restart your computer and you will find the update to 8.1 thingy in the store
I'm off to install it now :D

Got the toast notification just as i hit the check for updates button.. good timing but not here for me in Aus yet :(

Wait. What? I am running preview through ISO download. So when the update is completed & when it asks for the license my Windows 8 product key won't work? Is that it?

You'll have to reinstall from scratch. The Windows 8 key won't (or shouldn't - we haven't tried yet) work. I'm worse off as I don't have an Acer disk for the Iconia W510 tablet. Having to torrent a disk off the net as the valid Windows 8 key doesn't like a vanilla copy of Windows 8 (something about the key not being retail).

They wonder why people download stuff illegally...

Yeah, same case with 8.1 RT They made 8.1 Pro RTM available for developers but not 8.1 RTM. So I torrented the leaked RT RTM. And they wonder why people download illegally...

If your computer came with Windows 8, pro or you picked up WIn 8 pro that you installed,  you need to reinstall Windows 8 to get the 8.1 update for free....

Ok, now I am mad. I thought that we would be able to install 8.1 from ISO and be able to use win8 key since this is a fee upgrade. Does this mean that every time I want to reinstall my OS, I have to install win8 and then upgrade? If its true, I will be disappointed. And once again, I understood this would be different, need to find the article

Purchased 8 pro last year with the serial number. Then pasted 8.1 preview over it. Now I want to do a clean install of 8.1 on a new ssd... Any suggestions?

Think of it like installing a service pack, Maybe at some point we'll get some slipstreamed ISO images but, at this point your only option is to install Windows 8 and upgrade to 8.1....Unless you want to pony up the $120 for a new version....

I updated preview to final jsut have to tell the store to install apps afterwords if your on preview it saves start screen and settings to the cloud

Microsoft has made is VERY clear you would have to reinstall WIN8 and then update if you installed the preview. Getting angry now is basically saying you did not do _your_ homework. Obviously doing a clean install from ISO would require a new key.. 

You didn't do your homework either. People actually read what they download? What are you saying?

Well.. Some people like to check the nutritional information of the foods they buy right? It's called precautions. :)

It shouldn't be Microsoft's fault people don't read the disclaimer. Nor should Microsoft not release something or make special concessions because they assume disclaimers won't be read.

Anyone installed gdr3... Have u noticed battery improvement ....?? The drain is almost near to zero .... Maybe i m wrong... Any one else observed...??

No GDR3 for Windows 8. However my iPhone seems to lag after downloading GDR3 on it via Zune. You have same issues too my friend?

How do I get this on my 5100 series nokia
Its the one with the green screen and the swappable face plates

I have 8.1 installed and running. But for some reason I am getting a watermark on the bottom of my screen. That says "Windows 8.1 Pro. SecureBoot isn't configured correctly. Build 9600". Does anyone know how to get rid of this? 

I have the same thing on mine... it worries me a bit.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Seems like something the previews would have had, but I stuck with 8 until the official 8.1 launch today.

What hardware are you using? Is it a surface, tablet, laptop or desktop?
As far as I can see, you need to enter the BIOS and find your systems Boot security settings and make sure they are set to Standard settings. If you are running Windows 8 on a system not compatible with SecureBoot, you are kinda buggered. (that's the case for my laptop, so it is still running Windows 7)

SAME ISSUE! I've seen a lot of people on the internet having issues with their MSI boards. Let me know if you get a reply for find a solution!



Radeon 7850

Ah ok. That means your graphics card bios is not a UEFI bios. For Secureboot to work, you'll need a motherboard with UEFI bios, a graphics card with UEFI bios and of course Win8 with GPT partition.
You have 2 of the 3 already. Anyway, GTX 700 series cards are UEFI ready and will work with secureboot. You'll need to contact your graphics card manufacturer and see if they can provide a UEFI bios for your graphics card.

Edit: Try to change Secure Boot Mode to Custom and see if Key Management goes ungreyed. Then try to see if you can load default keys. That's what I did for mine. And I do have a UEFI bios GTX 780 as well.

I try to load the default keys but when I do I get this error. "Secure variable update is locked down! Please restart the system and try again." Any ideas?

Just called EVGA they are sending me my UEFI bios update shortly. Hopefully this fixes it. Thanks for the help.

Once I installed the new bios update for my card I was able to turn on secureboot with no provblem and the watermark went away. Thanks for the heads up. Really appreciate it.

I have Comcast and typically get 20mbps speeds. This update is fat! Almost done though. 2hrs 15min

I went to the store, downloaded the update, and waited for it to finish.  It seems to have, but nothing else has happened.  What's next?

If you don't see the banner in the store, search for 'Run' box, type in wsreset.exe, hit [OK], close the store and re-open it YMMV.
This was from Neowin and It worked for me. Currently Applying PC settings at 3%. So far it has been 1 hr since it started updating, rebooting, updating. etc..
If it seems like it's stuck at some point, just make sure it's plugging and keep your fingers crossed.

Oh snappity snap snap. I'm not running Enterprise nor using an edition with a multiple activation key, but I'm still not seeing anything in the store. Sigh. I'll just come back from work later and check.

Update completed 10 mins ago. Loving all the cools stuff..
> New Outlook RT mail app
> Swipe up to see all apps
> Answer skype calls via the lock screen
> Unlimited tabs, tabs are now in the botton, reopen closed tabs, sync tabs, history and favs btw connects PCs.
> New Calendar update and views (up top)
> New People update and views (up top)
> Reading List and Health App
> The Store now has a new view
> New Customize options from the Start Sceen.
> 50/50 split views.......
> New personalization options, colors, palettes, etc
> New PC settings menus
Off all, I like how the tutorial is pro-active and is built-in to help you learn how to use swiping, switching between apps and etc. That's pretty nifty and a nice touch. For Tech challenge, this nice little tutorial touches can go a long way.
Before doing the update, I had 6.12Gb, I now have 13.1GB free after the I have my 64GB MicroSD card...
> You can now tell Windows to save Pictures/ Musics and videos to a removable drive by default (that's a pretty big feature there especially for people with 32GB space..)

I found the update available to 8.1 in the store about 62.3 GB. Can you explain how that size come, please ? I'm from Saudi Arabia

No need to do run just hit windows key q then type wsreset that's from 8 if on preview just type that

Still no love for 8.1 preview users? Any updates on that? I'm sure I'm not the only one... Already backup everything, ready for wiping!

but whenevr i try to open the store from the above link posted via does not have any effect.shows the noraml list of applications to install.

Why the hell is the update being delivered so slow in India?!! Three hours and only 9%. That too 4mbps speed!

I dont understand , is this only for tablets and RT/PRO ?
is this for the PC aswell ? would love if you could of had just added a little list of what really does get updated, since "windows 8.1" is SO general. 
anyway- is this for the pc aswell ?

There is no difference between Windows 8 in a tablet PRO and Windows 8 in a PC.
Of course it's also for pc.

windows web page says you wont see the 8.1 update if you are using an rtm that when the key has been used multiple times.  To get it to show up they recommend a fresh install

Really? You downloaded Windows 8.1 on your phone? Please do share screenshots and describe the method used to achieve this! lol

Downloading on my Surface RT!
Apparently Microsoft Portugal screwed up big time with the "October 18th" announcements. Then again...last time I called them I had to instruct their own employees about Microsoft products...I don't know why I'm still surprised =P

I'm on bus right now heading back home. I can't really wait for this awesome update.Thanks to Microsoft!!!

Downloading on my Surface RT now, it is 2.1GB in size, I wonder if the update file will be deleted automatically after update process completes, since I only have about 6~7GB of storage space left before update......

Downloading now at work on my Surface RT. My work internet is so slow!! Lol! Need to be at home on my Xfinity connection. :)

Downloaded . Surface pro . Went well. . But my sound levels are half of what i used to get. This is not good. Can anyone help pls???

That was uncalled for. Some people prefer the old start menu and are not crazy about metro on their desktop.
Personally, I love Windows 8 on my tablet, it's awsome for a touch screen but, I hate it for a keyboard and mouse combo, in fact I dual boot with 7 and 8, and 98% of time on my desktop is on Windows 7...

Why? All your life you are used to point and click with the mouse. Why is it different in new Start menu? Icons are even bigger and easier to hit.
Btw, now that I have Start button back I dont even notice it.. I just send my cursor to the left-bottom of the screen and click like I used to do for a year with Windows 8 lol

Downloaded, Installed and Running like a several month old dream. Love it so far.
I even get to finally use app snapping! Previously my resolution was too low, but they have seemed to broaden the scope to allow for lower resolution screens to take advantage of this now. Awesomeness.... simply awesomeness.

i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8 then back to windows 7 again i don't have windows 8 iso image, guys please help me how to upgrade to windows 8.1. thanks! i have windows 8 serial key.

Downloading to my HP Envy x2. Is it weird that I'm checking the download status every other minute because I can't wait to get my hands on 8.1? Should I see a doctor? Do penguins have knees?

Thanks. Installing some windows updates now. Hopefully that fixes it. I never set my windows update to Automatic.

I was wondering why I couldn't find the Windows 8.1 update... and then found it you update from the Windows Store and not Windows Update... 

8.1 preview downloaded and installed from the store. Now I download the 8.1 final. Install it. Error message. Getting annoyed.

Only valid licenses will get it in the store for the rest of us tpb is the way..besides update size is 3.6 gb so better off to download via tpb

But I do have a valid upgrade license which I purchased last year. I never got even the preview version to show up in my store. Maybe something is messed up in my computer.

Since you have a valid license I would suggest reinstall win 8 and then try...bear in mind win 8.1 cant be activated via your license only win 8 can be activated ....later on download it(8.1) from the store

I was able to see the update in my store after installing some missing windows updates.
But I am very concerned about not being able to do a clean install of Windows 8.1

you can never do a clean install of 8.1 only as you have a 8 license you will always have to install 8 using the legit key and then go and upgrade via store thats the only way for you mate

Actually I downloaded the official bootable ISO of Windows 8.1 last month (but never tried installing it), and have been reading some early reports that the original Windows 8 key activates the 8.1 as well. I am still waiting more confirmation on that after the official 8.1 is out.

Have no Intel drivers. Same drivers that worked in windows 7 and 8. So I'm puzzled why no longer working in 8.1