Windows Phone 8 Live

Windows Phone 8 Live Blog

We're here, live in San Francisco for Microsoft's full unveiling of Windows Phone 8. The live event kicks off at 10am PT / 1pm ET, but we're getting the live chat going early. Join in on the live blog and chat action below! You can also visit our enhanced full-width live blog at and a live video stream is also available (requires silverlight).



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Windows Phone 8 Live Blog


Damnit... It's almost midnight here! I'm so tempted to stay up for another hour and call in sick at work in the morning :P

Let the boy dream. MS kept there os secured till today something Apple & Google can't say they done by the way Android 4.2 leaked out

Go to the wpcentral website. Click on the live video link. It will ask you to install Silverlight or play in Windows media player. Do the latter & you are a cool cucumber!!

So cool - Jessica Alba in the promo vid for WP8 as 'The Working Mom'.  Explains why she has the L920 before the rest of us!

No word of Instagram. I guess it is one of those 4 top50 apps still not available on WP. FUCK. 

Fucking exclusivity thing is killing me! First the L920 and now the Ativ S "Odyssey". Where the flubber is tmo's exclusive phone!?