Windows Phone app master Rudy Huyn working on a Secret app


Rudy Huyn, one of the most well known third party Windows Phone app creators. revealed on his Twitter account this week his plans to make an app based on Secret, which connects to a social network where anonymous gossip and information leaks can be posted.

While the app is available for iOS and Android devices, Huyn revealed on Twitter that his third party app will be called 6secret, which is similar to the apps he has made for Windows Phone in the past (6tag for his Intagram app, 6sec for his Vine app). Huyn indicated that development of 6secret is almost done but he is still working on the logo, and posted an example of one design on his Twitter account.

Huyn previously announced he was going to team up with Tinder to create an official Windows Phone app for the dating service after making a third party app, 6tin. That partnership never actually took place, however, but the 6tin app is still available to download.

What do you think of Huyn's plans for a Secret third party app for Windows Phone?

Source: Rudy Huyn on Twitter


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Windows Phone app master Rudy Huyn working on a Secret app



And a reliable hangouts app (I know group hangouts won't be possible) because everything in the app store is horrible

I think Rudy should work on getting the video share function on 6tag (from the photo gallery) working first. I can't share any videos from my library :( to IG.

They rely on the recommendations of friends and family. Once they have the apps they want, folks rarely download new apps. Note "rarely", not ever.

Omg that is literally what I thought when I saw the picture lol, and now I'm disappointed :(

It did, because of the 6-second video concept of Vine. Hence, he named it 6sec, and thus his subsequent apps started with the prefix "6". Before 6sec, he made a 9gag app, which has not been named 6gag, so it started with the Vine client.

So, Microsoft is using your name only to gain numbers without your real involvment? I am sure that is going to taint your image as a developer for this community. Associating yourself with a sub-par app for your quality, is just a gamble for publicity.

No, I've worked on this app as a contractor. It's not my personal App, I've already submitted an update weeks ago, no idea why it's not on the store

I was just a developer, I'm not the designer, I didn't choice wallpapers, neither responsible of features, etc.. To be honest, I understand your point, I just do my job, the application can be improved, but I don't make decision

Its a great move (purpose, importance of the app are irrelevant), as its a requested and popular app.
Would suggest the logo to get rid of the black contour on the dog, just leave the main white image.

It's better they give us the old hub back. The app still crashes. And and a music app still shows loading resuming with the songs in the SD card to get loaded. They should get the old hub with an operating system update to us.

No, they shouldn't. The reason for them separating apps from the OS, is so they can be updated independently of the OS thus less waiting. The Xbox Music app at the moment doesn't quite meet a lot of people's expectations, but given the time, I'm sure we'll have a much better experience and forgotten about the whole Xbox Music fiasco.

tinder servers as well as snapchat servers, etc.. doesn't support microsoft push notification, can't do anything on this case

Funny, other apps has working push notifications. Seems like, if he would want push notifications there would be push notifications.

This is a waste of time.  Secret is a mess, and just got sued out of of Brazil.  Pando has shown what this app is really used for, so why pick a fight (which you know is coming about reverse engineered API's) over a piece of trash like this?

I would be thrilled to see Rudy working alongside the Xbox Music or Skype team...guess that won't happen any time soon :(

Rudy Hyun.... Is a coding ninja.... How does he manage so many apps..... Where would the windows ecosystem be without him

Use the new msging API to create a true messaging hub for SMS, FB, Google, Skype, Whatsapp.

Use the new music API to re-create the music hub and a music player that actually works and looks beautiful, like Zune used to be.

I don't get the 6 in front of all the names, they are all good apps but not a fan of the 6 in the logos or names, I get the "6sec" for vine but other than that its pretty pointless and just screams knock off on every other app

It's a lucky number for u. I hope u excel in life Rudy with the 6 branding of apps too. Windows store should recommended and display your apps too while opening the store.

I second that. Especially TVShow has been in urgent need of bugfixing and the addition of sorely needed features for way too long.

It's not like you can develop everything you want. There is a reason why no one has made a really good Facebook app yet.

I don't know y apps like snap chat so popular not coming to windows phone. I guess apple or google is really bribing them not to make apps for Windows phone or is that such big companies are being lazy to build apps for windows phone.

while these apps are doing well, they are not big companies.  many of these startups could have 5 or 10 engineers working on them, so they have to decide where to put resources.  

Too many things to brazilian justice worry, too many corruption in action around the nation and they want just block an app..
I'm tired of this justice corrupted. I'm ashamed of this actual administration of my country..

Or maybe its his thing to make great versions of official apps whose companies refuse to make an app (or a well made app) for Windows Phone. And I'm grateful for that.

I honestly don't agree with the existence of services like this. It only promotes hatred when the people whom the 'secret' is about find out. For the life of me, I can't figure out how any platform stands to gain with something like this.

A little disappointed he's working on this. Not because i want him to work on something else, but because secret is just a gossip app and the way Secret is made is very damaging to people. Secret is almost exclusively used to put people down. Other publications have shown how it can cause suicides and they showed how Secret doesn't care about that and make no real effort to prevent it. I've had friends who quit their jobs after seeing how people at their work talk about them. I guess at this point my hope is just that out doesn't get super popular on WP8.

No difference with facebook or twitter, just a current bashing, the main idea of the app is pretty cool, but they are always some dumb people...

In my opinion all his apps are working fine bug fixes are always welcome but wouldn't place bug fixes over a new app. And if he doesn't bring us the new apps who will ?!

Hey Rudy.. Not sure if u play fantasy football.. But if u do, have u considered making a yahoo fantasy football app? Since yahoo doesn't have one for windows :(

Wasn't a big fan of the 6 in the names in the beginning either but now I see it as a trademark. if you see a name like this you know there is quality behind the app.

I have a feeling that this guy I getting paid by Microsoft or secretly by the companies he copies. No one makes these apps for free for nothing. I'm waiting for him to create some cool Google apps if he is allowed

I work with microsoft on some projects, to help company to create their official apps, but I'm never paid to make unofficial apps! All apps published under my real name (rudy huyn on the store) are made my myself without external help.

I think its sad to see such a well known developer wasting time, skill and effort on a app to represent Secret. Secret was fun for 5 minutes.
But on the other side. Premium apps for WP is always welcome...

The app > appstore n play store launcher (mini emulator) so wp users can download n running all apps from other platform (ipa n ipk files)... Wp users ftw hahaha

Can you guys at least be polite when you're referring to Rudy in the comments? "Ask him to do..." "He should first..." "do this.." "do that..". He doesn't owe us anything people. Request him. Let us not ward off few devs we have got :)



An example, I was not a user of Secret.ly, I just receive hundreds of emails asking me to do it. So if I see that a lot of users request an app, I will study it

So, these third party developer apps are nice and all, but how bout we just try and get the real company to make a app? 

I think "dude" really gets lots of questions and is real busy, you should thank he's here to support WP and our community to the fullest

I like Rudy's apps more than the official ones, but while I know he'll nail this one by making a stellar app, I will not use it because I've seen how we Brazilians use Secret in totally horrifying ways.