Windows Phone disasters – 'My Nokia Lumia 920 melted last night'

Windows Phone Disasters

We have all been there. Through no fault of our own, our Windows Phones have been dropped, scratched up, sent sailing from a bicycle mount, or otherwise put in harm’s way at least once (more for some).

The latest chapter in Windows Phone horror stories comes from Windows Phone Central member abel920 who connected his loyal Nokia Lumia 920 to the micro USB charger before going to bed. He awoke to the smell of burning wires and wrote it off to someone toasting bread downstairs in the kitchen. While toasting bread in the middle of the night has happened, what generated the burnt wire smell was abel920’s Lumia 920 and charger.

Melted Lumia 920

Based on the photos in abel920’s forum discussion, it looks as though his Lumia 920 is indeed toast. Several have suggested contacting Nokia concerning the charger overheating and melting his phone. So far there have been no updates posted on whether or not Nokia was contacted and if so, their response.

Interestingly, we have never heard about issues with Qi wireless charging, which raises an interesting topic for discussion i.e. is Qi technically safer?

While this Lumia 920 has seen better days, it makes us wonder, what other Windows Phone horror stories are out there. In addition, if your Nokia Lumia has crashed and burned, how responsive has Nokia’s Care Centers been? The few times we have used them, you couldn’t ask for a better response.

Feel free to join in on this WPCentral forum discussion and share your thoughts on the melting Lumia 920.


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Windows Phone disasters – 'My Nokia Lumia 920 melted last night'



I'm not saying it's the user's fault, but I believe he swaped the housing, so if something was done incorrectly it may have potentially contributed to the issue.

I haven't installed it in the first place.. How is this a WINDOWS PHONE disaster?
its a nokia phone disaster.. How exactly is the OS responsible for this incident.
i have a Lumia 920 too.. It feels like its in its last days showing signs of ageing.. Network signal issues.. WiFi problems.. Battery life etc. Nokia care gets 5/10 they are unreliable. They ll solve one issue and cause another.

Sent my 920 to Nokia Care 3 times for faulty speaker. Each of those 3 times they changed the earpiece. Got a new 920 because Nokia Care didn't know how to fix this speaker issue :D

Lol. I had sent it 3 times too.. First i felt it was having battery drain issues.. They kept it under observation for a day and returned it saying that's normal. When i insisted it had issues by showing them battery logs and an actual drain they sent it for repairs. When it came back after 2 weeks it had deep scratches on its back. I refused to take it and it remained with them for over a month. Then i had to take it. Now second time i had screen flickering issue. Got the screen changed. Went back again cos during the second repair session they bent the flashlight pins.

So let me sum this up...

Guy opens his phone and replaces the shell/cover...
Doesn't even put all the screws back in...
Phone melts over night...
Guy blames Nokia...
WPC runs with it.

He didnt swap the shell anytime recently, he did it a while ago. the phone was perfectly fine. the only reason he cant get to nokia is because he had void the warranty when the swapped the shell.

Doesn't matter. The shell was swapped with one not made by Nokia. So its his own fault. Its like replacing a OEM car part with some cheap Chinese manufactured part. It is bound to fail sooner or cause other issues.

I'm assuming that, like my 928, there are several pieces affixed to the shell of the 920, which would mean that improper disassembly and subsequent reassembly shouldn't be ruled out. 

There is lots attached to it, its not like removing a case. Sometimes screws do more than just gold it together too.
Also, like with most things, damage could be done and take months -or more- to become noticeable.

This happened to mine. It still wirelessly charges so I haven't sent mine in yet. I wish they would just cross ship a new one and put a hold on my card if I don't return the defective one. I can't be without a phone for a week and I don't want to pay or go through the hassle of using my old wp7 temporarily. And no, my phone has not been modded.

It looks like his phone's housing was swapped (the screws are missing) so I don't know if it would void the warranty or if Nokia could do much about it at this point.

Better than hearing about Samsung WP according to people on here. The amount of news for WP is equivalent to its market share so what do you expect. At least its not flooded with Android wearable just announced right? SMH. Build is around the corner and all the news will be released.

I never argued whether this should be mentioned on this site or not, I just simply stated that this isn't news eh.

Since when is it news that someone who altered there phone and didn't put it back together correctly is now having problems.
I hope Nokia Care tells him to shove it.

Because this is the first time we hear about anything like this happening, and if you read the story, he wants to hear about customer service experience.

This actually happened to me yesterday. I think the phone was a little wet, but the phone had started to melt several times before this.

Because your question didn't contribute in any way. You would have been better to keep your question to yourself.

I had problems with a few 920's. I would just take it to the at&t repair center and get a replacement right then. Seems better than dealing with Nokia and having to ship my phone out and wait....

I am on my 3rd Nokia 928. I kept getting an issue where people could no longer hear me, but I could hear them.

My current phone, though, does flash a yellowish scrren every now and then...

Maybe it's the high brightness mode, which increases the luminance of the screen by 20 percent in sunlight conditions?

Happens with my 920 as well and seems to be the sensor that detects proximity to the face. I just move the mic closer to my mouth and problem goes away.

Lumia 920 is one of the best wp devices! Its very sad to hear that,and it should not happen with any other wp owner.

Agreed, the 920 is still the best overall WP in its class. The Icon is more powerful, but the 920 looks better and it's available for the world. It's unfortunate this happened. I wouldn't fault the phone or the user because there are so many electronic that have been burnt by charging cords...usb and others. I think the charger went bad and couldn't regulate the charging amps. Actually this is a good reason to use wireless charging. If the charger goes bad attached to a charging plate, then the plate would get damaged and not the phone.

Don't know that this counts as a horror story since the phone still works; but I've woken up to my L920 being alarmingly hot all over while plugged in overnight.

Are you using the original charger that came with the phone? I once had a problem with my phone becoming pretty hot (back when I had a Samsung Focus) when charging it with a cheap wire I bought online. Since then I only use the original charger.

Ya, it was the charger that came with phone. The phone had also slipped under a pillow while I was sleeping, don't know if it had something to do with the proximity sensor.

If you had left some background apps to run and also switched on your internet connection then it will happen like this. I had this problem once. Then on I took caution to switch off every thing while overnight charging.

I'm scared of my phone melting now. Luckily I don't charge my phone overnight as I've read that when it is fully charged you should unplug it to increase battery life.

I charge mine when I get home in the afternoon, then put it on battery saver throughout the night. Works well for me. Over charging can cause this with jus about any device as the Lithium-ion battery could eventually rupture and leak leaving a bad odor and potentionally causing a fire. I've had this happen to a UPS I had computers attached to.

While its purely assumption, I wonder if this user was using a 3rd party cable or charger rather than the one that came with the phone. I buy cheap Chinese junk too, but its always a gamble.

Also, most modern devices know when the batteries are full and shut off charging automatically. Its 2014 man, not 1994.

exactly battery tech from the last few years does this & more recent tech like NiMH even stops it from fully discharging(something the 1st batch of wii u gampads didnt do due to fault management chip)

It just happened to my phone, and it was plugged into the charger and cord that came with the phone from AT&T.  I didn't alter my phone, and it was almost dead when I plugged it in.

My 920 melted too.  The jack looks exactly like the photo above.  It no longer charges with the micro USB, but wireless charging still works.

My 520 fell in shit and somehow is working..lock button not working..and screen sorta discoloured,..u think nokia might repair? My phones not even a year old

You said it fell in shit an the screen 'sorta' discoloured?..Ever gave it a thought what it might be?..

do the numbers. how often has this happened considering total units sold? bet the percentage is negligible. I don't know what the point of writing this article was... but I do not believe it should have been written unless there was a major problem affecting many, many users.

I don't know if it was the qi charger but my flash is not working anymore and I suspect it was because of the overheating from the carger

I didn't read this thread on the forums yet, but did this person use the charger that came with the box or a different one? People say that you need to use the one they provide you, even though you can't really buy one of their chargers in a retail store...

I hope not, since it sounds like it is completely his fault.
This is why people shouldn't open/alter their phone when they don't have the ability.

Samesung will never beat Nokia at the quality.....cuz nothing else comes close over Nokia's quality.

Man you gotta talk with facts not just "What it supposed to be, because everyone says so"
My Ativ S is also pretty tough, droped it plenty of times on hard surfaces and software side, no such thing as bugs or screen problems, at least on mine.
I'm not starting a war here, I may get a Lumia in the future, but just saying

Bing it.
I haven't seen the video he's talking about, but I believe it has been proven that Samsung pays people to not only write positively about them but to also troll others. It's disturbing.

The difference: it's extremely rare for this to happen to a Nokia and Nokia will certainly apologize and give him a new phone (IF this didn't happen by his fault for messing with the phone).

Samsung on the other hand would come up with excuses and then, when they finally agree to send you a replacement, they'll also try to force you to forfeit your right to a warranty for the new device as well as force you to shut up about the accident. Go to YouTube and search for "samsung galaxy s4 catches on fire samsung wants silence"

Haha interesting :) well, don't worry I'm not a Samsung fan, I just happen to use Ativ, and I wanted to say that it's not that bad or whatever I\we hear here, and Nokia ultimate fans are kinda more agressive versus samsung or anything than Apple fans were/are so
My point with first post was kinda funny pointed at this.
Anyways if I'm honest I'd rather use LG2/3 version with Windows Phone over anything if it existed :)
Sorry for english mistakes, I hope I got the point.

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There really needs to be more facts if you're going to do a story like this. Was he using a official charger? Was it damaged? Etc etc etc. This kind if story with so few facts is exactly what WP doesn't need, it generates bad publicity for no reason.

I'm charging my phone at nights...and nothing happens....Maybe he's a samesung fan and he wants to blame Nokia.

Lol I've been using my 920 since the launch date (1.5 years) and I've got to say.. I've sent this device for repair 2 times under warranty alr.

First: A line of dead pixels on the screen.
Second: Vibration not functioning. Changed the whole motherboard.

Other than those, no other problems except one... Battery and overheating.

This phone can be fully charged before I go to sleep and kept it turned on the whole night in FLIGHT MODE and wake up with a flat battery. I've noticed the battery would drain really quickly (within 4 hours doing nothing) when the phone becomes really hot.

But I still love this phone and windows LOL

Hey I had that too, with the vibration! How did Nokia solve it for you? I sent mine for repair, and they couldn't find anything but they swapped a few parts (USB connector). Weirdly enough, it vibrates again, but not the same as he did on the day I bought it. Apparently they replaced the vibrate motor or something. (imei stayed the same, so I got my 920 back)

For a vibration issue? They didn't do that for me... But it vibrated afterwards again. How is the motherboard related to vibrations?

The charger of my 920 gets too hot. Now I am worried it would melt like this. By the way the charger and it's cable look terrible, they are decomposing by themselves. My old Nokia 5800 had its original charger for 5 years, the phone died but the charger is still perfect. I take real good care of my gadgets but the fragility of my 920's charger and earplugs has got me bummed.

I know what you mean about the charger. I've always been scared to charge my 920 for more than a hour at a time because the charger gets so hot it can even become painful to touch. I just have to let it cool down for half an hour then charge it again. Nokia have a good build quality for the phone but for the charger it feels like a monkey from another planet made it.

The article doesn't make sense.

"...who connected his loyal Nokia Lumia 920 to the micro USB charger before going to bed."

"Interestingly, we have never heard about issues with Qi wireless charging, which raises an interesting topic for discussion i.e. is Qi technically safer?"


So was the phone charged via USB or Qi wireless?  Are the Qi charging coils used by both methods?

This exact same thing happened to my cyan Lumia 920, I completely understand his pain. I took it to the Microsoft store and they looked at me like I was insane, but were generous enough to provide me with a 925 as a replacement. I just had to pay for Microsoft complete.

Why did they look at you like you were insane? What did they say and do before offering the 925? I've never purchased anything at a MS store but thought about getting my next phone there if the service is better than ATT.

The glass screen of my Lumia 525 started coming off at the right corner, within 2 weeks of buying it. It keeps coming off more by the day. Obviously the adhesive has gone weak for some reason. But when i took it to NOKIA care, for obvious reasons it was marked as "physical damage", and therefore, would not be covered under warranty. 

I love NOKIA, and their quality. Every product has bad units. NOKIA care should'nt have to give me free service, becaus it in fact IS physical damage. But the part that disappoints me the most, is how they asked for $64 for a replacement glass screen, for a $150 phone!!!! That's just insane!!

Same happened to me, the only thing is that i realized in the morning, micro usb was melted along with the cable, when i tried to separate the lumia and the cable, it was all black and burned. Im from Mexico so i took the cellphone to Telcel (major carrier) and they were amazed by the accident. They told me that for them it was my fault, but that they know I didnt do that so the next step is for them so sent the phone directly to Nokia, 1 week and a hald they gave me back my phone with a brand new housing.

What I don't like is the regional restrictions regarding Nokia Care.(I imagine other OEMs are the same) I understand the legal issues, etc. But I would love for a NA Lumia to be fully serviceable in Europe, the Middle East (Israel). Meaning that these center woild carry chipsets that belong to each region. I know there are a handful, but I don't think it's completely unreasonable.

Different rules for different regions. Nokia Care wouldn't take mine here in Norway. Repairs has to go through the carrier and their service place. The good part is that it has been in twice for the same issue. Once more and they have to give me a brand new Phone. This is good for two years so there is still hope that it will break down again so that I can upgrade to a new model without a loss. ;p

I think what got me upset was the fact that I wanted Nokia Care to replace the screen on my L920 and they refused. I'm not even talking about warranty service. I offered to pay...In any case the device had a few drops, so I picked up another one and have been VERY careful.

My day 1 920 had the overheating issue. Nokia care was extremely responsive and replaced my phone quickly and easily. Other than frustration of setting all tiles\app settings back (can't wait for WP 8.1 to fix that), been happy with experience.

I wonder if maybe some water got onto the cable or port? Like not having entirely dry hands and grabbing the end of the cable to plug it in?

I have the same phone in the same color, I feel his pain. Nokia should respond well to this with a refund and an investigation. Not pull an Apple and legally silence the guy. They did that with the iPhone that exploded in someone's hand.

" The latest chapter in Windows Phone horror stories "

What were the previous horror stories ?!?

Aha, there weren't any...

Why didn't abel write it himeself ?

Look like Samsung a story.

Happened to my girlfriends 920 as well. Was worse than that tho, you could actually see the inside of the phone. She was using the official Nokia charger and all. She called to report it and they said they were going to send her a new phone. They sent her a brand new 1020 instead. I was so mad. I'm the tech guy and she got a 1020 out of it. If it was me, they probably would have sent me an Android running froyo. Cool for her tho.

In chile doesn't exist a Nokia care center just each operator care of their own phones sold but the twitter of Nokia Chile the two times I used shown be a disaster in service quality

I've got my 520's speaker malfunction. First time coming to NCC, it's finished only in one day. Apparently, they only re-flash the rom. Two month after that, the speaker malfunction again. This time, they take a whole month to repair it (because they swap the whole internal, they said). All for free (covered by warranty). Up till now, it never malfunction again. It seems that the previous internal was some kind of defect or something.

I'm still on the 920 untill I upgrade at Xmas.... And my phone has always gotten very hot when charging even since day one... This makes me shiver as this could one day be my frazzled 920 :(

What charger was he using? I have always charged my phone at night with the supplied charger and cable ever since i got it in 2012 and never had any problems. Also if he has changed the housing then... Not really a question of Nokia's build quality but the quality of the housing used and did he botch something up when changing the housing?

One thing the article fails to mention is if the user was charging his phone with the original USB charger that came with the phone. It happened to me once back when I had a Samsung Focus, I charged my phone with a USB charger I had bought online and the phone became really hot. I never used that charger again and never had the problem since.

I too charged a Focus on another USB charger and the battery expanded and popped the cover off the back. Had to buy a new battery as a result.

So much for Nokia's Build Quality. Hopefully their customer service is better than their phones. Seriously, if you're not a NOKIA fanboy and have a choice between a Sammy and Nokia. Give Sammy a try, all Sammy's I've owned(omnia 7, focus, Ativ S) have worked flawlessly, especially if you keep having issues with Nokia. Don't go to Apple. Stay with WP, I beg you....please please. If not Sammy, HTC or whomever. Just stay pretty please. We need you to grow our Marketshare!

I recently sent my original Lumia 920 out of warranty to Nokia after tweeting with their support team. The issue with mine came out of nowhere, one day using it and even with no gaming use that day the handset was hot to the touch all through the day, at the end of the day the battery died, I put it on my wireless charger, came back went to switch it on and the screen was black. No matter what I tried could not resolve the issue so I connected with Nokia and sent in for repair, they contacted me back, shipped me a brand new phone free of charge but I did not discover what really happened with the original which I had from November 2012 until January 2014. If I had to guess something did overheat possibly something related to the gfx processing or the screen itself but I don't know for sure. Seems to me that the 920 does have some weird overheating issues as my phone still always gets hot when I am gaming on it.

I for one i'm very satisfied with Nokia care center... I had a lumia 800 that i could not charge anymore... I belive because i was always putting my phone to charge in a hurry... I took it to the store i brought it from,they sent it to the Nokia care center , they called me and offered to change it... In the same period the Lumia 920 came out.. I've asked them if i can change it with a lumia 920... They said o.k. I only paid the diference betwen what i paid for the lumia 800 when i bought it and how much the lumia 920 costed... The cheapest phone i ever bought... How can i not be satisfied of them

My Nokia fell on my kitchen floor...had to replace the foundation and tiles.  Luckily was able to pick up my phone and call a contractor!

Look at the guys thumb, you can barely see the top of his fingernail. Nothing was in the case other than the fake connector. Complete hoax.

The way my Lumia 925 heats up sometimes, I think internal wiring will melt one day. Metal gets so hot that it burns my ears.

Also if Nokia want reach market share why not put direct local service or Nokia care center in every country,in fact even can't find in here an original accessory for my 820 and is bad that can't count with direct Nokia service center and have to deal with the operators service center in fact I asked to my operator about when will release Lumia black but don't have a answer asked to Nokia Chile on facebook and neither they knows about the details of when will get the update, I jumped to WP because I though Nokia were a serious enterprise but got wrong the service of far from terrible is awful, operators that don't understand my questions etc.

Same exact thing happened to me. Luckily my L920 was under warranty at the time and I received a replacement from AT&T. I tried to go through Nokia's customer care first but they weren't very helpful. If it's under warranty he's better off taking it in than trying through Nokia.

Nokia care sucks, not even helpful unless you live in the us, i hope Microsoft fixes their customer support, and provide better support to international buyers

My 520 rocks! I keep it for charge the whole night everyday, still no problem! As much as i know, 520 is better than other Lumia! Although others are more better, my 520 does not hang as much as 920 and 1020!

As for the final part of the article, I actually stopped using wireless charging on my Verizon 8X because it always got so hot. Also, I once left the phone off and charged it after update three and woke up to it burning up. Haven't done it since.

Always received great response from Nokia care center, even in South Africa. Had a 925 with issues, they replaced it. Hacked it for WiFi charging and it charges qi every night, the whole night. No overheats and it has been running since the last update for 20 days without reboot

That happened to me last year got it sorted its a fault in the usb port Nokia care took it in replaced it and sent me a set of Nokia monster head phones to boot

1 month ago i went to sleep and before i put my lumia 620 on charge and when i wake up my lumia was burning inside. the phone was so hot that even the sound of the alarm clock was distort :(

Although not quite the nightmare of a melting phone, my L920 suffered the infinite spinning gears after a hard reset about 9 months ago. My interactions with Nokia Care have been mixed. I called them to resolve some image blurriness that I think a lot of L920 users suffer from. They had a 3 step solution process. First, soft reset. If that didn't work then second, hard reset. If that didn't work then they would send me a warranty replacement. Since the hard reset resulted in infinitely spinning gears, and I live far from a repair center, they said they would send me a factory refurb and I'd return my broken L920 in the same package. If they found my L920 was suddenly working when they got it then I'd be charged full price for refurb and they would keep my supposedly now working L920 for themselves. Pretty shitty exchange process if you ask me, keeping the phone and all even it magically started working. I'm glad they replaced it without a hitch but the refurb was not as clean as my 6mo old L920 and every time I have a problem, their soft reset-hard reset-replace solution is the only help they ever give me. I may be thinking of ATT warranty replacement instead of Nokia Care but in my mind, it all ends up the same.

I charge my 1020 at night under my pillow every weekday . The only problems I had was with audio. One night it started blasting music 20 minutes after locking the phone and volume set to 0/off. Some games blast volume when volume should be completely off *cough* Kinectimals.

The funny thing about this, is that I've actually never used the regular charger that came with my phone. Currently, I'm using a ZTE charger I got with a gophone, while the charger sits in the case.

I have a Lumia 920 too. Sadly, maybe because of the wireless charger, there is sort of a light yellow tone in the middle of the screen. You can't see it that good but sometimes it is irritating if you are reading white posts.

Similar thing happened to me. Plugged in my USB car charger (which, evidently, had a wet end from sitting on the floor of my car on a wet day) and immediately burnt up the port.
Response from Nokia service, where phone was sent for a repair, was stellar and I was back in business 6 days later.

F.a.o valerioucciola.
I found it worked much better resetting your 920 after you uninstall the games, maps and bigger apps.
Ever since i started resetting this way I've never had a problem.