Windows Phone Central to judge the Big Indie Pitch event at Apps World

Windows Phone Central to judge at the Big Indie Pitch at Apps World

Windows Phone Central has a proud tradition of providing live coverage from a variety of gaming events. We’ve brought you news and interviews from E3, Game Developer’s Conference, Casual Connect, and more. If there are Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Xbox games to be played – we’ll be there.

This week we’ll be attending a new mobile industry event for the first time: Apps World. This one takes place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California on February 5th and 6th. Apps World is a special event for us because I’ll be judging at a contest for game developers called the Big Indie Pitch during the event. The Big Indie Pitch is open to the public if you register in advance. Head past the break for more details!

Apps World

Apps World Aztec Antics

This event is dedicated to mobile games and apps; just the kind of stuff we love to play and use on our Windows Phones. Targeted at mobile developers and exhibitors, the event consists of two days of panels, discussions, and exhibits dedicated to producing better mobile software and technology. Check out the Apps World website to learn more.

While Apps World’s workshops will be dedicated to a number of mobile topics like TV apps, HTML5, and monetization, the subject we’re most interested in is gaming. With numerous indie game developers in attendance, Apps World will be a perfect chance to learn the indie market’s attitudes towards mobile Windows platforms.

Big Indie Pitch

Big Indie Pitch 2013
Big Indie Pitch 2013

Sponsored by AppFlood/Papaya Mobile and Pocket Gamer, the Big Indie Pitch is a special opportunity for indie game developers to pitch their games to the press. If we like what we see, our coverage will help those developers’ games get noticed.

30 small-sized development teams (consisting of four members or less) will have three minutes each to promote one of their games to the judges. The winning game gets pitched to the entire audience at the end of the event.

This year’s judges include:

The Big Indie Pitch takes place from 2-4:30PM this Thursday, February 6th in San Francisco. For more details or a free pass, head over to EventBrite.

Stay tuned this week and next for our Apps World and Big Indie Pitch coverage. You’d better believe we’ll be asking the Big Indie Pitch contestants about the possibility of Windows Phone support!


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Windows Phone Central to judge the Big Indie Pitch event at Apps World


This is a great thing for wpc. Good going guys. I look forward to coverage!

Ps...is precentral no longer apart of mobile nations. I never see any mention of it anymore when you guys discuss ac, imore, wpc and crackberry

With the heard rumors of Microsoft undertaking the whole one OS deal, maybe developers could make games for phone, which would be playable on PC and Xbox too. Spread the word loud, Windows Phone users love gaming and the platform is full of eager adopters who trust Microsoft wholeheartedly!

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Awesome I am jealous. These type of conventions seem like so much fun. I'll be keeping an eye out for more news until the 6th!

Not gonna lie. Saw the picture in the article and thought the SF giants made an app. Same colors lol. It even has a baseball.

Pretty cool. But after the last 2 Big indie pitch events I entered im a little discouraged....i've always been outclassed by very good other pitches. I'ts almost a slaughterhouse for start-up indies such as my own.

I would have been at the san fransisco one if I could actually afford it...i'm based on london with no real income yet ;S

At the very least I got some good feedback at the last one in london, vinopolis.