The most recent update for the Xbox One improved stability and added new functionality to Microsoft’s gaming console, but it has also had an unintended consequence: it has also made the system a bit less stable in other ways. Reports are surfacing around the web that users are experiencing what we are calling the black screen of (temporary) death. The software glitch is annoying, but if you encounter it there is an easy fix: reboot.

The black screen of (temporary) death will make some Xbox One units lose their video feed to the attached television, while audio remains completely intact. While most users state the issues occur when the unit is first powered up, I have personally experienced the screen going black a few times when sending an active game to the background and multitasking to another app. At least it wasn't right in the middle of a game (how annoying would that be?)

If you run into a black screen, you simply need to perform a full shutdown on your Xbox One: hold down the power button for 10 seconds to shut it completely off, and then turn it back on. That should work... at least until the next time your Xbox forgets to broadcast video to the display.

The next Xbox One update is scheduled to roll out in March, about one week before the launch of the highly anticipated Xbox One first-person shooter Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall launch is expected to be one of the largest exclusive launches for the Xbox platform and the Microsoft understandably wants to do as much as they can to ensure that the March 11 launch goes off without a single hitch.

Unfortunately, the update that was supposed to help stabilize the Xbox One has simply made it less stable. We will keep our eyes and ears open for any news of an early fix, but unless we hear otherwise you should expect to wait until next month for one to arrive (oh, Microsoft)

Let us know if you've run into the Xbox One black screen of (it's only temporary) death.