The $100 Automatic Pro OBD-II car adapter can track your car and diagnose problems

The Automatic Pro real-time car tracking Connected Car OBD-II adapter (opens in new tab) has dropped to $99.99 on Amazon. This is its lowest price ever outside of Prime Day and Black Friday events. We have seen it hit $110 a couple of times, but this is the first drop to $100.

If you have a car that's newer than the mid-90s, you most likely have an OBD-II port in it. You can use that to plug in this little dongle, which works with Bluetooth and a constant 3G connection to provide you information on your car. You can track your car, even while you're not driving it, and diagnose your engine light when it pops on. There's crash detection to deploy emergency services, too. You can even connect it to other smart devices like the Amazon Echo (opens in new tab).

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John Levite
Deals Editor

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  • Having used an OBD-II on both our vehicles for over two years, I found it useful for determining the meaning of a check engine light which in several cases turned out to be the fuel attendant did not properly close the fuel lid on the wife's TT. Rather than take it to the dealer to turn off the light, the OBD-II connection allowed me to turn off the warning. Cool. But having this thing plugged in 24/7 does not sound like a good idea. As it is not factory issued, I wonder what a dealer would say if the vehicle had a mishap and they found this thing plugged in to the ODB-II port? Also, the fact that it has an option for full-time 3G/4G connection just seems to open opportunities to those with nefarious intentions. It's an ambitious concept and the price point is phenomenal for what it does. Will stick with my simple BT adapter and use it only when needed. Cheers
  • Leaving it plugged in does not do anything to your is simply a reader. You can remove it and it will not make any lasting changes to your car's ECU (Engine Control Unit) unless you use a flash tool (which this is not).