11 Features and improvements we would like to see come to Microsoft's Edge browser

Microsoft Edge is the new default web browser for Windows 10, and it's the browser that finally replaces Internet Explorer. This despite the fact IE continues to ship as part of the operating system for the time being to offer compatibility for websites not designed for the modern web.

Previously known as "Project Spartan," Microsoft created the new browser from scratch to redefine the way users access and consume content from the web on Windows. The new browser ships with a minimalist design that primarily focus on fading away intrusive elements and puts the content front and center.

Thus far the web browser works well, for the most part, during the first weeks since Microsoft had released Windows 10 to everyone. There have been some hiccups, but the software giant has been proactively working to improve the experience.

Microsoft also recently released its first major update for Windows 10 that not only brought various changes to the operating system, but it also delivered some improvements to Microsoft Edge. The software maker has previously revealed that the latest version of the web browser incorporates an improved version of its EdgeHTML rendering engine that helps to increase performance. Chakra and the JavaScript engine have also received various new features and changes, and there are new enhancements on security for Windows 10 version 1511.

In addition, the November update brings a few useful new features including "Cast media to device" to enable users cast content to any DLNA or Miracast compatible device. There is also the "Tab Preview" feature to help users hover over open tabs to get a preview of a particular page, and finally there is the ability to sync passwords, bookmarks, and Reading List items across devices with a Microsoft account.

As you can see a lot has changed since the first release of the Microsoft Edge, but it's also true that the web browser it's still in the early days, and there is a lot of room for improvements. As such, today I would like to share a few improvements and features we would like to see in future updates of the browser.

Features and improvements could make Microsoft Edge better

1. Sync open tabs across devices

When the software maker first released Microsoft Edge one of the missing features was the ability to sync content across devices. On Windows 10 version 1511, the Edge browser now includes the feature to sync content, but users still can't sync open tabs across Windows devices, which can be useful not only to pick up where you left off on another computer but on Windows phone too.

2. Closed tab history

Yes, you can right-click on a tab and click the "Reopen closed tab" as many times as the number of tabs you have closed to go back to those pages. However, it's not practical. If you work with a lot of open tabs, then you close them all by accident, and you only want to reopen one specific web page, you have to go through the process of keeping reopening tabs until you get to the page you want.

Also, let's say you have two instances of Microsoft Edge with various tabs open on each, and you close one of the instances. There isn't a way to restore that specific groups of tabs.

If recently closed tabs history were yet another feature, it would be nice to have the ability to sync this content, so you can even reopen previously closed tabs on other computers.

3. Microsoft Edge taskbar menu options

If you have been using Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, you probably noticed that when you open the context menu for those browsers, you get different options to open a private session, open new tab, or new window, and you also have access to the most frequent sites you visit. Currently, on Edge, you don't get this kind of "quick access" options that can improve the experience. Therefore adding more options that people already expect in the taskbar context menu could a welcome addition to Microsoft Edge.

4. Pin tabs to Taskbar on Edge

Among other features, Internet Explorer offered the ability to pin sites to the taskbar. Doing so, it'll create an icon on the taskbar with custom options and a personalized tab that grabbed the accent color from the site.

Today, you can no longer pin websites to the taskbar; you can pin them to Start, but the customization is very limited, and if the website isn't well designed, you are almost certain not to be to identify what web page you pinned in the Start menu.

The ability to pin tabs to the taskbar and Start menu with the features offered by Internet Explorer would be yet another nice addition to have in the new default web browser for Windows 10.

5. New tabs with a regular address bar

Similar to Google Chrome, when you open a new tab on Microsoft Edge, you get a search box in the middle of the page, and when you start typing, it automatically moves the box to the address bar location, which can be a little distracting. While this isn't a big deal for many users, leaving the address bar where belongs when opening new tabs sounds like a good idea. Microsoft may just be trying to teach users that the address bar isn't only to type full-length URLs but also search queries.

6. Multiple user profiles

One feature that I enjoy from Google Chrome (also available on Mozilla Firefox) is the ability to create multiple profiles. They are meant to allow users to share the browser with other people, but it also lets you keep different tasks separate.

For example, if you like to keep work and your personal life separate, you can create multiple profiles within the web browser and connect them to different Google accounts to enable you to have different environments, each with its set of bookmarks, web history, plugins, and settings specific to do certain tasks. I find this feature very useful, it helps me every day, and it would be another welcome addition to have in Microsoft Edge.

7. New settings page

Another area that Microsoft should improve is the Settings page for Microsoft Edge. Currently, users have to access a narrow flyout menu to change any options. This is also the same kind of menu-style users use on different Windows apps, such as on Mail and Calendar, which are not very practical menus. Instead, the software giant should opt to follow Chrome and Firefox and introduce a new settings page that use the entire real estate of the, just like going to a web page.

If Microsoft wanted, it could use the setting page design you see today on the Groove Music, Xbox, and the Windows Store.

This kind of menu allows to arrange better settings into groups, making it easier and faster for users to customize the web browser to their needs.

8. Touch friendly browser

At one point, we heard Microsoft mentioning about improving its new web browser to be more touch friendly in Windows 10, but it's been quite some time since we heard anything new.

Today, the new operating system is already installed on millions of touch-enabled devices, and you still can't swipe from left-to-right with your fingers on your Surface to go back, or swipe from right-to-left to go to the next page. These are basic gestures you were able to use in the modern version of Internet Explorer and something you can also do today in Google Chrome, but you can't in Microsoft Edge. (Though, scrolling works beautifully).

Also, while the new user interface for the browser is good, it's optimized for mouse and keyboard, and not for touch. When you compare Microsoft Edge with the modern version of Internet Explorer for Windows 8.x, which offered one of the best touch experiences the Edge browser is clearly lacking in this regard. It's wasn't fully featured, but it was a good idea with the right tools.

9. Mute tabs option

Yes, Microsoft Edge includes an audio indicator that allows users to identify quickly which web page is producing sound. However, the browser doesn't offer an option to mute a specific tab without you having to jump to the page to stop the distracting sound. A good improvement should include an option on the tab context menu to allow users to mute a particular tab. This option will also align perfectly with the new Tap Preview feature, where you can now pick inside of tab without you having to leave the current page.

10. Automatic web page translation

Not everything on the internet is in your native language, and this is one of the reasons I think that Chrome's automatic language translation feature is very useful.

If you are searching for some specific content, Chrome will detect that the language doesn't match its default settings, and it will automatically translate the content for you. While it's not perfect, it's pretty darn close -- at least you can make sense of it. Of course, you can always show the original content, choose the option never to translate a specific language, or disable the feature completely.

As you can see this is a valuable feature that could help users be more productive if it were available. Early this year, during the Microsoft's Ignite conference, Microsoft has shown the Translator extension that works in combination with the Reading View features, but it'll also be great to translate web page on the fly without having to change the view.

11. Extensions support

Perhaps one of the most requested features on Microsoft Edge is support for extensions. These little apps can easily plug and enhance the functionality of your web browser are nothing new, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome include support for extensions for a long time. Microsoft even tried to go in that direction with Internet Explorer when they brought support for 'add-ons', but they were not as popular as the extensions provided by the competition.

The software giant knows that extensions are an important piece of the puzzle to make Microsoft Edge successful.

We're expecting to see extension support for Microsoft Edge with the release of Windows 10 version 1511, but the company couldn't deliver the feature on time. Now, according to the company, we will have to wait for the new feature until a future Windows 10 update in 2016. Also, when the support is added to Edge, users will be able to download and install new extensions through the Windows Store.

Interesting enough, Microsoft is also planning to let Chrome and Firefox developers to port their extensions into Edge with a few minor modifications. That ability should help grow the library quickly with popular functionality to which users are already accustomed.

Wrapping things up

Although, many people will argue that Microsoft Edge is still very basic, and it lacks certain features, it's headed in the right direction. Also, we have to remember that the browser has only been out for a few months, and it's still in the early days. Mozilla Firefox has been around for more than a decade, and Google Chrome has been around for about seven years now.

Perhaps some of the various improvements and features we're highlighting today will never make it into Microsoft Edge, but one thing is certain, the software giant will keep pushing update after update to level the field with the other browsers.

Also, don't forget that now you have the option to "Save As" in the context menu, and there is session recovery implemented in the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

How do you feel about the current stage of Microsoft Edge? Which features would you like Microsoft to implement? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral.com. His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. He has an IT background with professional certifications from Microsoft, Cisco, and CompTIA, and he's a recognized member of the Microsoft MVP community.

  • Still needs full screen mode.
  • Yes, with ad blocking so the page doesn't fill up with junk.
  • Bookmark management!!
  • +1
  • this is, like, the most important thing they should do first....
  • Windows Explorer
  • Favorites management and being able to save current tabs as favorites!
  • For me, there are only two features that I need from Windows central.com 1) make it faster. 2) make it look like a Windows 10 web app.
  • This ^ Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Can't we just use internet explorer it's still installed in windows 10, is there a way to activate the metro mode somehow, I'm sure it's not impossible
  • tablet mode?
  • i guess he is talking about the modern UI mode of internet explorer (see picture 8.)
  • Allegedly faster and more compatible (think HTML 5) than IE.  Still missing features though.  I personally use Edge 60%, IE 30%, Chrome 10%.
  • Perhaps you could link to the Feedback page for each of those to make it easy for us to upvote them. :)
  • +1
  • +930
  • +1 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • +1 for option number 5: typing an address (without www or http) and often getting as a result a Bing page instead of the actual website is really frustrating.
  • Never had this happen as long as I put .com at the end.
  • I have had it happen a ton with .com at the end
  • After you type the .com as well, first two options are to go to the site or bing search. In your case the bing search probably is the first option and goes to it. Just look after typing and use the arrow because the second one should take you to the site
  • Don't know about other browsers, but in firefox, after typing something pressing ctrl+enter adds a "www." to the front and ".com" to the end. There are also other shortcuts for other domains like .edu etc.
  • Type the website and ctrl+enter. It'll add the www. And .com for you.
    School basics, you know.
  • And also a home page or a speed dial page when opening Edge on Mobile.
  • ^This.
  • I 2nd, 3rd, and 50 millionth that Suggestion... give me the ability to have a home page on my Lumia 950 Edge Browser.
  • Yes. My suggestion in the feedback app has got 71 upvotes. Hope they add it soon.
  • You should submit that as feedback man. That is a really good idea.
  • I have already. It has got 71 upvotes and is stuck there.
  • #11 should be #1 improvement. Also, #5 doesn't happen with me, it stays right where it is while I type. (10586.11)
  • The 12th feature will be switch to chrome
  • No way. It sucks. Firefox too.
  • Actually if I need only one site and quick, Edge is the solution. But if I have more tabs or at least two sites with alot of content, it's really bad. Even opening more than 5 tabs from the news feed is difficult. While Chrome can handle 20 or more tabs on the same pc, even if loading all of them takes time.
  • You're a special kind of special, aren't you? Even this site is pointing out features of those browsers that they wish Edge would implement, it's ok to praise the competition is they do something right, no one is going to take away your "I heart Microsoft" badge.
  • you should also try switching to Chrome OS, windows 10 isnt for you! :/
  • When you are going to copy every single feature from another browser, whats the point of using edge then? simply get chrome.
  • I think it's more "let's get Edge to be a fully functional browser."  It's not just copying features.  Let us accomplish the same thing Chrome does in a different way if you like.  There are many features from IE and Metro IE that Edge doesn't have.  We want Edge's speed and HTML 5 standars support *plus* user interface features that we've come to expect in a browser.  
  • Right-click the back button to go back more than one page and options when you click a download link instead of just downloading to the Downloads folder
  • I gave up on Edge many moons ago. Microsoft is Way too slow. They delivered Windows 10 half baked and Edge like a baby.
  • I had a lot of problems with Edge before, but it's the only browser I use after the November update. It's really fast and has been very stable. Sure it's still missing some features, but it's good enough for me. Of course, I expect it to gain all the missing features later on.
  • It's still shitty especially on mobile
  • As far as changes we'd like to see... who is "we" in this article. Most of those you list are nothing compared to some basics like: 1.) Full screen 2.) Paste and Go.  
  • Paste and go is my first choice
  • Please this
  • I want to add:  3. Download confirmation. The current implementation is a security risk as it just automatically start the download without user confirmation. 4. Drag content and links to the around the Edge UI like on Tabs area and favorites. Example: I can drag the image to the blank area on Tabs to make new Tab. I can can drag links to the Favorites icon to save it as Favorites. 5. Search engine switcher on Addressbar 6. Chrome search shortcut when pressing Tab. Like when you type YouTube then press tab, it will automatically turn into YouTube search and directly search on the addressbar without having to visit the site first. Pressing enter will direct you the search results immediately. (Surprising for not alot of Chrome user didn't know this feature exist) 7. Middle-clicking the Forward or Back buttons should make new Tabs with those navigation. Totally useful I must say. 8. Basic feature to right click or hold-down (for touch) Forward+Back button to show the navigation history. This is really basic for desktop browsers that Edge annoyingly don't have.
  • Ad-blocking....ad-blocking...AD-BLOCKING.
  • +1
  • Get AdGuard
  • I'd just like the web pages to stop flickering everywhere, making it unusable. Or on win 10M, let me close a tab without the whole thing crashing. I don't ask for much!
  • I think you are expecting far too much from Edge. Haven't you heard? They have started a whole new browser from the ground up it can't possibly be expected to work properly even though they've had a decade (and then some) of practice and experience with their previous browser.
  • Also typing text in search box or in address box often just gets you a page not found instead of the search page as it ought to do. This needs fixing.
  • I dont know about others but one thing that bothers me about the edge is the ability to manage favorites!!!!!!!!! It's so bacis yet microsoft didn't get it right. Its unbelievably hard to manage/move favourites! I have so many of them, everything organized in folders and everytime I sync (from Chrome/Firefox), it freaking alphabetized all my folders and websites within them. I will still take time to organize them again but it wont let me move folders without moving one folder into another.. had the same problem with IE.. Its like Microsoft never learns anything.. I dont think I'll give it a shot again until they fix that (maybe not even then).. the entire team of EDGE is dumb if they cant see this problem and get it right.. 
  • Exactly. Edge rendering is a hard thing, it can only get perfect with time. Same with extension support but how hard is it for edge team to get the basic front end app ryt. The team building the app(not engine) is giving us the finger. How long will it take implement things like paste and go, 15 mins max. Just one more line of code to call another procedure. And download manager is soo dumb. Same thing with favourites, history and closed tabs.
  • I know I'll mostly get trolled on this site for saying this. But really how difficult it is to implement a good history, previous tab,favourites and download manager.
  • Pretty darn hard. If you really think one line of code does it, you should learn a bit about coding before saying things like that again. Adding these things means it needs to be rendered in some cases,it needs to be working with other aspects of the app, it needs to be foolproof, etc etc. There's way more to those simple features than you seem to think. However, things like paste&go could have easily been added in edge after these few months. While it takes more than one line of code, a few days of work would have made it work properly.
  • Oh really. I didn't know that.
  • Yeah it does require a lot of code. Also you have to remember adding extra code can screw up previously existing code. Everything interlinks together. And when it's "spaghetti code" then it's even worse!
  • Right now edge os pretty buggy and basic but I continue to use it while I await improvements.
  • Extensions and custom search engines is all I need so I can search websites directly from the address bar and browse without having a gazillion ads thrown in my face.
  • Custom search engines are yet aviable. Go to settings then advanced
  • I am not talking about changing the default search engine.
    I am talking about making my custom search engines with their respective keywords. For example, I designate the keyword "yt" for youtube search. If I type in "yt cats" in the address bar it will open youtube search results with cat videos right away. 
    I do not see a way of doing that yet.
  • All things very very useful but one missing: WHATSAPP WEB SUPPORT!!
  • That's on WhatsApp, not on Microsoft. WhatsApp Web fully works in IE11, Edge 12 and Edge 13 if you just change the UAS. WhatsApp is just intentionally keeping IE/Edge users from using their services with no reason. I haven't tested it, but I would even dare to say that IE10 works just fine too.
  • What I really don't like is that everything is now downloaded to Download folder and also you do not have "open folder" like in IE after downloading finishes. I'm downloading lots of stuff for my work but in reality I'm just opening it for quick use so I need to clear the Download folder quite often. With IE I only had the files I wanted in that Foley as everything else was in temporary folder making it much more tidier.
  • I got so fed up with Edge I went back to IE. Sure, it might render sites faster (although, most of the time it half-crashed when loading Facebook), but it's just so frustrating to actually use.
  • What I really don't like is that everything is now downloaded to Download folder and also you do not have "open folder" like in IE after downloading finishes. I'm downloading lots of stuff for my work but in reality I'm just opening it for quick use so I need to clear the Download folder quite often. With IE I only had the files I wanted in that folder as everything else was in temporary folder making it much more tidier.
  • +1 agreed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I wish I could post the photo to show you how not true that is... =[
  • Favourites bar that just shows the icons for the site I would like.
    Oh and why does Microsoft not include the home button on default, you have to go into settings just to enable it. I know ppl who gave up on edge just because they thought there wasn't a home button, its ridiculous...
  • The home button is not used by most users (if it was, they'd see that through data and have it enabled by default) and since it only adds more cluttering to the screen, it's cleaner to disable it and give that minority the option to enable it
  • You're right, that IS ridiculous... That's no reason not to use something
  • Edge has a big problem to fix asap
    It doesn't recall start screen/position
    That's terrible if you have more than monitor
    I still use ie11 due to this issue of edge
  • Also bookmarks management is terrible
  • Absolutely. This is keeping me from using it. Can't open multiple items at once. Can't rearrange favorites. Standard browser features.
  • You missed one of the most important improvement they should do and that is NO MORE CONSTANT REFRESH WHEN SWITCHING BETWEEN TABS or APPS specially in the mobile version. It's been always the issue with IE for WP8. It's really annoying when Microsoft implements new features but they often forgot to fix previous issues.
  • Cast to Chromecast
  • Use standards like DIAL and DLNA. Screw proprietary nonsense like Chromecast.
  • Ya! Cant we all just use standards like Miracast and DLNA? Drives me crazy that miracast hardware is in my phone... but because it is Samsung I cannot use it. Sammy has their own silly version, Google has theirs, Apple has one too... it really makes it impossible to have the multi-screen future that we want.
  • Glad you mentioned how untouch friendly it is, if it wasn't so much trouble i'm revert my hp stream 7 back to 8.1. (i deleted the backup, doh).    Honestly, i feel like edge sucks all around, i don't see any customization options, no add ons like pop up blocker and it runs TERRIBLE when you are on ebay, amazon and similar sites ( i don't buy alot on ebay, but it's a great research tool).  Drop down boxes work like crap, pages go unresponsive quite often and half the time the text box isn't recognized and the keyboard doesn't pop up.   They took a browser i really liked (metro IE) and completely ruined it. It's more liveable on my laptop, but on a tablet it's downright awful.    
  • I'm with you. I haven't upgraded my surface pro 3 because it sucks so much on my other tablets.
  • Basically being up to par with Chrome and Firefox features.
  • Yep. Heck even IE too.
  • What is Microsoft planning do to with Edge?
  • Favourites management is definitely needed! I had a bit of a nightmare when I enabled the new syncing. It would be nice to be fully in control of my own favourites :'(
  • My Favorites were a mess this morning with them scattered all over the place and duplicates mixed in the scatter.  We definately need better Favorites management.
  • Idk, I think it's fairly straight forward...you want more complex controls? =P
  • point 5: it's enought to click on where the address bar is supposed to be and it will appear point 7: one of the biggest issue of W10 - IMHO - is the lack of consistency between apps as well as lack of design guide (context menus). Some apps have settings with a layout, some with other, some are reachable from the top right menu (edge), other from the hamburger menu (mail, calendar), other from the account logo (store). Putting the settings page in "full page" mode doesn't solve this issue I pretty aggree w/ all other points, but I really would have PASTE and GO.    
  • Agree! Point 5 isn't an issue, at least from the people I know, they still often use the Search bar the middle of New Tab when using Chrome or Firefox and still not doing search on the addressbar. They actually thought about this which is why when you click the addressbar area, the Search/URL bar moves up with animation. Point 7 is indeed one of the inconsistencies with Windows 10, but for me the biggest problem is which app should should use the narrow Settings pane or the full-page one. Edge can have the full-page because its starting to get more settings while Groove at the moment would be better off with Settings pane since there are too few settings in Groove.
  • I would like to see better bookmarks management. The drag and drop system that they have implemented is okay, but a major pain to use if your bookmarks are organized into many forders. Also, importing bookmarks in Edge can be very hit or miss.
  • True, some of these can be a bit 'dodgy' lol ;p
  • Also they removed one finger swipe forward and back!!! Why??? I used it a lot on the phone. Still same MS, one step forward and 2 back!
  • This is very cool and useful feature. Was.
  • Yup they did. Don't question why but at the moment its not present.
  • Sorely missed
  • Mini page view for pinned pages - when pinning a web page in IE on the phone it would create a mini page view... now in edge it just does the same blue e tile for all web pages so you have to use a medium tile so the web page name is listed underneath (and you have to read instead of glancing).
  • I don't get why Microsoft browsers can't be updated separatlely instead of waiting for OS update. Why cant Edge be updated via Store?
  • I think its something to do with the engine but yeah, at least on the front-end level it should be updatable. So basically only the engine is tied up on the OS while seperating the rest of Microsoft Edge components that are updatable via Store.
  • IE 11 on Windows 8.1 HAD tab syncing, buy they took it away.
  • Well, this isn't IE and we all knew it was a new browser entirely. It is frustrating to see it is so far behind though.
  • Wrapping things up, even though eleven points mentioned in the article are needed, you missed absolutely necessary features as:
    1. Save As for downloads. Current implementation is debilitating.
    2. Zooming of images at mouse cursor when using ctrl+wheel
    3. Full screen
    4. Paste and Go
  • I want to also add more: 5. Download confirmation. The current implementation is a security risk as it just automatically start the download without user confirmation. 6. Drag content and links to the around the Edge UI like on Tabs area and favorites. Example: I can drag the image to the blank area on Tabs to make new Tab. I can can drag links to the Favorites icon to save it as Favorites. 7. Search engine switcher on Addressbar 8. Chrome search shortcut when pressing Tab. Like when you type YouTube then press tab, it will automatically turn into YouTube search and directly search on the addressbar without having to visit the site first. Pressing enter will direct you the search results immediately.
  • Better Favorites management as well.
  • "Open Tab Group" --  that is all I want to switch.
  • The feature number 1 is the most important to me after the extensions, i use edge alot on the lumia 1520 and i really need my EDGE to sync my work between my devices, Tabs , history, bookmars, favorites, and yea new tab in Mobile should have speed dial feature too. as far as it being slow! i dont think so, for its fast enough and being an insider i lived with it, and what it has become is great. just keep it coming MS and and quicker ofcourse, not everyone is as patient as us Windows INSIDERS!!!
  • I would like it if it didn't hog massive amounts of system resources. Making it compatible with the graphics driver so it doesn't crash every 5 minutes would be a nice "feature" for them to consider as well. Seriously. It needs to be built right before they start hanging more stuff on it.
  • Sounds like a bad install to me. It hardly uses system resources and does not crash at all. If it does to you that's a fault on your end
  • Are you from Edge team? What is bad install? Can you please elaborate? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Drag and drop-target for uploading files in various sites.
  • ​ priority number one I think should be a tablet friendly version of the Microsoft edge browser. Browsing is a productive and enjoyable experience on a tablet. I really miss the dedicated metro style IE. Explorerend user experience. Edge doesn't deliver a smooth workflow of growing tabs as previews, there's always the odd long press standing in the way.it is a missed opportunity to add swipe to navigate to next/ previous pages. It was standard on explorer 11 for god knows how long. But I used it always. The buttons at the top left are of a bygone age. I also would like to see the drag and snap tabs to more the order or sharp them as a new setup window. Now it's limited to a right click option. unnatural and jarring with touch. Also it should be far easier to create we tiles. Now its buried in the settings menu (unbelievable!). In windows 8.1 it was easy peasy through the app bar. It could be even easier if they just added a pin button to the tabs. I would adore that. Full screen mode of course. Add to reading list should be a more prominent feature, just like webnotes feature. And as an evolution to windows 8.1 the tiles should be user customizable with regard to color,transparency, full tile size range, and a few design options ( like in windows 8.1). I wouldn't want to see a settings menu change. If there's one thing app windows apps can use its a design location consistency of settings. Microsoft reality needs to sit down with their developers two talk about or menu design for all apps in the UX. I can understand practical, but I would argue to go for consistently practical. Extensions will come, promised by Belfiore. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • I emphatically agree with all of your points
  • So..... Are you sending this list to MS.
  • Better yet, we can all fire up the Windows Feedback app and let Microsoft know. :) Thanks, Mauro
  • Better yet? Create a #hashtag on Twitter and tell the Windows Team, Gabe and esp. the CEO what a pile of ... they have shipped on our machines. This feedback thing. So, now they need feedback to implement even the most basic of feature? This is really getting ridiculous.
  • So not agree on the translation "improvement". It drives me nuts in Chrome. Since it kinda knows I'm in Belgium it keeps pestering me even when I'm on English sites. I find the popup immensely annoying. Guess what I miss the most for now are regular pinned tabs (so not the taskbar ones). I use Edge at work and always have a couple of default tabs open (SoundCloud, WhatsApp, GMail), so it would be very nice if the sized they take up could be reduced, so I at least have more room for other tabs. Also bookmark support could be a little better. Would be nice to just be able to reorder items in the bookmark bar rather than then the bookmark management area. And adding horizontal rulers would be nice too. And if I had to make a top 3, I'd like to add some extra sharing options for the marker tool. It works amazingly well on my new XPS15, but the options for sharing the result are a bit basic.  
  • One problem I have is that my Favorites are not synching between my Lumia 640 running the latest insider build and my desktop computer (Windows 10 but not insider). I do not see any of my desktop favorites on my phone. When I was running 8.1 on my phone, I saw all of my desktop favorites in I.E. Another problem is that my RoboForm password manager does not work with Edge, possibly due to the lack of extensions. This forces me to change the default browser to Firefox, and consequently to use Edge leas we then I would like.
  • You didn't mention the addition of the FORWARD button on mobile.
  • Please explain why you need one..? =[
  • I'm still waiting for a Refresh or Reload option and a Back/Forward option on the context menu (right click on the webpage)
  • I want better performance on sites with lots of content/ads and when having more tabs open. Also ad blocker which they should've replaced with another feature if they knew extensions would take so damn much to introduce. Like that protocol made for skype calling
  • Middle click on back/forward is what I miss the most. User profile doesn't make much sense. If you need that, why stop with browser. Use another windows profile to separate complete experience, not just browsing. I know, more options doesn't hurt. Still, it's still quite unimportant compared to long press on back button for session history list.
  • Agreed
  • Need option to manually add usernames and passwords to password manager.
  • Browser profiles sound redundant when you have OS level profiles that can do the same job explained in the article
  • 12) I know it is coming... but extension support would be great. Not really going to use it until I can get AdBlock like I have on FF and Chrome, or at the very least a subscription model like IE use to have. 13) The ability to manually sign in with a MS account. Right now, if you sign into a website using a MS account it automatically signs in using the credentials of the user logged into the computer. Problem is that my wife's PC is the 'family computer' and gets used by lots of people, and typically under my wife's user profile. This means that we typically cannot use it for some things that require a MS account because if we stop the music or whatever she has her computer doing, then death would be a better fate, so we are unable to log in as ourselves.
  • Make it not eat up all my RAM and CPU on my Surface 3
  • Avatar only favourites bar, please. Think start - no text. I can't use Edge until this happens.
  • I agree that they need to enable icon option for it but it needs does to have them enabled and not a lot do unfortunately =/
  • If bookmark management isn't the first thing on your list, then please explain why you believe it's acceptable in its current state. It is truly dreadful, and I won't use Edge specifically because of the this. Not just organizing bookmarks, but simply displaying them. That double spacing is maddening!
  • The mentioned features are not my interest, I wish it has the following: 1. Ability to select download file location, do not start download automatically. 2. Can select which webpage to go back/forward, right now you can only go back/forward to the last one. 3. One click to open Favorites like IE. It is very inconvienient now
  • Needs ability to drag & drop files too! Edge still has a long long way to go.
  • I dont agree about the settings page. I prefer a similar layout between mobile and desktop and a narrow menu can achieve that and is less cluttered. The translation feature could be implemented with an extension so it shouldnt be native. Keep the browser as minimalistic as possible. But I would add two other needed improvements: The ability to share selected text to other apps (Translator or OneNote in particular) and a better zoom behavior in Tablet mode: If you snap Edge in tablet mode and make the app very narrow, the webpage gets zoomed out, text gets very small. If you do the same in desktop mode, the text gets wrapped correctly. As always, Microsoft managed to keep some bad behaviors from the previous browser but misses a lot of the useful features of IE 10.
  • How does syncing favorites work exactly? Because so far it doesn't seem to be an exact science and I keep getting duplicates and wind up losing favorites altogether. Should I just remove all the favorites on one device and then re-sync? Or what?
  • "Show icons only" option for favourites bar is in my top three!!!
  • All of this quickly PLEASE!
  • Preach!!  Everything you mentioned is exactly what's needed.  I think MSFT needs to start understanding that huge updates are fine.  But, with enough small things, people will see the OS (phone and PC) as much more polished and ignore when there are other major shortcomings that people don't truly notice unless they're nerds anyways.  People look for the immediate things that provide actual vaule and ease of use.
  • What about "save as..."
  • Couldn't agree no more!
  • The only feature I'm waiting for is the touch swiping(#8) I would go crazy on my SP3 if I didn't have the modern IE.
  • I'd be happy if it would stop freezing every time I use it (esp while checking email at live.com)-- all since the Nov update. Prior to that it worked great. Now it is a disaster. Click two emails. Then unresponsive. Refresh, click, freeze, repeat. Eventually, unrecoverable freeze, hard shut down, restart. Ugh!! This update stinks!!
  • Extensions should be first, because that will likely take care of some of those other things in the list.
  • I would like touch friendly not only for Edge but also for the Windows Store, hell it's needed for the whole Windows 10. Touch has been terrible on Windows 10 since the upgrade from 8.1, I'm going back to 8.1 if this doesn't change within the next few months. It's a big step backwards for tablet users.
  • Here, here!
  • Can you not touch it..? =/
  • Paste and go, and search the highlighted text with your search engine. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • As for #5, when you click on the location for address bar, the search box will go back up into the address bar automatically, so it's not really a problem. Maybe just a toggle to show the address bar by default should be fine.
  • I want that brown cave wallpaper
  • Why is nobody bothered about text wrapping. Is it there in Edge, I use Opera on android and am so frustrated with browsing on my 830 I always browse on android devises. I am not a power user but camera and browsing are things that are my priorities. 
  • My order of interest ​Ad blocking Muting tab - As safari and firefox does, just a click on icon on the tab Automatic translation Extension support - not sure if this will happen as microsoft is not promising any word on this  
  • Edge is fast, but still can't be my default browser, because the are things, like extension that I miss from Firefox. I'll keep using Firefox until edge improves!
  • I'd love to see the translation feature ... :) I suppose they should integrate that into cortana somehow. not only as a browser feature but also for being able to ask cortana to translate things.
  • God no, if I had to wait for it to come to Cortana then I'd never get the feature.
  • one can hope ;)
  • I've just been too lazy to download an alternative browser, Edge works well enough for me, even with its niggling issues.
  • right click"open all bookmarks" in a folder. It's crazy having to open bookmarks one at a time!
  • I 'll have to agree with previous comments: definitely Full Screen mode !!!   Especially - but not only - for mobile devices with those tiny screens, the Full Screen mode allows to take advantage of the full size of the display.
  • Lack of normal history/boomark manager!
  • AdBlock feature is the most important!
  • I need Edge on a device from this era to tell what I think of it.
  • I concur with #1. Something like Apple's Handoff feature would be nice in Windows 10.
  • I think the New tab page should have two separate sections. One for pinned sites ( customizable speed dials ) and another for the trending news. So on a touch enabled device you can swipe left or right to switch between the sections.
  • Extensions, maybe?
  • Nice features to have, but better concentrate first in having a fast browser
  • I like only one option UNINSTALL!
  • Feature wise Edge in its current state reminds me of the sample browser in Visual Studio.
  • Funny how most people don't know how to personalize colors on their computer but when it comes to browsers it's got to be changed to chrome.
    Edge is super fast, clean & works great. Additional features are trivial. Most importantly, it's not a google product. Enjoy!
  • The only reason it's fast is because it's not feature complete.
  • Frequent updates like chrome.. Not like 6 month wait for one update... Btw is it can update through Windows store?
  • I'd settle for it not crashing. Since the update Edge has been crashing more frequently. You only have a handful of tabs open, your browsing those tabs not doing anything intense and all of a sudden a the tab/page stops responding and then a moment later Edge just vanishes without a word. It did that every now and then on the initial RTM build but not it's happening more and more frequently. I've added feedback as well as given feedback where Edge uses up 8GB RAM with 3 tabs open, WTF! Until they fix the crashing and memory issues all the other things mentioned on this page are just not going to cut it.    
  • Fine. Edge in mobile, however, (yes I am shouting) DEDICATED BACK AND FORWARD touch elements. Is there a good explanation why this wasn't part of early development step one?
  • I honestly don't understand forward on mobile browsers and the phones have dedicated back buttons already so... =/
  • How about the ability to import bookmarks from other browsers? There's no way I could even consider using this program without my extensive list of bookmarks!
  • Are bookmarks the same as favorites, because you can do that you know... =[
  • I'd love a function to manage your favorites/bookmarks and not just alphabetical with folders among single links. And not jumping to the top of the list every time you open the favorites/bookmarks list.
  • The same story over and over again. Microsoft will always be the company that is missing features compared with competitors. Things will always keep heading in the right direction. Starting from scratch frequently so there will always be the excuse "it's only been out for a couple of months" or still in beta/preview.
  • So many other needs for Edge.  For the main thing, render the pages correctly.  Still a lot of sites don't work properly with Edge.  Particularly problematic if you run an ecommerce site. In-browser support for PDF is still weak with Edge.  For other browsers, when you click on document link that generates a PDF, it will show a separate window for the PDF and if you move over the window, you will see the PDF controls (like print, zoom, etc.).  But in Edge, it may (or may not depending on how the website generates the PDF) show the PDF in the window but it can't show the PDF controls.  So I get so many people asking me how to print so I tell them to fall back on CTRL+P because there are no controls. Mouse wheel scrolling is still bad and really laggy. Print support is still bad.  You go to a site and there's a few pages to print.  Sometimes there's no option to print just a single page  rather than all the pages.  This was terrible in Windows 8/8.1 (the Modern IE browser) and it hasn't been really fixed. The annotation features is an amazing idea but the implementation needs work.  Right now, it's really hard to properly share the annotation.  You would think you just do your notes and scribbles on the page and then hit the share button and share to people.  I'd be fine with sharing a simple JPG.  But it must first go through OneNote which is fine if you're a big OneNote user.  Right now, I save the note to OneNote.  Then I copy and save the picture.  And then I email the picture. But I will reiterate the above suggestion to bring back swiping to navigate pages.  This was incredibly useful in the Modern IE.  Edge is a chore with touch because the touch targets are so small and you have to hit a spot on the screen rather than swipe anywhere on the screen.  I can't believe the Microsoft teams don't communicate on what are the best features and then move the features to future generations of the software.  Like the Mail app should've had the conversation option from the very beginning since previous versions had it but the Windows 10 inexplicably debuted without the feature.  The Mail app is still a fail with Gmail as well as with attachments (I've had so many friends complain that they can't download attachments or it takes minutes or hours for the attachments to finally be available). I think when a product is "done" the team should evaluate what features work and what didn't and then keep those good features in any future iterations.  I think Microsoft is interpreting their telemetry incorrectly.  Equating "lack of use" to "lack of interest" is a false assumption.  Implementation is key to sustained used.  If you expect people to switch from a product they are already using, you need to perform well from the beginning.  Releasing Edge early was a mistake.  I told everyone I knew to try out Edge because it's faster than their browsers and had features like touch, annotiation, proper text scale rendering, etc.  People tried it out and then gave up on it due to all the problems.  It's not like the old computing days when people didn't have a lot of options and lived through the iteration process that Microsoft goes through (remember the joke that it takes Microsoft 3 times to get it right).  Microsoft doesn't have the mindshare to do that anymore.  Right now, Apple does go through the iterative process and their fans tolerate that because they have that mindshare. Microsoft has come up with novel or innovative ideas but botched the delivery.  And then when people give up on the innovative feature due to poor implementation, Microsoft believes it's because it wasn't a desired feature when that's not the actual case.  Telemetry can be dangerous if not interpreted correctly.
  • Edge is desperately missing IE's powerful pop up blocker (block everything, with a whitelist). I'm still consistently using IE until this is added to edge (sadly). Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • 5, that address bar may not be obvious but it's still actually there technically. I mean the whole layout is basically as minimalist as it gets... That's what everybody wants isn't it? =/
  • I think Microsoft "hides" the address bar to drive search traffic.  I watched people use Edge and they're always entering the address into the bar in the middle of the screen which is actually just a search bar for Bing.  These people actually thought the address bar was moved to the middle of the screen.
  • Give us extensions like flash player and adblock so that we can block all those annoying google ads.
  • Aero-peek is at the top of my list closely followed by the bookmarks management. The fact that if I have 2 or more tabs open I can't see them in the preview on the taskbar is straight up painful. Oh also get Silverlight working so when administering Microsoft sites like Intune, Edge actually works...
  • 1. Ad blocking 2. Favicons on bookmark bar, with the ability to remove the text. Edge seems like a nice fast browser, but I won't even consider it as my go-to until I can have those two most basic things I require.      
  • Spot on article. Edge still feels like beta, MS should speed up developement, before it is too late, and Edge becomes just a browser for downloading other browsers.
  • Option 3 is called Jump List. Is this not written by someone with knowledge of Windows?
  • Another thing that would be nice is to add basic browser functions like being able to save something to a folder other than the Download folder.
  • 4, 5 and 8 for sure!
    Though I hope they dont do 7. I hate the mess that is the chrome settings page
  • How did deciding what pages are on the new tabs page not even make the list? It should be #1! It's standards in other browsers! -_-. Should DEFINITELY have beaten out #10