12 Deals of Red Stripe comes to Windows 8, save on Rayman Jungle Run and more

It’s the holiday season, which is exactly why Microsoft is highlighting twelve apps instead of three as part their weekly Red Stripe Deals promo. Yesterday, we looked at the various 12 apps for Windows Phone taking part in the promotion. Now we’ve got the list for the apps on Windows 8 that are also on sale this week. Let’s dive in.

PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+

Fancy some Pac-Man on Windows 8? Then you’ll probably want to grab this game. We’ve looked at the Windows Phone version and loved it. Pac-Man Championship Edition started out as an XBLA game, but worked its way down the Microsoft ladder to both Windows Phone and Windows 8. Totally worth getting. So get it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab) today. (Trial/$4.99)

Collins Learn – Thesaurus

Education is important, m’kay. While we know you’re all learned peoples, you might want to still check out the discount on the thesaurus edition of Collins Learn. You get advanced flashcards and quiz features to grow your vocabulary. Get it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab) today. (Trial/$3.49)

Game Dev Tycoon

Have you ever wanted to grow your own gaming empire? You can with Game Dev Tycoon. This game for Windows 8 is all about starting your own game development company and replaying history as your company starts out in a garage in the 1980s. The game has strong reviews in the Store and looks like something we might just have to check out. Find it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). (Trial/$3.99)

Bejeweled LIVE

Can’t get enough Bejeweled on all your devices? Then pick up this one for Windows 8. This version of Bejeweled comes with a handful of different gametypes and promises addictive gameplay. Pick it up in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). (Trial/$1.99)

Sunny Hillride

This is the first time we’ve seen or heard of Sunny Hillride, but it looks like a keeper. It looks like one of those never ending travel games. The kind where your objective is to keep moving forward as much as possible. Check it out in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). ($1.49)

Supermarket Mania 2

There’s nothing like a time management game to literally suck up your time. Supermarket Mania 2 looks like one of those games where you can just sit back and relax as you stress out over making your virtual customers happy. Grab it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). (Trial/$2.99)

Rayman Jungle Run

This is one of my favorite games on Windows 8. There’s nothing else to say. Just go buy it and thank me later. Windows Store (opens in new tab). ($1.49)

Package Tracker

Speaking of favorite apps, Package Tracker is one of Daniel’s favorites. He uses it to track all the gadgets and gizmos that arrive at his doorstep daily. They’ve got a killer Windows Phone app, but the Windows 8 one is just as awesome. It’s also on sale today. Go get it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). (Trial/$1.49)

Draw a Stickman: EPIC

Draw a stickman and then guide him through this game on Windows 8. It features hours of gameplay and high reviews in the Store. So give it a shot by finding it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). ($1.49)

Disney Fairies Hidden Treasures

The majority of you won’t be into this game, but why not pick it up for you kids? It’s got Disney fairies in an adventure to find hidden treasure. Basically perfect for kids. Get it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). ($2.49)

Nextgen Reader

One of our favorite apps, Nextgen Reader, is on sale for Windows 8 with this 12 Deals of Red Stripe. Head to the Windows Store (opens in new tab) to get one of the best RSS readers around. ($1.49)

Sparkle 2

10tons is one of our favorite game studios. They’ve been putting out solid apps on both Windows Phone and Windows 8. You’ll want to check out Sparkle 2 for some fun puzzle gaming. Get it in the Windows Store (opens in new tab). (Trial/$1.49)

Which of these games/apps will you be picking up? Sound off below!

Sam Sabri
  • Woot! Getting Bejeweled.
  • I think I may go for PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ and Sparkle 2...seems fun for the Surface 2.
  • If you didn't get Pac-Man CE DX+ yet, I highly recommend it. I had hesitated, even after seeing how much critics praised the XBLA version, because it didn't seem that fun, but at $4.99 I decided to give it a shot and I must say, it really is that fun! The touch controls are not as great as they  need to be (I played it on my Surface), but the keyboard controls are superb (so I usually play it with my Type cover) and it also has Xbox 360 controller support. My only complaint is that the Xbox achievements were too easy, but there are a ton of modes and courses so there is still a lot of replay value there. So addicting. Can't stop playing.
  • Awesome, been waiting for a sale on Game Dev Tycoon. If I buy it on my desktop pc, will I also be able to download it on my Venue 8 pro without having to pay twice?
  • Yup. As long as you use the same Microsoft Account on your PCs you're good. In fact, you can install Game Dev Tycoon on up to 81 PCs tied to your MS Account. :)
  • Rayman: Jungle Run is one of the best games in store. Shame Fiesta Run is still missing. Nextgen Reader is my favorite Win Store app. I probably buy Draw a Stickman just to appreciate originality.
  • Yup. Rayman is hella fun, definitely a top game.
  • What about fragger?? I missed the day it was free download
  • Bejeweled LIVE doesn't work correctly on my Lumia 2520. :( The game board is mostly B&W and unreadable.