Three reasons Heroes of the Storm surpasses League of Legends

When it comes to multiplayer online battle arenas (or MOBAs) three of the most widely known and popular in existence are Heroes of the Storm, DOTA 2, and League of Legends. All three titles have built massive communities over the years, host some of the largest esports competitions in the world, and are critically acclaimed by critics and regular fans alike.

But many continue to question which game is better: League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm? After playing both games for an extended period, I've developed three main reasons why I personally find Heroes of the Storm to be a better game than League of Legends.

1. More maps available to enjoy

Heroes of the Storm's larger pool of maps helps to ensure that matches don't feel repetitive.

One of the best ways that games across all genres avoid feeling stale is by having a diverse collection of maps to play on. Both League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm understand this and as a result, contain a variety of battlefields for players to combat each other in. However, Heroes of the Storm trumps League of Legends in this in two ways: it has more maps overall, and each map also feels very different to one another, as opposed to the bonus maps from League which all feel too similar.

This isn't a major flaw of League of Legends, but the added variety in gameplay experiences with Heroes of the Storm by having a very wide map pool is one of my favorite things about the game. The different pathways and overall design in each map encourage a different strategy or hero choice. This naturally opens up the metagame and makes more heroes viable and keeps things fresh.

2. Team focused gameplay

Quite possibly the biggest difference between League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm is the fact that the former encourages solo carrying, while the latter emphasizes team play. One of the most effective and strongest strategies in League of Legends is to "put all eggs into one basket" and build your entire team composition around propping up one player with non-stop support and buffs while they focus on killing the enemy. This essentially makes it so that one player out of the entire team is actively participating in battle, and thus is the only one who gains experience.

This is often a source of toxicity in the game, as many players will argue about who gets to be the carry player. The fact that experience for actions is rewarded individually also means that the carry player is the only one on the team who gets any meaningful experience points during a match; the teammates that ensure he or she is even able to do that are left in the dust.

In Heroes of the Storm, though, the experience is pooled between every team member. This means that the team is only as strong as their teamwork: everyone needs to actively contribute. This naturally unifying design brings everyone on the team together and encourages them to cooperate. In addition, everyone is recognized for their skills in the team-based system, unlike League of Legends, in which selfish glory-seeking play is rewarded.

3. Objective-oriented design

The objective focused structure of Heroes of the Storm makes gameplay more tactical and strategic.

League of Legends places a large emphasis on racking up kills. Without a doubt, one of the most important things in matches of League is your body count. This is fun, sure, but often times engagements feel very simplistic because of this. Most of the skillsets lie within your ability to animation cancel or time abilities well.

While these things do add depth to League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm takes it a step further and places an emphasis on map objectives that can greatly assist your team in achieving victory. Not only do your kills make an impact; making sure that your team is able to control the objective can (and does) too.

The reason why I think this is better than League of Legends' "deathmatch" style is that it adds another layer of skill to the game. Things like map positioning become more important in Heroes of the Storm because of objectives, and I think that the higher potential for more organized play makes Heroes of the Storm both more fun to play and to watch as a result.

Your thoughts

Which MOBA do you think is better? Are you a League of Legends fan, a Heroes of the Storm fan, or both? Let me know. Also, both games are free to play, so if you've never tried them out, make sure to do so!

Brendan Lowry

Brendan Lowry is a Windows Central writer and Oakland University graduate with a burning passion for video games, of which he's been an avid fan since childhood. You'll find him doing reviews, editorials, and general coverage on everything Xbox and PC. Follow him on Twitter.

  • Thank you. Finally surprising to see such an opinion. HOTS unfortunately doesn't have a good amount of players but it really rocks compared to LoL and DotA 2.
  • No shop/items. No couriers. No having to trudge back to base walking. DOTA is amazing but 1 hour game length is too long compared to 30-40 for LOL and 20-25 for HotS. I’ve stopped playing DOTA as it’s too sweaty and long. I play LOL a bit, but I hav more fun playing HotS. 
  • Dota 'WAS' a legend. I have 2500 hours of play on it. But Valve ruined the game. I am happy with HotS right now because of the characters and humor in it.
  • Okay, so, as a player of both League and HOTS, i'm going to say some things about why I consider this article to be absolute garbage. 1.Map variety  Indeed, League of Legends is lacking in this department, but thing is, you play ranked, you want to know the map inside-out, to know some warding tricks, some jump locations you can do with certain champions, not some mumbo-jumbo differently played modes that change objectives based on the map you're on. League keeps that kind of stuff for the Rotational Game Mode, the modes included there are worth a try at least once, URF especially. 2.Team-focused gameplay, the writer must have played in the bronze league, since it's tbe only way I can imagine he's seen this kind of situation. Team play is very important in league, especially in high-elo, there is no such thing as make someone a carry and the rest of us just buff him to victory. League is a bit stiffer on the positions though, on toplane you have your tank, or bruiser sometimes even asssasin, on midlane there is usually a mage, or a high damage champion, on botlane you have the AD Carry and the Support. The AD Carry is not meant to necessarely carry the game, he's but a constant damage-type, he's impprtant since the midlane can't burst everyone on the enemy team(some exceptions can apply), he's an important role indeed, but not to a extent on which you rule out the rest of the team. And the last position, jungler, is meant to farm the jungle mobs in order to get gold and exp ans gank the lanes in order to help the team get ahead the enemies. As you can see, group effort, there is the type of player that just destroys his enemy laner and helps win the game faster, but that guy can be even top or the goddamn support, you can't 1v5 in this game on a constant basis in order to say that there is no team-focused gameplay. 3. As I stated above the writer of the article played in low-elo, racking up kills in League does not win games, objectives give a huge boost, and there's quite some of them, Rift Herald, you get it early in the game before he dissapears and you have a pushing monster you can launch where you want, one time use. Drake, a passive buff is given to the team that slays it, kill 3 imfernal drakes and you will notice the power boost your team gets, after some time, the Elder Drake spawns instead, kill him to buff up even more, and buff the passives of the other drakes you killed aswell. Baron Nashor, an extremely important objective, matches are sometimes lost or won based on the team that slays him, your minions get a defense and offense buff while a champion is nearby and push the towers like crazy. As you can see, a lot of objectives here, I think I made my point, I expect some replies and continue discussions. I'd like to apologise if there are some mistakes, i'm terribly sorry, english is not my native language, also I wrote this on my phone so there may be some mistakes for that too. Also i'd like to mention that I play both League and HOTS, started playing league 5 years ago, as for HOTS, right when they did the 2.0 event, can't remember when, I enjoy both games, am diamond in league but I play HOTS with some friends, so we play normal games having lots of fun too.
  • I agree with you.
  • I don't play LOL, HotS or DOTA (just gave it all a try) but just watched the Worlds a couple of times and I could already see the writer didn't know what he was talking about. How much did WC get to advertise HotS? is the real question there imo.
  • Great points and I love me some hots. Criminally under played game.
  • 4. Riot as a company
  • Good points, but hypothesis won't prove to be right because of LOL's massive popularity.
  • I found Heroes of the Storm to be utter garbage... Went back to Dota... Sure its the same map over and over... But with so much equipment and hero variety... It never gets old... Almost always play Single Draft to force games to be unique each time.
  • I have played HOTS and LOL and I would agree if you want to just play a games HOTS is a better game but league is a better competitive game. I think it just depends on what you like. If you enjoy a lot of strategy and climbing I would says LoL is where it is at. if you want to play a fun game with your friends for a couple hours HoTS is where you should go. they are 100% not comparable besides the fact that they are mobas. Its like comparing Call of Duty with Battlefield
  • This guy is so clueless about LoL. Every single point is wrong. Stick with simple stuff like Solitaire dude.
  • Solitaire sucks
  • Dota ftw