32GB Microsoft Surface RT without keyboard out of stock in US [update]

The Microsoft Surface has been selling well since it was launched with pre-orders making alerts appear on the company's online store - "Out of stock". This has applied to models across the range, and in a number of markets. The tablets were unavailable in the UK and Canada only a week ago.

It's interesting to see the model that comes without a keyboard of any kind selling out frequently. Either consumers are saving pennies by going for the cheapest option or they plan to purchase a Touch Cover sporting a different colour. We suspect both are factors when progressing through checkout.

Microsoft has banked on creating its own hardware to go with the launch of its newest version of Windows. Windows 8 has also been experiencing positive signs of sales with a consumer number in the millions upgrading to the latest version of the popular desktop operating system. Coupling this with Xbox marketshare in the console industry and strong Surface sales, Microsoft's three vision plan is progressing as planned.

We're to take this as the product running out of stock, but has the company actually produced enough of the tablets in the first place? That remains to be seen. With stores across the US opening up with Surfaces, not to mention the mass crowd that gathered in New York for the launch to get their own, it's looking more likely that the Surface simply has the potential to become a popular tablet.

Update: It appears as though the Surface RT tablet has sold out across the markets where its available. This is displayed on the Microsoft Stores for the UK, France, Germany, Australia and Canada. Looks like the tablet is extremely popular across the board and not just in the states. If you're looking to pick up the cheapest model it looks as though you'll have a slight wait to go through.

Source: Microsoft; thanks, Kyle, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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