5 Windows 10 apps to help nail your New Year's resolutions

With January comes crowded gyms and long lists of things that people want to improve about themselves. Many New Year's resolutions are worthy goals but can be difficult to accomplish. One of the keys to completing your New Year's resolutions is to have the right tools. These Windows 10 apps will help you get on track and stay on track.

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Microsoft To-Do (opens in new tab)

Keeping track

Tracking your progress and completing smaller tasks is important when keeping goals. Microsoft To-Do syncs all of your to-do list items across your devices. You can also include notes on each task to record more detailed progress.

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Fitbit Coach (opens in new tab)

Getting in shape

This service has guided workouts that are available on Fitbit fitness bands as well as Windows 10 devices and Xbox One. You can do workouts that are built for your skill and fitness level, and they don't require much equipment. The apps are free but the premium version of the service costs.

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Microsoft Launcher (opens in new tab)

Reducing screen time

Microsoft Launcher keeps track of how much time you spend looking at your screen on a per-app basis. You can also track trends daily or weekly. It's a great tool for identifying what's eating up your time.

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Audiobooks for Audible (opens in new tab)

Increasing your reading

Audible has over 150,000 books or pieces of content from a wide range of genres. The content from Audible is read by narrators, which allows you to listen to books or other pieces of media anywhere. The app is free and content ranges in price. One way to get access to a large library of content is to get Audible Channels for free as part of Amazon Prime.

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Recipe Keeper Pro (opens in new tab)

Cooking up grub

Recipe Keeper Pro allows you to import recipes from various sources or add your own by hand. When you save recipes within the app, they can sync across your other devices.

Staying on top of your New Year's resolutions requires discipline and planning. It's also made easier by having the right tools. These apps will help you accomplish some of the most common New Year's resolutions. Microsoft To-Do (opens in new tab) is one of the best tools on this list, because it's so versatile and helps you measure your progress. If you had to start with one app, start there.

Sean Endicott
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