The 6-port wall charger by iClever is a great addition to your workstation

On an average day, I use several devices that need to be charged – sometimes more than once in a day. Even using a power-strip on my desk, I fail to find multiple chargers to go in that power-strip or enough power outlets. Sounds like most of us, right?

A few weeks ago, I got an iClever 6-port desktop charger for review. The device packs in six USB ports with an output of 50 Watts that allows you to charge any combination of USB-compatible devices like phones, tablets, speakers, and other USB-charged devices.

The wall charger is a solid feel to it and features sturdy design, yet is compact and easily portable. It measures 100 x 69 x 27mm, and is fairly pocketable, and weighs just 180 grams. The rubberized exterior gives it a great grip, so it doesn't fall off the table with a small tug when a cable is moved around. The downside to that functional exterior is that it does attract some dust.

The company claims that the safety is enhanced and maximized by the fire-proof material in its design and a full array of internal protection mechanisms - over-current, short-circuit, and over-temperature protection. The charger remains fairly cool on prolonged usage, and since I have it as a permanent install on my desk, I have never switched it off even when no devices are connected for charging.

The iClever wall charger features a unique SmartID technology that enables the USB port to identify a specific device and thus ensuring maximum charging efficiency and speed. The six ports have a maximum output of 10A and each can go up to 2.4A.

There are several similar products in the market, and you can pick one up based on the availability. Of course, like I always insist, make sure you don't buy one with doubtful quality as it may lead to damaging your devices.

The iClever 6-port 50W wall charger is available for only $19.99 from Amazon and for its price, makes for a great buy and a very useful accessory. It reduces the clutter on my desk, and avoids me hogging on to several electrical outlets at my home or work.

Buy the iClever 6-port 50W wall charger from / $19.99

Abhishek Baxi